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Biotope and species protection area or biotope and species protection area with management , English Habitat / Species Management Area , designates and classifies a category IV protected area of the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN).

They are protected areas for the establishment and maintenance of which targeted interventions are made. The focus of the protection goal - similar to the natural monuments of protection category III - is on the maintenance and consolidation of suitable areas or zones. The size alone is not necessarily a limiting factor. Particularly suitable are habitats of certain species or biotopes that require continuous monitoring and protection rather than a largely self-contained Category I environment (nature reserves and wilderness areas) , i.e. measures with protected area management . The protected areas are closely monitored to ensure that the preservation of biotopes and the reintroduction and stabilization of certain species succeed.

Biotopes and species protection areas can also be set up as part of a larger ecosystem protection area if different degrees of protection are required. The management by the responsible nature conservation authority can include, for example, protection against poaching, the control of certain framework conditions, the establishment of species-appropriate habitats, the maintenance of a certain succession stage , supportive feeding, but does not have to be limited to these.

Category IV of the IUCN typically includes the classic "nature reserves" of Central European character, which are usually referred to as "nature reserve" in other countries - while "reserve" in Germany specifically includes the strict areas of category Ia / b (Wilderness Area / Strict Nature Reserve ) marked with an entry ban. In the United States, the National Wildlife Refuges fall into this category.

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