Speculum (magazine)

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description historical journal
Area of ​​Expertise History , middle ages
language English
First edition 1926
Frequency of publication quarterly
editor Medieval Academy of America
Web link www.medievalacademy.org/page/speculum
ISSN (print)

Speculum has been published by the Medieval Academy of America since 1926 . It is the oldest of the historical journals in the United States that deal exclusively with the Middle Ages . The epoch limit from 500 to 1500 is still taken into account. The focus is on Western Europe, but Byzantine, Hebrew, Arabic and Slavic studies are also accepted. Articles and reviews are without fixed thematic limitations with regard to the questions, methods and approaches. In addition to historical contributions in the narrower sense, art history and literary, philosophical and theological, musicological and natural science, but also legal and economic history articles are published.

The current editor is Sarah Spence.

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