Daphne Hasenjager

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Daphne Hasenjager ( Daphne Lilian Evelyn Hasenjager , maiden name Robb , also Hasenjäger , Robb-Hasenjäger ; born July 2, 1929 in Pretoria ) is a former South African athlete .

At the Olympic Games in Helsinki in 1952 , she won the silver medal between the two Australians Marjorie Jackson (gold) and Shirley Strickland de la Hunty (bronze) in the 100-meter run . In the 200-meter run she reached 6th place. In the 200-meter run she had already achieved 6th place in London in 1948 - still starting as Daphne Robb . With a height of 1.65 m, her competition weight was 56 kg.


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