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Typical boxer nose for Markus Beyer

The boxer's nose is one of the most visible damage on the face of long-time pugilists . Almost all professional boxers , as well as many amateur boxers and other martial artists, suffer multiple nasal fractures in the course of their careers . Since they usually remain untreated at first, the nasal bone grows together crookedly - if at all. This makes the nose flat and crooked. Together with the cheekbones , which have been chronically swollen from numerous blows , this creates the classic boxer's face, which remains even after the end of his career and can only be corrected again through extensive cosmetic operations .

A boxer's nose usually leads to a reduced sensation of pain or painlessness with further blows to the nose and is therefore also seen as an advantage by some boxers. Surgical treatment is usually only carried out for medical reasons, for example if nasal breathing is impaired. This is mostly the case by injuring the inner nasal valve, i.e. the narrowest point inside the nose.

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