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Basic data

Maintainer health & media GmbH, Dolivostr. 9, 64293 Darmstadt
Publishing year 2018
Current  version 1.2
operating system Android, iOS
German speaking Yes

The COSMILE app provides consumers of cosmetic products with information on the cosmetic ingredients used in understandable form. This requires a smartphone scan of the barcode ( European Article Number = EAN code) on the package .


Cosmetics contain a wide variety of ingredients. They are specified as a so-called INCI list (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) on every cosmetic product or its packaging. These names have limited informational value for consumers. The COSMILE app provides information about which substance is involved and, in particular, what function this substance has in the product. Allergy sufferers can z. B. recognize whether a critical substance is contained in a cosmetic product.


If a consumer wants to know which ingredients are contained in a certain product, they start the free app on their mobile phone and first scan the EAN code on the packaging. Then all the ingredients contained are displayed with a German name or description. In a further step, explanations of the functions of the substances can be requested.

If the user has selected certain substances beforehand, the app marks them if they match. Therefore, z. B. in the case of allergy sufferers, the search for substances that are incompatible with them.

The app also provides information on product recalls. On request, users can receive regular news from the fields of cosmetics, beauty and body care. These are made available from an external portal.

A favorites list allows the management of personally preferred products. Changes in the composition of these products are also displayed.

Technical implementation

The app accesses a database in which the information on approx. 25,000 ingredients is stored, which is always kept up to date. A list of all brands currently considered is available on the manufacturer's website.

Availability and costs

The COSMILE app can be downloaded free of charge for both iOS and Android operating systems from the Apple App Store and Google Play . The app stores in Austria and Switzerland also offer the app. No log-in is required and no personal data is supposedly collected.

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