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Book market

Area of ​​Expertise Book trade
language German
publishing company BuchMarkt Verlag K. Werner (Germany)
Frequency of publication per month
Sold edition 4700 copies
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Buchmarkt (spelling: BuchMarkt ) is an independent trade magazine founded in 1966 for the German-speaking book trade. It appears monthly, usually on the first Tuesday of the month. The magazine's subtitle is Das Ideenmagazin für den Buchhandel .


In 1966 the idea arose to publish an independent specialist magazine for the German-speaking book trade. On May 10, 1966, Klaus Werner, Eberhardt Dickert and Christian von Zittwitz founded the Junge Edition K. Werner GmbH publishing house for this purpose . It was later renamed Buchmarkt Verlag K. Werner GmbH . The first issue was presented in 1966 at the Frankfurt Book Fair .

At the beginning, Buchmarkt appeared in two editions , but grew every year. In 1967 there were already four issues, in 1968 six. The following year eight, 1970 ten; and since 1971 Buchmarkt has been published monthly.

Christian von Zittwitz is now the sole partner and in 1997 relocated the company headquarters from Düsseldorf to Meerbusch- Ilverich . Since 1998 there has also been an online offer for the book market . In 2006 the magazine celebrated its 40th birthday with an anniversary issue: Industry highlights from 40 years of the book market .

In 2009, Christian von Zittwitz was the first journalist ever to receive the golden badge of honor from the German Book Trade Association.


The "BuchMarkt-AWARD" has been presented annually at the Leipzig Book Fair since 2000 . The award is a cooperation between Buchmarkt , Leipzig Book Fair, Spiegel , Die Welt and Mohn Media .

Buchmarkt has been honoring the “ Bookstore of the Year” annually since 2003 : a company in German-speaking countries that offers competent advice, a balanced range of goods, imaginative presentation and good marketing, as well as economic success.


Since 2005 there has been a cooperation between Buchmarkt and Uni-online: Buchmarkt-College, the educational portal for the book trade.

The BuchmarktFORUM has existed since 2000, a cooperation between Buchmarkt and HypoVereinsbank , which aims to support the exchange of information between publishers and bookshops.

Publisher of the Year

BuchMarkt has been awarding a " Publisher of the Year" award since 1994 . The winners were:

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