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Demonstration of aplomb in ballet

The (or the) aplomb (from the Latin plumbum 'lead, plumb bob ', in French aplomb or à plomp 'vertical') is a concise expression for a straight, secure posture, a self-assured demeanor, emphatic speech, serenity up to and including to audacity .

In ballet dance , the term aplomb describes the ability to intercept a movement, i.e. it corresponds to balance . In the 18th century, when daily behavior in the higher social classes was heavily influenced by dance movements, the expression aplomb was generally used for sovereign to stormy behavior, similar to Bravour . The connection between the expression and the courage also appears in the 19th and 20th centuries. Century still on: "I still do not have the aplomb that will grow in me because it is necessary if you [...] want to associate with the masters of the world." ( Theodor Herzl : Diary entry 1895).

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