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The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language is an encyclopedic presentation of linguistic topics for a wide audience. It also offers a glossary for the linguistic vocabulary (approx. 2000 lemmas) and a register of language families, languages, dialects and scripts (together with a table overview).

Authorship and Advisory Board

The editor David Crystal made a special move from a professorship at Reeding University to the publishing industry. The following acted as scientific advisory board:

  • Charles Ferguson, Stanford University, Linguistics Department
  • Victoria A. Fromkin, University of California, Postgraduate Studies Department
  • Shirley Brice Heath, Stanford University, Faculty of Education
  • Dell Hymes, University of Virginia, Department of Anthropology
  • Stephen Levison, Cambridge University, Department of Linguistics
  • John Marshall, Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, Department of Neuropsychology
  • Wilga Rivers, Harvard University, Department of Romance Languages ​​and Literatures
  • Sheldon Rosenberg, University of Illinois, Department of Psychology
  • Klaus Scherer, University of Geneva, Psychological Department
  • Roland Sussex, Melbourne University, Russian Department
  • Jan Svartvik, Lund University, English Department
  • Michael Twyman, Reading University, Typography and Graphic Communication Department
  • C‑ F. Voegelin (T) and FM Voegelin, Indiana University, Department of Anthropology

Bibliographical information

The work has not been updated since its creation, but received bibliographical additions or adaptations in other language regions with corresponding revisions. (For example, one can find outlooks on the future of machine language translation).

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Individual evidence

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