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An asset history sheet is set up in the appendix to the balance sheet for corporations . There an overview is given of the value development of the individual balance sheet items of the fixed assets as well as the start-up and expansion expenses. The designation of the asset overview was in use until the amendment under the Accounting Directive Act on January 1, 1987, but is also obsolete according to the Commercial Code (Section 274a HGB in conjunction with Section 268 (2) HGB).

The system grid is to be set up in accordance with Section 284 (3) of the German Commercial Code. According to this required structure, the development of the individual asset items must be presented based on the historical acquisition or production costs (AHK). In addition, the additions, disposals, transfers , and write-ups for the financial year as well as the depreciation must be shown in their total amount. The following information must be given separately for depreciation:

  1. Depreciation in its full amount at the beginning and end of the financial year
  2. the depreciation carried out during the financial year
  3. Changes in the total amount of depreciation in connection with additions and disposals as well as transfers during the financial year.

If interest for borrowed capital has been included in the production costs, the amount of interest capitalized in the financial year must be stated for each item of fixed assets.

According to Section 288 (1) No. 1 of the German Commercial Code (HGB), small corporations are exempt from the obligation to set up an asset grid. Partnerships and sole proprietorships are also exempt from the disclosure requirement, unless otherwise regulated in the Publicity Act.


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