Breakthrough Initiatives

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Breakthrough Initiatives is a research program founded and financed by the Russian entrepreneur Yuri Borissowitsch Milner in July 2015 , which deals with contact options for intelligent extraterrestrial life . As of April 2016, there are three individual programs within this framework:

  • Breakthrough Listening as a SETI project aims to search over a million stars for artificially generated radio or laser signals within ten years.
  • Breakthrough Message : This program deals with messages that could be sent to potential extraterrestrial life in space. The program does not yet contain any plans to send such a message, and it is explicitly discouraged at this point in time to send such a message. Before doing this, a broad discussion about risks and opportunities is necessary.
  • Breakthrough Starshot is investigating the possibility of accelerating a swarm of micro-space probes (“starchips”) with laser beams to 20% the speed of light and thus reaching Alpha Centauri within 20 years.

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