Ball gown

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Ball gown with dress uniform behind

A ball gown is a garment worn on the festive occasion of a ball .

Ball gowns were very intricately handcrafted and therefore only worn on special occasions such as dance balls, weddings and other festive occasions. They were partly made of silk , mostly of tarlatan , a light cotton garment that appears gauze-like but has a plain weave; Since it was only one color or white, it was sometimes dyed with arsenic-containing paint (Schweinfurt green), which was detrimental to the health of the wearer when it became dusty. Tungsten soda was used to soak the thin fabrics of which the ball gowns were made and to make them non-flammable - very appropriate in the festive lighting of ballrooms with chandeliers with candles. Nowadays, a ball gown is affordable for many. There is a wide selection of these in tailoring shops, chain stores and department stores.

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