Artists and Repertoire

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Artists and Repertoire , mostly used in the abbreviated version A&R , is an English term from the music industry . This is the editorial part of a record company . In the A&R department, for example, the demo tapes of applying artists are received. The A&R managers are looking for new musical trends that are commercially viable for the record company. A&R staff make the decision about contracting artists and are responsible for their mentoring. This is how A&R managers give the record label their profile.

Due to the steadily growing marketing measures of the recording companies, the job description of the A&R manager has changed significantly over the years. In addition to the creative things, he also has to focus on budgeting for marketing and promotion costs, and several times a year he has to make sales expectations for his artists' sound carriers in the context of reports (previews).

The abbreviation A&R is also jokingly interpreted as reject & return.

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