Bernard Aton V. Trencavel

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Bernard Aton V. Trencavel († 1158 or 1159) was a vice count of Nîmes and Agde from the House of Trencavel . He was the third son of the Vice-Count Bernard Aton IV Trencavel († 1129) and his wife Cecilia of Provence.

When his father died, Bernard Aton only received the vice-county of Nîmes, while his two older brothers Roger I. Trencavel and Raimund I. Trencavel took over the majority of the inheritance. After Roger died in 1150 without an heir, Raimund I took over his possessions, who ceded the vice-county of Agde to Bernard Aton.

Bernard Aton was married to Guillemette, a daughter of Mr. Wilhelm VI, from about 1146 . from Montpellier . His only son from this marriage was Bernard Aton VI. Trencavel († after 1214), who was probably born posthumously in 1159. According to a document from that year, a vassal paid homage to Guillemette and her unborn child, which also implies the death of Bernard Aton V, which has already occurred.


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predecessor Office successor
Bernard Aton IV. Trencavel Vice Count of Nîmes
Bernard Aton VI. Trencavel
Raimund I. Trencavel Vice Count of Agde
Bernard Aton VI. Trencavel