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Basic data

developer Google LLC ( more )
Publishing year 2008
Current  version Store: 1/19/52
March 6th, 2020

Books: 5.8.5_RC01.298676428
March 5, 2020
Films & Series:
February 11, 2020
News: 5.13.0
July 3, 2019
Games: 2020.02.16549
March 4, 2020
Music: 8.22.8261-1.P
5 November 2019

operating system Apps: Android , iOS  (except Store & Games)

Websites: available across platforms

License proprietary license
German speaking Yes

Google Play (formerly Android Market ) is an app store owned by the US company Google that offers mobile apps , music , e-books , audio books , films , TV series and digital magazines . Google Play was announced as the Android Market on August 28, 2008 and made available for use on October 22, 2008.

The service is available on Android devices and, since February 2, 2011, via web browser . On March 6, 2012, the Android Market was renamed the Google Play Store , combining Google Play Music , Google Play Movies & Series and Google Play Books . Google Play can only be used with a Google account . The Google Play app is usually preinstalled on Android devices.

Android apps and games

Badge Download from Google Play

Google Play is an app store with which apps and games can be installed on Android smartphones , tablets and Android TV . The apps offered come almost exclusively from third-party companies and free software developers . Both free and paid apps are offered, with free apps predominating.

As of version 3.3.11, the former Android Market can automatically import updates if this does not require new authorization. Apps can be installed from another device using a web browser. Programs to be installed are sent to the Android device and installed there. Apps on Google Play are assigned age categories by the International Age Rating Coalition .

In August 2014, the reimbursement period for apps was increased to 2 hours (previously 15 minutes) after purchase.

Google Play Instant

Since May 2018, games can be played directly in the Play Store using the Google Play Instant service without installation. For this purpose, APKs up to 10 MB in size are downloaded. The rest is calculated and stored via a cloud ( cloud gaming ). The service was announced at Google I / O 2016 and entered beta in 2017. The games mainly include demo versions to test before a download and smaller games to save storage space. So far, few games in the Play Store support this function. Interactive instant demo games are also used as advertising banners in some apps via the AdMob service .

Offered apps

At the beginning of 2012, around 360,000 apps were available in the Android Market , and they were downloaded over 10 billion times. The number of all applications uploaded so far is higher because apps are also removed again. Sales in 2010 amounted to about five million US dollars per month. A little more than 15 percent of the apps on Google Play are games. Free software makes up about 65 percent of the store's software. In May 2013, 48 billion apps were downloaded from Google Play worldwide. At the beginning of 2013, over 800,000 pieces of content were available. Google Play overtook Apple's App Store .

Google Play's revenue in 2016 was approximately $ 12 billion. In March 2018, approximately 3.67 million apps were available on Google Play. By November 2018, this number had dropped to around 2.53 million apps. The decline is due to changed quality criteria on the part of Google: Google took approx. 1.2 million apps from the App Store.

Number of apps by date
year month Available apps Of these
2008 October 167 27%
December 3,800 21.5%
2009 July 8,000 19.3%
September 9,000 18.5%
November 14,000 16%
2010 January 21,000 15%
March 31,000 13.1%
May 50,000 11.8%
July 90,000 11%
September 120,000 13.3%
October 156,000 13.4%
December 200,000 14%
2011 January 230,000 18%
February 270,000 18%
March 300,000 18%
April 340,000 18%
May 360,000 18%
June 390,000 16.1%
July 420,000 15.9%
August 480,000 15.7%
September 510,000 15.5%
November 580,000 15.0%
December 595,000 14.7%
2012 January 610,000 14.5%
February 645,000 15.1%
November 700,000 16.2%
December 845,000 18.1%
2013 February 800,000
April 850,000
July 1,000,000
2014 June 1,200,000
July 1,300,000
December 1,430,000
2015 Q1 1,500,000
2016 Q1 1,900,000
2018 Q2 3,700,000
Q4 2,500,000

Google can delete and install apps without the user asking. If Google deletes a paid app, the customer receives the purchase price back. In June 2010, Google deleted apps on users' end devices by remote access for the first time, as a security expert wanted to demonstrate how easy it was to distribute malware using Android.

Developer program

Signing up for developers in Google Play is a one-time fee of $ 25. Offering paid apps in Google Play is reserved for developers residing in selected countries, including Germany and Austria since May 13, 2009. In addition, Google provides the Android Developers Platform . Google provides tutorials , code examples, technical articles, tips and tricks there. The sales price can be freely determined by the developer in most countries.

