Chris Gaines

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Chris Gaines is a pseudonym of the American Country - singer and songwriter Garth Brooks .

In 1999 the successful country musician Garth Brooks published an experimental pop album under the pseudonym Chris Gaines called In The Life Of Chris Gaines . The album was heavily criticized, although it sold about two million copies. It revealed a musically creative side of Garth Brooks, but was not a real commercial success by its standards.

Chris Gaines was introduced as a fictional person and mimes a successful pop musician who, after 14 years in the pop business and six studio albums released, has now released a best-of album with In The Life Of Chris Gaines .


The album should prepare for the 2002 film The Lamb , which should tell the life of Chris Gaines' from the media perspective. It was also supposed to be the soundtrack of this film and bring the main character's music closer to the audience. To this end, a collaboration between Brooks' Red Strokes Productions and Paramount Pictures was sought for the film production . The film was never produced.

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