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The Trencavel ( Occitan: trenca avelana = "nutcracker"; Provenance: trencar vel = "cut through") were an important noble family of the Languedoc in the southwest of what is now France . During the 10th to 13th centuries, they gained considerable power in the region when they came into possession of the vice-counties of Albi , Agde , Nîmes , Carcassonne , Béziers and Razès . Bernard Aton IV. Was the first of the family to be called Trencavel.

They were in rivalry with the Counts of Toulouse and recognized the sovereignty of the Counts of Barcelona or the kings of Aragon , which guaranteed them an almost autonomous position. In the 12th century, the Trencavel territories were Cathar centers and became a target of the Albigensian Crusade in 1209, in which the family lost all their possessions. In 1240 Raimund II Trencavel tried unsuccessfully to regain Carcassonne.

Trencavel tribe list

Aton I. ( Vice Count of Albi )

  1. Bernard Aton I († 937) (Vice Count of Albi)
    1. Aton II. († 942) (Vice Count of Albi)
      1. Bernard Aton II († 990) (Vice Count of Albi)
        1. Aton III. (d.1030) (Vice Count of Albi)
          1. Bernard Aton III. († 1060) (Vice Count of Albi)
            1. Raimund Bernard Trencavel († 1074) (Vice Count of Albi and Nîmes)
              1. Bernard Aton IV. († 1129) (Vice Count of Albi, Nîmes, Agde, Carcassonne, Béziers and Razès)
                1. Roger I († 1150) (Vice Count of Carcassonne and Razès)
                2. Raimund I of Béziers († 1167) (Vice Count of Béziers, Carcassonne and Razès)
                  1. Cécilie married to Count Roger Bernard I of Foix
                  2. Roger II Taillefer († 1194) (Vice Count of Carcassonne, Béziers and Razès)
                    1. Raimund-Roger († 1209) (Vice Count of Carcassonne, Béziers and Razès)
                      1. Raimund II Trencavel († 1263)
                        1. Roger III Trencavel († after 1269) took part in the Eighth Crusade in part
                        2. Raimund III. Trencavel († 1270)
                  3. Beatrix married to Count Raimund VI. from Toulouse
                  4. Adeleide married to Sicard V. Vice Count of Lautrec
                3. Bernard Aton V. († 1159) ( Vice Count of Agde and Nîmes )
                  1. Bernard Aton VI. († after 1214) (Vice Count of Agde and Nîmes)
                4. Ermengarde married to Count Gausfred III. of Roussillon
                5. Discriminatory married to Rostaing d'Uzès
            2. Frotarius I (Bishop of Nîmes)
          2. Isabella married to Count Raimund Berengar I of Barcelona
        2. Frotarius II ( Bishop of Nîmes and Albi)
      2. Frotarius of Cahors (Bishop of Cahors)
    2. Frotarius II of Albi (Bishop of Albi)
    3. Sicard I. ( Vice Count of Lautrec ) ancestor of the Vice Counts of Lautrec


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