Until 2015, Google refrained from checking the content of every app - apart from automatic checks to ensure that it started and ended correctly. Since February 2012, apps have been checked for internal malware before they are released . Since 2015, apps have also been checked by employees. Google, like Apple and Microsoft, requires the developers to pay a transaction fee of 30 percent of the sales price.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music

Screenshot Google Play Music.png

Screenshot from Google Play Music
Basic data

developer Google
Publishing year 2011
Current  version Google Play Music 8.25.8627-1.S
(May 14, 2020)
operating system Android, iOS, web browser
category Streaming music
License Proprietary
German speaking Yes

Google Play Music (previously Google Music ) is a music streaming service and online music shop that opened in the USA on November 16, 2011 . It supports music playback on PCs, smartphones and tablets with Android or iOS. Google's Chromecast is also supported. Pieces of music already purchased on Google Play are available.

You can save music on a device in order to listen to it without a connection to Google Play Music and to play it using the app. You can save up to 50,000 of your own pieces of music in the cloud free of charge with the Google Play Music Manager software . In 2018, Google announced that it would shut down Google Play Music as its function was being moved to YouTube Music and Google Podcasts. Google offers transfer services for this purpose.


Google Play Music was announced at the I / O 2010 developer conference. On May 11, 2011, Google Play Music was officially presented as Music Beta by Google at the I / O conference and entered the beta phase in the USA with limited functions. It was released in Germany on November 12, 2012. Google Play Music is now available in 63 countries.

Paid subscription

On May 15, 2013, Google announced Google Play Music All Access at I / O 2013 . As with other streaming services such as Spotify or Apple Music , the user can listen to unlimited music from large parts of the Play Music catalog. Initially, the service was only offered in the USA, but is currently also available in many European countries, including Germany since December 2013. In the United States, the subscription also includes access to YouTube Red .


Worldwide availability of Google Play Music (as of 2015)

In order to enable the commercial marketing of music via the new, proprietary platform and to establish Google Play Music on the market, Google entered into contractual partnerships with three major labels ( Universal Music , EMI and Sony Music ) as well as several independent labels . As part of the launch of Play Musik, several artists released free songs and exclusive albums there. For example, The Rolling Stones debuted with exclusive live recordings.

Google Play Music also allows musicians without a record contract to offer their music for download . You create your own page with Google Play Music, set sales prices and upload the pieces. Google keeps 30 percent of the sales proceeds.

Suspension of service

Since October 2019, smartphones with the Android 9 or 10 operating system are no longer factory-fitted with Google Play Music. Instead, Google relies on its own, newer alternative, YouTube Music . In 2020, Google announced that it would gradually discontinue the Google Play Music platform by the end of the year. From October 2020, the use of the Google Play Music app will no longer be possible. However, users can migrate their music collections and account information to YouTube Music for free until December 2020. YouTube Music is intended to completely replace the Google Play Music offer after December 2020.

Google Play Books

E- books have been available in Germany under the name Google Play Books since June 14, 2012 . Audiobooks have been available in 45 countries (including Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and nine languages since 2018 .

Google Play Movies & Series

In August 2012, Google enabled the download of cinema films in Germany under the name Google Play Films & Series . Previously this was already available in the US and a few other countries. Films and TV series can be rented or bought in SD and HD quality . Films and TV series are also available in 4K UHD . Since November 2015, Google has also been offering series in Germany.

Google News

In 2013, Google launched the Google Play Kiosk ( Google Play Newsstand ). In addition to news and web feeds, it offers free and paid magazines . Google thus combined “Google Play Magazine” and “Google Currents” in a single app. The offer was terminated on November 6, 2018 in favor of "Google News".

Google Play Games

At the Google I / O 2013 the service has been Google Play Games presented. It supports the comparison of scores between games on Android, iOS and web-based applications. Developers can use a programming interface to implement multiplayer , rankings and so-called " successes ". If activated, information from Play games is synchronized with a profile on Google+ so that games and scores can be shared with friends. Since January 2016, a Google+ account is no longer required to use Google Play Games.

Payment concept

Google Play prepaid cards

Since April 3, 2009, the German version of Google Play has supported paying for offers. Previously this was only possible for users from the USA and Great Britain .

Initially, you could only purchase paid media with the Google Wallet payment system . Within this system there is the possibility of paying by credit or debit card .

In Germany, mobile phone customers from T-Mobile , E-Plus and O 2 can also pay via their telephone bill. Since July 2013, there have been prepaid cards worth € 15, € 25 or € 50, which are available at various points of sale. Since May 2014 you can also pay with PayPal . This is possible in Germany and 20 other countries, including Austria, Switzerland and the USA.

Since 2018, paysafecard PINs have also been accepted as a means of payment in ten countries ( Germany , France , Spain , Greece , United Kingdom , Poland , Czech Republic , Slovakia , Slovenia and Cyprus ) .

The sale of credit at many machines ( ATM , ticket machine, etc.) was increasingly introduced.

As of January 8, 2018, Android Pay and Google Wallet have merged into a single payment system called Google Pay .

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