British New Guinea

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Political map of New Guinea from 1884 to 1919: Dutch New Guinea (left) , Kaiser-Wilhelms-Land (top right) and British New Guinea (bottom right)

The eastern part of the island of New Guinea was a British colony under the name British New Guinea . The western part was the Dutch colony of Dutch New Guinea .

In 1883 Thomas McIlwraith, the Prime Minister of Queensland , commissioned Thursday Island Police Magistrate Henry Chester to take possession of eastern New Guinea on behalf of the British government. Chester hoisted the British flag on April 4, 1883 in the newly established Port Moresby settlement . However, this seizure , to which he was not authorized, was not recognized by the British government. After the Australian colonies had pledged financial support the following year, James Elphinstone Erskine, the commodore of the Australian station, declared the area on November 6, 1884 from 141 ° E to the Eastern Cape and some islands near the mainland on the Goshen- road and to the south, including the Kosmann island to the British protectorate of British New Guinea (British New Guinea territory) . On December 9, Erskine was ordered to extend the British protectorate to the D'Entrecasteaux Islands and the neighboring smaller islands. First, Major General Peter Scratchley, then John Douglas were Special Agents for the British New Guinea Protectorate, based in Port Moresby.

On September 4, 1888, William MacGregor succeeded them as administrator . Immediately after his arrival he proclaimed the formal occupation in place of the protectorate, whereby British New Guinea (British New Guinea) became a British crown colony . Government and administration were not carried out from London , but by the government of Queensland. On September 1, 1906 British New Guinea was called Territory of Papua (Territory of Papua) to Australia transferred to the administration.

Special authorized representative

  • 1884–1885 Peter Scratchley, Great Britain Special Representative for the British New Guinea Protectorate
  • 1885–1886 Hugh Hastings Romilly (officiating)
  • 1886-1887 John Douglas


  • 1888-1895 William MacGregor


  • 1895-1897 William MacGregor
  • 1898–1903 George Le Hunte
  • 1903–1904 Christopher Stansfield Robinson (acting)
  • 1904–1907 Francis Rickman Barton (officiating)