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Anime News Network (ANN) is an English-language website and reports mainly on anime , manga and Japanese pop music in the Japanese and English-speaking countries. There are different, slightly adapted editions for different regions: a North American, a British and an Australian edition. The editorial team of the site also published the fan magazine Protoculture Addicts , which was last published in 2008.


In addition to news reports and columns, the site offers a comprehensive database with entries on anime and manga titles as well as artists, producers and companies in this area and is in some cases comparable to a wiki . In August 2014, the ANN encyclopedia contained over 6900 entries on anime, over 8100 entries on manga and over 119,000 entries on people. More than 2,200,000 reviews were given by registered users. You can also find interviews, blogs and forums on the topics mentioned on the site. Also streaming of anime trailers and TV episodes will be offered.


ANN was founded in July 1998 by Justin Sevakis. In May 2000, the current editor-in-chief Christopher Macdonald stepped aside and replaced Isaac Alexander. The database of titles, persons and companies called Encyclopedia was launched in July 2002. As early as 2004, Sci Fi Weekly named ANN the best (English-language) source of information on anime and manga with an extensive and up-to-date range. In the same year the operators of the website bought the fan magazine Protoculture Addicts and published it from then on, the editorial staff of the ANN and the magazine worked together from then on.

A platform aimed at the Australian public has been offered since January 2007. The ANNtv platform was launched in July 2008, initially showing trailers. Entire series are now also offered in cooperation with the Crunchyroll platform . Also in July 2008, number 97, was the last issue of Protoculture Addicts magazine .

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