Felix Meiner Publishing House

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Felix Meiner Verlag GmbH
legal form GmbH
founding 1911
Seat Hamburg , Germany
management Manfred Meiner, Jakob Meiner, Johann Meiner
Number of employees 12 (2011)
sales 2 million euros (2011)
Branch Book publisher
Website mein.de

The Felix Meiner Verlag is a German scientific publisher in field philosophy .


The publishing house was founded in 1911 by Felix Meiner (1883–1965) in Leipzig . In the same year the Philosophical Library , founded in 1868, was taken over. In the decades of its existence, the publisher has pursued a purely humanities program. He has been based in Hamburg since 1951 .

In 1992 the Helmut Buske Verlag , which specializes in textbooks and dictionaries, was acquired.

The publishing house is economically independent and is now run as a family business in the third generation . The publisher is considered "a first address for those interested in philosophy". In 2019 he was awarded the German Publishing Prize.

The publisher is a member of the German Book Trade Association .

Publishing program

The focus of the publishing work is the Philosophical Library , which has been appearing since 1868 , which is continuously expanded and the editions of which are adapted to the current state of research in new editions. Around 500 texts on the history of philosophy are currently available, a total of over 1200 volumes have appeared.

Furthermore, Meiner Verlag publishes complete editions and historical-critical editions, such as B. the works and the estate edition of Ernst Cassirer , the academy editions of the works of GWF Hegel and Nikolaus von Kues , the works of FH Jacobi or the diaries of FWJ Schelling .

In the area of ​​scientific monographs, historical-systematically oriented works and models of philosophical research are published. These include the “Cassirer Researches”, the “Hegel Studies”, the “Kant Researches” published by the Marburg Kant Archive, the “Studies on the 18th Century”, the “Topos Poietikos” series and the “Paradeigmata” series . Magazines complete the program.

Around 800 titles are currently available. Around 30 to 40 new publications and new editions are published each year.


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