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Churrascaria in São Paulo

A Churrascaria (Portuguese [ ʃuʁaskaˈɾiɐ ]) is a traditional restaurant from southern Brazil , which mainly serves grilled meat ( Churrasco ). In Germany these restaurants are usually called Rodizio restaurants . Rodizio comes from the Latin Rota (circle, cycle), in the sense that the skewers are in an eternal cycle from the fire to the table and back. All side dishes are provided as an open buffet , which the guest can choose from. The roasted meat is served fresh from the grill skewer directly at the table. The service staff cuts a desired number of meat slices from the skewers for the guest with a very sharp knife. The staff offers different types of meat at regular intervals.

Each guest or table receives a kind of personal "meat traffic light" - often in the shape of a beer mat - with one side being red and the other green. If the green side is revealed, the service staff continues to offer meat. The red side indicates temporary saturation. Churrascarias are very staff-intensive, as numerous service staff with meat skewers constantly commute between the guests and the kitchen.