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TV station ( public service )
Program type Full program
reception analog terrestrial , cable , satellite & DVB-T
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Start of transmission November 2, 1936
Broadcaster BBC
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BBC One is the most-watched domestic television program of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and, taking into account its predecessor, BBC Television Service, began broadcasting in 1936, making it the world's oldest regular television broadcaster. A television program was broadcast from 1929 to 1935, but only with a resolution of 30 lines and was therefore more experimental. The BBC's television program was also interrupted during the war, but resumed as early as July 1, 1946, using pre-war technology. The program had to be interrupted again in February 1947 for a month due to an energy shortage in the post-war winter, since then the first BBC program has been broadcasting continuously.

BBC One was broadcast in black and white in the old television standard "A" with 405 lines until 1985, but since 1963 there has been parallel operation in the continental television standard with 625 lines, since 1969 (i.e. only two years after the change to color from BBC Two ) also in color according to PAL .

Today's programming is broadcast analogue and DVB-T terrestrial throughout the UK . It is also fed into all British cable networks and can be received via the Astra 1N satellite in the actual transmission area as well as in large parts of Western Europe. The market share in the UK is currently 24.9%. It is just ahead of that of the UK's largest competitor, ITV 1 .

Reception in Germany

The television station can be received in western Germany via the Astra 2E and Astra 2F satellites at 28.2 ° East. The distribution via Astra 1 N was stopped. Some of the programs are also broadcast on the pay-TV channel BBC Entertainment , which is included in the pay-TV packages of various cable network operators .

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