Braking delay

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The braking deceleration , also negative acceleration , indicates how much a body is braked. The braking deceleration is given in the unit m / s².

The mean braking deceleration  a of braking from speed  v to zero with braking distance  s is:

The mean deceleration of braking from speed  v 2 to speed  v 1 with braking distance  s is:

Example: starting speed v 2 = 20 m / s, remaining speed v 1 = 10 m / s, braking distance s = 100 m:

The braking delay is z. Sometimes also given in fractions or multiples of the acceleration due to gravity .


The braking deceleration is an important criterion for the safety of vehicles and ships and should be as high as possible. When spacecraft re- enters, however, it must not exceed certain values ​​depending on the payload and thermal load.


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