Biel-Leubringen Railway

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Share for CHF 250 in the Biel-Leubringen cable car from December 30, 1895

The Biel-Leubringen Railway , inaugurated on January 21, 1898, is a funicular in Switzerland and connects Biel / Bienne with Leubringen . The height difference of the railway system is 242 m, the route is 933 m long.

In 1905 the middle station was opened in the Beaumont district . In 1909 the cars were replaced. Instead of 28, 50 people could now be carried and the speed was increased to 2.4 m / s. In 1961 the railway was automated and the wooden wagons were replaced by metal wagons. In 2000, the railway merged with the Biel-Magglingen railway to form FUNIC . In summer 2009 both cars were renewed.


Only a few months after the opening of the railway, the taxes for carried luggage were increased tenfold by a decision of the Federal Council regarding the change of the concession. The original fees were extremely low and, above all, inconsistent.



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  1. Message from the Federal Council to the Federal Assembly, regarding the change in the concession of a cable car from Biel to Leubringen , Federal Gazette No. 14 of March 26, 1898.