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DocCheck is a commercial identification service that offers medical and pharmaceutical groups (doctors, pharmacists and the like) access to websites with specialist information from pharmaceutical companies or specialist medical publishers, provided they work together with DocCheck Medical Services GmbH - formerly Antwerpes & Partner . In addition, DocCheck is an internet community for members of medical professions and offers a forum, a news portal, an image database, a medicine- related wiki , an online shop for medical products, a job-related job exchange, the opportunity to participate in market and opinion research studies and funds for further training.

DocCheck is financed through advertising as well as eCommerce offers and market research .


There is a four-stage process to get access to the DocCheck pages:

  1. Lexical pages are available to all users for information.
  2. After registering with a user name and password, you get access and write access.
  3. If you have also proven to DocCheck by means of a copy of a work permit or license to practice medicine that you belong to the authorized specialist groups in accordance with Section 2 of the Heilmittelwerbegesetz (HWG), you will also have access to secure third-party websites. You no longer have to provide evidence of membership of the authorized specialist groups on these pages.
  4. By purchasing paid access, you become a “premium member” and receive access to additional offers and increased security settings.

After entering the DocCheck user name and password, a script is called on the DocCheck server, which checks whether the user has a valid password and belongs to the approved professional groups. If this is the case, the user is through the script via HTTP - redirect forwarded to the protected area of the desired website. DocCheck provides different license versions for website operators who decide for themselves which content is made available to which professional group.


According to the German Medicines Advertising Act , various information, such as on prescription drugs , may only be made available in Germany to specialist groups such as doctors and pharmacists . This requires access control to websites with the corresponding content, such as those offered primarily by pharmaceutical companies , but also to drug directories such as the Red and Yellow Lists and the German specialist information service .


DocCheck was created in 1996 as an offshoot of the Internet agency Antwerpes & Partner , which developed websites for the pharmaceutical industry, and was intended to simplify access to specialist information for doctors and pharmacists through a website-wide system. Since it was established in Germany, it has become the standard in this area. The first website to be protected with DocCheck was the Bayer Diabeteshaus.

In 2000, DocCheck entered the trading of medical supplies with a stake in Albert Geisselmann Medizinbedarf GmbH . In 2004 DocCheck took over the majority in this company and from then on traded as DocCheck Medizinbedarf und Logistik GmbH with headquarters in Weil im Schönbuch and branches in Kiel , Essen and Eilenburg .


DocCheck is implemented by DocCheck Medical Services GmbH , a subsidiary of DocCheck AG, based in Cologne.

DocCheck AG

DocCheck AG

legal form Corporation
founding 1990
Seat Cologne , GermanyGermanyGermany 
Number of employees 213 (2015)
sales 26.8 million euros (2015)
Branch media

The DocCheck AG (formerly Antwerpes AG ) in Cologne among other things operates Internet portals in the field of health care. The company has been listed since April 2000 and was listed in the Entry Standard from August 2011 to March 2017 . The holding company has the following four subsidiaries:

  • The DocCheck Medical Services GmbH operates by its own account with more than 950,000 members and more than 2,000 partners, the largest online community for healthcare professionals in Europe. Activities include online publishing, paid content, a CME search function, a job exchange for medical professions, WebTV and market research . An open medical lexicon is also operated. DocCheck Flexikon is a medical wiki under GNU-FDL , which, according to the operator, consists of 39,157 medical articles (as of August 2013), records over 5 million page views per month and is looked after by more than 450 authors from all specialist disciplines.
  • According to the company's own information, DocCheck Medizinbedarf & Logistik GmbH (DocCheck Shop) operates the market-leading trading platform for medical and practice supplies in Europe. A separate shop is provided for Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, the Netherlands and Europe. The head office is in Weil im Schönbuch near Stuttgart; there are further locations in Essen, Kiel and Eilenburg near Leipzig.
  • The antwerpes ag develops integrated communications solutions such as advertising campaigns, e-marketing or PR . The pharmaceutical companies MSD Sharp & Dohme , Janssen-Cilag GmbH and Aral are among the largest customers .
  • The DocCheck AG guano is supporting a 2013 founded investment company, the companies and start-ups in the health sector with capital and know-how.


In the Board of DocCheck AG currently sit Frank Antwerpes (CEO), Thilo Kölzer (COO), Philip Stadtmann (CFO) and Jens Knoop (CTO). The supervisory board consists of Joachim Pietzko (chairman), Britta Böckmann (deputy chairwoman) and Winfried Leimeister.

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