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The publisher is the head of a publishing house for books , magazines , newspapers , sheet music , calendars or other media products (CDs, DVDs, online media, PC software, games, etc.). He is (often) responsible for the publisher in its entirety as owner or managing director. The publisher ultimately decides in which publications a publisher invests (publish = submit), not only for the production and reproduction of the medium, but also for its distribution and marketing, which he is obliged to do in the publishing contract with an author and what he is doing has to worry about. The publisher bears the financial responsibility and determines the guidelines for editing , production and distribution , but also - as early as the 16th century for authors (for example Martin Crusius , who wrote regretfully in a diary from 1593: “ It is a misery that we according to the publishers ”) - for content.

According to Fritz J. Raddatz , editor-in-chief and deputy head of Rowohlt Verlag from 1960 to 1969 , “ the true publisher must be ... father and mother, nurse and disciplinarian, believer and claimant, duelist and second, confessor and altar boy, saint and whore . He must have the brain of a philosopher, the gaze of a radiologist, the gentleness of a nurse. There is one thing he must by no means have: a life of his own . "

In the past, clients were called 'publishers' in the publishing system .

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Publisher of the Year

Since 1994, the industry magazine BuchMarkt has been honoring a “ Publisher of the Year ”.

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