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.50 BMG tracer ammunition fired from a Browning M2 MG and ricochet from a tank

A ricochet or ricochet is a shot in which the projectile is to be deflected at a flat angle on a solid surface towards the target so that it has an effect on the target. Therefore, when the artillery fires at soft targets , explosive projectiles are also fired with impact fuses (AZmV) set for delay if the angle of impact is less than 20 degrees. In the fire control language it is called rebound possible . The detonators are triggered on impact and the projectiles detonate after the delay time has elapsed at a height of approx. 5 to 15 meters above the target. A higher splinter effect can be achieved in the target by ricochets. With angled armor , the projectile should be prevented from penetrating the target and the projectile deflected and turned into a ricochet.

In Austria there is a variant of target shooting that makes use of the ricochet shot on a water surface: In water target shooting ("Gellerschießen"), shooting is not at the target, but at its reflection on the water surface ( Preberseeschießen , Schattensee shooting ).


The following terms are related in terms of content:

  • The roller shot (also called gel shot ) as well as the similar rikoschett shot (also called bounce shot ) were achieved in the muzzle loading artillery by aiming flat at the enemy troops. In this way, multiple hits were achieved and the effect of the projectile in the deeply staggered rows was increased.
  • Projectiles that are deflected in an uncontrolled manner by obstacles in the flight path or when they hit the target are called ricochets .

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  • Stone hopping (throwing a stone with the aim of making as many jumps as possible on the surface of the water before sinking)


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Individual evidence

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