Corporate language

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The term corporate language describes the individual and characterizing style and use of language in a company. Thus, the term corporate language is understood to mean the company's linguistic identity. It forms part of a company's self-image, the so-called corporate identity .


Used as a marketing tool, language can define and strengthen the personality of brands and companies. The task of corporate language is therefore to translate brand values and corporate philosophies into a unified language. The corporate language complements the function of a corporate design on a verbal level. It underlines the company's linguistic style and culture and communicates the essence of a brand or a company.


The corporate language encompasses the entire linguistic appearance of a company, external and internal. External communication includes, for example, slogans, advertisements, brochures, image films, websites as well as business reports, emails, newsletters, operating instructions, customer letters and the social area Media. In internal communication, the corporate language is used, among other things, in circulars, management information letters, employee magazines or notices. Ideally, the corporate language is implemented in writing and orally.


For corporate language to be able to build a bridge between companies and consumers, it should be authentic. It is therefore essential that it contributes to the brand values and clarifies them with language.


The corporate language is expressed in a language concept, the scope and content of which can vary. Mostly, however, it defines which words and formulations are to be used consistently or to be avoided. In addition, it defines the context in which they are used and which stylistic peculiarities must be observed. In addition, it often includes grammar and spelling rules.


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