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As a landlocked country ( from Central German and Middle Low German "within" that has arisen = "inside" from "bi inside" ) which are mainland designated sregionen that are off the sea.

In a continental context, these are those areas of a continent that have no direct access to the sea. The boundaries of the inland are not clearly defined, the transitions from the inland to the coastal land or foreland are fluid.

The designation as inland varies depending on the size of a continent or a continental sub-region. In Europe, regions just 50 km away from the coast are referred to as inland (see source, "Inland Asia Minor"), while in the Asian and American context the term "inland" is used for the central regions of the respective continent (see source "Inland Wetland").

Inland in the narrower sense is the coastal strip protected by a dike directly behind the dike.

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  • Landlocked State - a state in the interior of a continent with no direct connection to the sea

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