Antoinette 8V

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Société Antoinette
Antoinette 8V

Antoinette 8V

Antoinette 8V
Production period: 1906-1908
Manufacturer: Société Antoinette
Working principle: Otto
Motor design: V8 engine
Valve control: Outlet: SV

Inlet: sniffer valve
Drilling: 110 mm
Hub: 105 mm
Displacement: 7983 cm 3
Mixture preparation: Manifold injection
Engine charging: -
Cooling system: Liquid cooling
Power: approx. 37 kW
Dimensions: 95 kg
Previous model: none
Successor: none

The Antoinette 8V is an eight-cylinder V aero engine designed by Léon Levasseur that works according to the Otto process . It was built between 1906 and 1908 and is considered one of the first series-produced engines with manifold injection . It was used in different types of aircraft. The engine output was later doubled. There were also models with 16 and 32 cylinders. The engine is named after Antoinette Gastambide .


The Antoinette 8V is an eight-cylinder V-engine of 8 liters and an output of approximately 50 hp (about 37 kW) at 1100 min -1 .

The crankcase of the engine has the shape of an angular prism and is made of aluminum. The two rows of cylinders (cylinder banks) form a V with a 90 ° opening angle. Early engines had single cast cylinders with a copper jacket and single cast cylinder heads attached. In 1909, lighter sack cylinders (cylinder and head in one piece) made of steel were introduced. The rows of cylinders are slightly offset so that two connecting rods can transmit the power to a crankshaft offset. The crankshaft thus has a total of four cranks and is supported by five bearings. The camshaft is installed above the crankshaft and is driven by the crankshaft via a pair of gears. The camshaft actuates a vertical exhaust valve for each cylinder via tappets , which is installed in a pocket in the cylinder head. A sniffer valve is installed above the outlet valve for each cylinder . Above the sniffer valves, there is some space in the intake pipes of the cylinder, into which the gasoline is injected. During the intake stroke of the piston, the gasoline is sucked into the cylinder together with the air through the poppet valve, where it is atomized and mixed with the air. The injection pump is gear-driven and has a variable piston stroke so that the injection quantity can be adjusted.

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