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Dylan Thomas Monument, Maritime Quarter, Swansea, by John Doubleday

Dylan Marlais Thomas (born October 27, 1914 in Swansea , Wales , † November 9, 1953 in New York City ) was a Welsh writer . Thomas wrote poems , essays , letters , screenplays , autobiographical stories and a play : Under Milk Wood ( Under Milk Wood ), his major work, which as a radio play in 1954 posthumously with the Prix Italia award.


Birthplace, Swansea

Dylan Thomas was the second child of high school teacher David John Thomas and his wife Florence Williams. He was “born into a tradition where the Bible, sermon collections, and the Welsh classics were literature, and the chapel was Sunday entertainment. Preachers and poets were respected. ”At the age of four he learned Shakespeare by heart, and when he was eight he wrote his first poems himself. At the age of eleven he published some poems in the school newspaper of his high school, which he left prematurely in 1931 to earn two years as a journalist for the South Wales Daily Post in Swansea. He then devoted himself to the London bohemian life and his other passion, alcohol.

In 1934 his first collection of poems appeared in London: 18 Poems .

In 1937 he had his first broadcast on the BBC . In the same year he married the dancer Caitlin MacNamara (born December 8, 1913, † August 1, 1994), with whom he had three children. He was a staunch opponent of the war and escaped military service by showing up for examination full drunk and being given leave of absence due to illness. As a poet and writer, Dylan Thomas was very successful, whereas he was incapable of dealing with money. While his family was constantly lacking essentials, he sacrificed all money to his alcoholism .

Boathouse of the Thomas family in Laugharne, 2007

With Rebecca's Daughters he tried to write a script that could be read like a novel.

From 1949 until his death in 1953, Thomas lived with his family in a makeshift, two-story boat shed at the mouth of the Tâf near the fishing village of Laugharne in southern Wales . Laugharne was the model for the fictional place Llareggub from the piece Unter dem Milchwald that was created during this time . In order to be able to continue writing poems in peace, he went to the small bay window on the castle wall of the ruined Laugharne Castle on the coast.

Thomas was invited by the writer John Malcolm Brinnin to book tours in the USA. He first stayed at the artist hotel Chelsea Hotel in New York's Greenwich Village , which he did on all four trips to the USA. On his third lecture tour through the USA with his own poems, he was asked for a libretto for an opera by Igor Stravinsky , who wanted a text by the “best living writer”. It shouldn't come to that; Thomas died of pneumonia , which he could never cure because of his excessive alcohol. Thomas was buried in Laugharne.

Works and editions of works

Poem Was there a time at a house in Leiden
Dylan Thomas' grave in Laugharne Cemetery


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Radio plays


In the meantime (2010) over 300 publications have been published on Dylan Thomas:

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Films and plays about Dylan Thomas

Sound carrier


Thomas' desk, Boathouse , Laugharne, 1955
  • Igor Stravinsky composed the piece In memoriam Dylan Thomas for tenor, string quartet and four trombones the year after Thomas' death .
  • Johannes Bobrowski wrote a poem in May 1959 with the title "Dylan Thomas", which was published in 1961 in his first volume of poetry, Sarmatik Zeit .
  • After listening to the radio play version of Under Milk Wood several times, pianist Stan Tracey wrote the jazz suite Under Milk Wood for his quartet , which he recorded on the album of the same name in 1965.
  • In 1989 John Cale set the Words for the Dying to music with orchestral music in his album of the same name.
  • Thomas' poem Do not go gentle into that good night is a leitmotif of the science fiction film Interstellar (2014).
  • In 2015 an asteroid was named after him: (13130) Dylanthomas .

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