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Erhard Gorys (born April 8, 1926 in Breslau ; † December 13, 2004 in Bünde ) was a German author and art historian .

Live and act

After studying art history and law at the Universities of Cambridge and Göttingen and a short period as a publisher , Erhard Gorys worked at the Post , where he last held a managerial position in Krefeld. But his passion was writing. He concentrated on writing advice, cookbooks and art travel guides.

The book Das neue Küchenlexikon became known under the term Gorys . With its 8,500 headwords, it is one of the most extensive German-language lexicons in the culinary field. Gorys received the silver medal of the German Gastronomic Academy for this book .



  • Kasper on a treasure hunt and other funny Kasper stories. Narratives . JF Schreiber, Eßlingen 1972 (together with Gudrun Lehmann).

General advice

  • All about the letter . Hörhold, Hildesheim 1957.
  • I play cards . 5th edition. Fackelverlag, Stuttgart 1975.
  • Chess and 25 other board games. A thorough introduction with 107 drawings . 3rd edition. Fackelverlag, Stuttgart 1975, ISBN 3-87220-081-X (former title: I learn chess and 25 other board games ).
  • Riddle Lexicon . New edition Xenos VG, Hamburg 1982, ISBN 3-8212-1303-5 .
  • Handbook of archeology. Excavations and excavators, methods, terms . Weltbildverlag, Augsburg 1989, ISBN 3-89350-120-7 (together with Christel Gorys; former title: Kleines Handbuch der Archäologie ).
  • The book of games. Over 500 leisure games for adults . Dausien, Hanau 1988, ISBN 3-7684-4723-5 .
  • Lexicon of Saints . 8th edition. dtv, Munich 2012, ISBN 978-3-423-34149-3 .

Culinary literature

  • I know all drinks . 6th edition, Fackelverlag, Stuttgart 1958.
  • The art of reading a menu. a fun guide through the menu from eel à la flamande to onion soup . Wancura, Vienna 1964.
  • Pies, patties . Heimeran, Munich 1965.
  • We sauce cooks . Heimeran, Munich 1967.
  • Onion ring and garlic clove. Dishes with onions, garlic and poree . BLV, Munich 1987, ISBN 3-405-13431-5 (reprint of the edition: Heimeran, Munich 1968).
  • The art of smoking cigars . dtv, Munich 1998, ISBN 3-423-36076-3 (reprint of the edition: Heimeran, Munich 1969).
  • From apple liver to tongue ragout. Gourmet dishes made from offal . Heimeran, Munich 1969.
  • Delicacies, delicacies. Sumptuous specialties and exotic delicacies from all over the world . Mary Hahn, Munich 1972 (reprint of the Vienna 1967 edition).
  • Cold cooking easily and quickly . Heyne, Munich 1977, ISBN 3-453-40210-3 (reprint of the edition: Heimeran, Munich 1972).
  • 200x steak. The steak, favorite of modern gourmets, with the multitude of its variants. 7th edition, Heyne, Munich 1982, ISBN 3-453-40120-4 .
  • Beverages from all over the world. Mixed and pure . Xenos, Hamburg 1988, ISBN 3-8212-0795-7 .
  • The new kitchen dictionary. From Aachener Printen to intermediate ribs . Illustrations: Peter Schimmel . 13th edition, dtv, Munich 2011, ISBN 978-3-423-36245-0 .

Travel guides and illustrated books

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