Vice-county of Albi

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The vice-county Albi with the main town Albi is first attested at the end of the 10th century with the vice-count Atton from the House of Trencavel . His descendants remained in the possession of the rule until the beginning of the 13th century : Vice Count Raimund-Roger was incarcerated for heresy and died in Carcassonne prison in 1209 .

In 1224 his son received the vice-county back, but it was confiscated by the French king in 1226 . In 1247 it was finally incorporated into the Domaine royal .

Lateral lines of the Vice Counts of Albi temporarily held the County of Gévaudan , as well as the Vice County of Lautrec and the Vice County of Nîmes , among others .

Count of Albi

Vice Count of Albi