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bl. is an abbreviation of " bloomed " used in historical and biographical scientific writings . The expression comes from the expression “to stand in bloom” ( used metaphorically for people ) . The abbreviation fl. ( Latin floruit , English flourished ) is used synonymously in other languages, but also in German texts .

The abbreviation is used in the curriculum vitae of people whose dates of birth and death are not known, but a period within which their occurrence is documented can be given (for example: " bl. In Athens 540–498 BC ") , or for artists for the creative period covered by datable works .


  • William Gregory of Guildford was a member of the House of Commons and held the office of mainpernor in June 1406 . His name is mentioned again in a pardon (murder of Gregory's servant). The last mention was made when he was elected Knight of the Shire in 1414. Since his year of birth and death cannot be narrowed down, his "life dates" are given as fl. 1406-1414.

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