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Vjatscheslav (Cyrillic Вячеслав , scientific transliteration Vjačeslav ) is an East Slavic male given name. The short form often used is slava .

Origin and meaning

Vyacheslav is composed of two components. Wjatsche- means 'more, bigger', -slav means 'fame'. The name could be translated as "the most glorious". The analogous Czech and Polish forms are Václav and Waclaw , Germanized Wenzel (Wenceslas).

The name joins the other Slavic names that end in -slaw : Jaroslaw , Miroslaw , Wladislaw or Stanislaw .

After several Russian princes bore this first name in the Middle Ages, like most non-Christian Slavic first names in the sphere of influence of the Russian Orthodox Church, it became out of use for several centuries. It experienced a renewed distribution from the second half of the 19th century and increasingly in the 20th century when interest in history and one's own national identity increased.

Well-known namesake

Individual evidence

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