The new kitchen dictionary

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The new kitchen lexicon is a work by the author Erhard Gorys (1926–2004) illustrated with 40 full-page black and white graphics by Peter Schimmel .

The lexicon, often referred to as Gorys , is based on Heimeran's Kitchen Lexicon, which the author published in 1975. It contains over 8,500 keywords from the fields of food science and recipe history and received the silver medal of the German Gastronomic Academy . It was published in the Deutsches Taschenbuch Verlag from 1977 to 1992 as dtv-Küchen-Lexikon , since 1994 under the current title: Das neue Küchenlexikon. From Aachener Printen to intermediate ribs. relocated. After a revision and addition in October 2001, the eleventh edition (status 2007) was produced.