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An art director (also art director , out of date art director , abbreviation AD , German "artistic director") is the common job title for an experienced and leading graphic designer . Even if the term is neither protected nor uniformly defined, it normally requires several years of training (or study) and several years of professional experience.

Tasks and requirements

Generally speaking, an art director develops the artistic (audio) visual implementation and accompanies all creative production processes (e.g. photography, filming, stage design, animation, layout, etc.). In doing so, he often takes on “artistic responsibility” for a customer or a production.

A good art director is characterized in particular by a high level of creativity , team and leadership quality and production experience . One of the main tasks of an art director is to merge the creative potential of several employees with their individual peculiarities into a stylistic unit.


The art director begins his career as a junior art director (JAD), and in some companies there is also a senior art director (SAD). Other common technical terms include Assistant Art Director (AAD) or Art Director of Photography (ADP).

The term art director comes from the American one, whereby it should be noted that art in English usually means “ applied art ” as opposed to fine arts , which is synonymous with “ free art ”. The English terms have been used increasingly in Germany since the 1960s, as they have established themselves internationally.

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