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Whale bubbler
A potion kettle ( try pot or blubber pot ) for melting whale fat

As Blubber (m, of. Engl. Blubber: blubber, fish oil) to several centimeters thick is fat layer of whales and seals , respectively.

Mammals are endothermic animals . This means that they keep their body temperature constant through their own heat production. Since water has a higher thermal conductivity than air, the body heat of marine mammals is transported away faster than that of mammals living on land. Therefore, the marine mammals have to protect themselves particularly against hypothermia. Land animals of the same temperature protect themselves with fur , which forms an insulating layer of air around the animal. Fur does not provide adequate insulation underwater, so marine mammals need a thick layer of fatty tissue to protect themselves from the cold. In species that live in cold waters, this layer can be more than 50 cm thick. In a blue whale , the bubbler can weigh up to 50 tons.

From the Blubber earlier was Tran won.

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