Burger stock book

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The burger stock book is a directory of all the lands and tax obligations belonging to the Burg Kellnerei (today Burg Castle in Solingen in North Rhine-Westphalia ). It was laid out in 1690 or, according to another interpretation, in 1692 or 1688.

The publication of Hinrichs brings the places and duties in the former Rhein-Wupper-Kreis . The publication by Frantz / Buse brings the entire text uncritically with regard to the dates.

The years in the burger stock book should be treated with caution. As has been shown in many cases in the case of joke heroes, the writer made mistakes in the years. In the case of Wermelskirchen-Eipringhausen he mentioned the year 1386 on Pag 78R-Pag 79V. But 1359 is correct, according to Oligschläger, to whom the original was still available and a copy from the 16th century. Likewise, the official accounts of the Burg office from 1765.


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