Zygomatic bone

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Side view of the skull:
1st frontal bone ( frontal bone )
2nd parietal bone (parietal
bone )
3rd nasal bone (nasal
bone )
4th ethmoid bone (ethmoid
bone )
5th lacrimal bone (lacrimal
bone )
6th sphenoid bone (
sphenoid bone )
7th occipital bone ( Os occipitale)
8. Temporal bone (Os temporale)
9. Zygomatic bone (Os zygomaticum) (white)
10. Upper jaw (maxilla)
11. Lower jaw (
mandible )
Skull in frontal view:
1. Frontal bone (Os frontale)
2. Nasal bone (Os nasale)
3. Parietal bone (Os parietale)
4. Temporal bone (Os temporale)
5. Sphenoid bone (Os sphenoidale)
6. Lacrimal bone (Os lacrimale)
7. Zygomatic bone ( Os zygomaticum) (white)
8. Ethmoid bone (Os ethmoidale)
9. Upper jaw (maxilla)
10. Lower jaw (
mandible )
Skull of a sheep, zygomatic bone marked in color

The cheekbone (also cheekbone , cheekbones or Jugale ) ( Latin os zygomaticum , os jugale ) is a paired bones of the facial skeleton at the lateral edge of the eye sockets. The cheekbone derives the main chewing pressure that comes from the molars .

The three surfaces of the zygomatic bone

The zygomatic bone consists of three surfaces:

  • The cheek surface ( facies lateralis or also facies malaris ; colloquially often referred to as " cheekbones ") is a convex bone plate that can be felt through the soft tissues of the face and has a bone opening, the foramen zygomaticofaciale , in its center . It is the starting point for the zygomaticus major and the zygomaticus minor muscle .
  • The temporal surface ( Facies temporalis ) forms the concave inner surface of the zygomatic bone with the foramen zygomatico temporale as a bone opening. It falls downwards and towards the middle and forms the temporal fossa above and the infratemporal fossa below .
  • The orbital surface ( facies orbitalis , sometimes also referred to as the orbital process) is a smooth bone surface that, together with the upper jaw and the sphenoid bone, forms part of the floor and the side wall of the eye socket . Approximately in the middle there is a bone opening, the zygomatic-orbitale foramen .

The three processes of the zygomatic bone

The zygomatic bone also has three processes:

  • The frontal sphenoidal process ( processus frontalis , or processus frontosphenoidalis , more rarely processus frontosphenoideus ) points to the head and articulates with the processus zygomaticus of the frontal bone . The side edge of the eye socket is formed by it.
  • The posterior temporal process ( processus temporalis ) forms the front part of the zygomatic arch ( arcus zygomaticus ) and articulates with the processus zygomaticus of the temporal bone , which also contributes to the formation of the zygomatic arch. The masseter muscle arises at the lower edge of the temporal process .

The zygomatic bone in birds

In birds , the os jugale is fused with the os quadratojugale and forms with it a bone rod that transmits the rotation of the quadratum to the upper jaw.

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