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Atlas binding , brocaded fabric with metal threads, as it is often referred to as "brocade fabric" ( regalia from the Bamberg Diocesan Museum ), Lyon 1727.
Brooch fabric from Iran . The brooch weft floats over the blue base fabric.

Under brocades (ital. Broccato to broccare "interweave") is generally understood today a heavy, solid and patterned textile fabric made of silk or rayon (viscose), are woven into the gold or silver thread (gold or silver brocades). Originally, however, the term only referred to brocaded or launched fabrics in which the additional decorative weft thread consists of a different material than the basic weft .

Since the term is now used so generally for rich textiles that it describes neither a specific weave nor a specific weaving technique , the CIETA ( Center international d'étude des textiles anciens ) advises against its use in a scientific context.

Brocade fabrics are used as covers for furniture upholstery and pillowcases, as wallpaper fabric and for pompous robes and shoes. Historically, richly decorated textiles with metal threads were worn mainly by aristocratic and ecclesiastical dignitaries. The Kaaba , the most important shrine of Islam in Mecca , is covered with the so-called kiswa , which is made of black brocade.


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