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the Hörverlag
founding   1993
Seat   Munich
management   Thomas Rathnow
Robert Wildgruber
(Publishing Director)
Publishing group   Random House
genus   Audio books , radio plays

The Hörverlag (spelling: der Hörverlag, formerly: Hör Verlag) is a German audio book and radio play publisher based in Munich . It was founded in 1993 and became part of the Random House publishing group in 2010 . The Hörverlag has been one of the top-selling representatives in the industry since it was founded. He was also instrumental in upgrading the audio book to an independent medium. One of the first productions of the Hörverlag was “ Sofies Welt ”. The most successful titles include " The Lord of the Rings ", " The Hobbit " and " Harry Potter " as well as works by Eckart von Hirschhausen , Frank Schätzing , Henning Mankell and Jonas Jonasson . The Hörverlag was managed by Claudia Baumhöver until 2015 . Her successor is Robert Wildgruber.


Publishing director Claudia Baumhöver at the presentation of the German Audio Book Prize (2009)

The initiator of the Hörverlag was the publishing house of the authors , which founded it together with Stefanie Hunzinger, Klett-Cotta and the Carl Hanser Verlag in autumn 1993. The Deutsche Taschenbuch Verlag served as a model for the merger . In the Anglo-Saxon world, the so-called word cassettes were already very successful, which was to be repeated in Germany. The Hörverlag was entered in the commercial register on September 14, 1993 ; its headquarters were initially at Klett-Cotta in Stuttgart . Claudia Baumhöver, who was named “Publisher of the Year” in 2007 by the specialist magazine Buchmarkt , became the director of the Hörverlag . Until 1994, other publishers took part in the Hörverlag, including the Österreichische Bundesverlag , Piper , Schott Music and Suhrkamp . The involvement of Piper Verlag only lasted for a short time and was later replaced by Kiepenheuer & Witsch .

In 1994, Ariola , Goldmann , Langenscheidt and others founded the “Initiative Wort Cassette” (IWC), which was supposed to promote the distribution of audio books. At this point in time, the Hörverlag was already based in Munich . In 2004 the collaboration with BBC Audio began , through which the range of English-language audio books should be expanded. A year later, Hörverlag founded “Claudio Medien GmbH” with Focus Magazin Verlag and Tomorrow Focus . The company developed a download portal for the legal retrieval of audio books in MP3 format, which was launched on the occasion of the Frankfurt Book Fair. In 2008 it became known that the Hörverlag was campaigning for a stronger regulation of the market, including price control for audio books. In addition, one campaigned for the protection of intellectual property and against the piracy of audio books.

In October 2010, the Random House publishing group announced that it would take over the Hörverlag, subject to the approval of the competition authorities . At that time the program comprised around 600 to 800 titles. In the course of the takeover, observers spoke of a “displacement battle on a dwindling market”. With the acquisition of Hörverlag, the Random House publishing group was able to significantly expand its position in the audio book market, after having previously been active in this segment with Random House Audio . The main reasons for the merger were better access to licenses and the challenges of digital markets. After the takeover, the Hörverlag was deleted from the commercial register, but it also remained an independent organization with its own program under the umbrella of the publishing group.


Rufus Beck in the recording studio for the "Harry Potter" recordings (2005)

At the beginning, about half of the offer of the Hörverlag consisted of fiction and a quarter each of children's and non-fiction. His first program comprised around 50 titles. The fifteen-part production of “ Sofie's World ” by Südwestfunk and Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk , which became a bestseller and sold over 100,000 times in the following years , received greater attention . In the mid-1990s, the Hörverlag with Cotta's Hörbühne took over a program of around 80 tracks from Klett-Cotta . The first works that Hörverlag published on compact discs instead of cassettes in 1996 included Rainer Werner Fassbinder's “Ganz in white” and “Nobody is bad and nobody is good”.

In 1998 the Hörverlag started the LiteraMedia series with Suhrkamp and Terzio : At the same time as Suhrkamp's book, a suitable audio book and a multimedia version were published on CD. In 2000, Hörverlag published an important collection of American poetry in original sound with “The Spoken Arts Treasury” . " Harry Potter " developed into one of the most commercially successful fabrics, with over 3.2 million copies sold by 2008. The work's spokesman was Rufus Beck , while Felix von Manteuffel was employed for the second version of the audio books . After JRR Tolkien was already one of the most successful authors in the program, the Hörverlag released the “ Hobbit ” on record in 2013 . The radio play cinema under the starry sky , a cooperation between Hörverlag and radio eins , also experienced a broad media reception .

Every year Hörverlag publishes around 150 new works on compact discs and around 100 in total in parallel or exclusively as downloads . The program currently comprises around 1,000 titles available for delivery. These include, for example, various works by Frank Schätzing , with “ The Swarm ” also the radio play of his most famous book. Eckart von Hirschhausen , Florian Schroeder and Vince Ebert are also represented in the Hörverlag. While the German-language book version of the novel trilogy " Fifty Shades of Gray " is being published by Goldmann Verlag , the Hörverlag is delivering the audio book for it. In addition to current titles, the Hörverlag's program also includes classics, for example by Dylan Thomas , Hermann Hesse or Thomas Mann, as well as cult radio plays by Francis Durbridge and others. Original recordings also play a significant role in the Hörverlag's program. One-third of the entire program was with awards such as the hr2 - hörbuchbestenliste , the German Audio Book Prize , Prize of the German Record Critics or HörKules appreciated.


2003, who found jingle of Hörverlages in the song No return of the German synth pop - duo Wolfsheim again. It was sold 150,000 times in Germany and achieved gold status.

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