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Mobile devices or mobile end devices are end devices which, due to their size and weight, can be carried without major physical exertion and can therefore be used on a mobile basis. They are electronic devices for mobile, network-independent data, voice and image communication and navigation. Terminal devices are to be understood here exclusively in their IT and communication technology definition. Internet-enabled mobile devices are increasingly replacing the use of conventional, stationary end devices. The ongoing data traffic analyzes by StatCounter in October 2016 showed for the first time that mobile devices were ahead of stationary devices worldwide. In this case, “StatCounter” compared the use of handhelds such as smartphones and tablets with a data traffic volume of 51.3% compared to desktop devices and laptops with a share of 48.7%.



Mobile devices are handhelds ('handheld devices') to palmtops ('palm-sized' devices), and pocket computers ('pocket computers') to mobile computers the size of a briefcase . However, devices that have always - before the development of electronic devices - were handheld devices, i.e. cameras and classic video cameras , or wristwatches and pocket calculators , which are not actually communication devices, are not counted among the mobile devices .

On the other hand, functions from neighboring segments are implemented with each new generation of mobile devices - a modern smartphone, for example, has a full operating system with many application programs from a desktop computer, QWERTY keyboard , mobile Internet , GPS functions, photo or video camera and an additional second video camera for video telephony , a full-fledged MP3 player , television , and more. The individual classes of devices can hardly be systematically separated and relate more to the usual sizes and formats of the device cover and the operating elements.

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