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Classics is the ninth album by American singer Jennifer Rush .


With the album, Rush built on her training as a classical singer. Together with the Hungarian Philharmonic Orchestra she re-recorded a number of her earlier hits. Much of the songs had to be rearranged to turn the original uptempo pop songs into slow dramatic works.

In addition to these new recordings, four new songs were recorded, including the lead single The End of a Journey .


The album was released in several European countries and reached number 34 in the German charts. The album version of Ring of Ice served a year later as a promotional single for her Classics tour, which she undertook with the orchestra in 1999. It was broadcast on several television channels.

Classics remained Jennifer Rush's last album for more than ten years.

Track list

  1. "The End of a Journey"
  2. "The Power of Love"
  3. "Ring of Ice"
  4. "Destiny"
  5. "I Come Undone"
  6. "All I Want Is You"
  7. "The Last Day of Summer"
  8. "25 Lovers"
  9. "Heart Over Mind"
  10. "You'll Never Catch Me Dreaming"
  11. "Ave Maria"
  12. "Hero of a Fool"

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