Sherlock (TV series)

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Television series
German title Sherlock
Original title Sherlock
Sherlock Logo.svg
Country of production United Kingdom
original language English
Year (s) 2010-2017
Hartswood Films , BBC Wales , WGBH
length 90 minutes
Episodes 13 in 4 seasons ( list )
genre Crime , drama
idea Steven Moffat,
Mark Gatiss
production Steven Moffat ,
Mark Gatiss
music David Arnold ,
Michael Price
First broadcast July 25, 2010 (UK) on BBC One
first broadcast
July 24, 2011 on Das Erste

Sherlock is a British television series on the BBC . The authors Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss put the detective stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle into a modern context and let Sherlock Holmes, together with his assistant Dr. Watson in what is now London .

So far, four seasons, a short episode and a special episode have been produced.


Sherlock Holmes is a consultant private investigator with remarkable cognitive skills who, along with former military doctor Dr. John Watson sets up a shared apartment at 221B Baker Street in London . A short time later, they investigate their first joint case and are available to the New Scotland Yard investigators , especially Detective Inspector Lestrade , with advice and action. Much to Sherlock's chagrin, John writes down many of the cases he has worked on and publishes them on his blog . As Sherlock's popularity grew, private clients became more and more aware of him.


Sherlock Holmes

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes in London's Chinatown

Sherlock Holmes (with full name William Sherlock Scott Holmes ) appears as in the original stories as an advisory private / amateur detective ("consulting detective"), thanks to his precise observations and quick conclusions (" deductions ") of the police, from whom he often is consulted is far superior. In the modern version, it works to solve the crimes with modern technology from the beginning of the 21st century such as SMS , Internet and GPS . Director Paul McGuigan stated that Holmes was using "the tools that are available to him today to find things out" ("He will use the tools that are available to him today in order to find things out."). Modern technology can also be seen in fade-ins in the film that are used instead of looking at the mobile phone or computer screen, or even depict Sherlock's thoughts. For the lyrics, the producers chose the Johnston Sans font, known from the London Underground .

Sherlock often makes fun of the police officers' helplessness and portrays them as incompetent. On the other hand, they often mock him for his eccentricity and otherness. Again and again he has reason to make it clear that he is not a psychopath , but rather a highly functional sociopath , which is probably not by chance reminiscent of a similar saying by Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot . Sherlock is more interested in the mysteries of the cases that have occurred to him than in the suffering of those affected. He is not very sociable, nor does he initially want to admit that he has friends (albeit few). He is rough, calculating and shows little consideration for his fellow human beings. At first, he hardly ever lets his roommate John Watson know about his plans, but only gives him small assignments without explaining their purpose. His harshness and ruthlessness are often very hurtful. However, Sherlock later became extremely worried about his now best friend. In addition to John, he describes only two other people as his friends: his landlady Mrs. Hudson and Detective Inspector Greg Lestrade, and the pathologist Molly Hooper, he seems to fully trust. He has a rather tense and cool relationship with his influential brother Mycroft , who is intellectually equal to him. Little information is given about Sherlock's résumé. In one episode, Molly Hooper speaks to Sherlock that he is a graduate chemist; Sherlock's various experiments (often with human body parts), which he sometimes carries out at the dining table in his apartment, indicate that he has completed a degree in science.

Sherlock sees himself "married to his job". One of the things that makes his attitude to love clear is that he describes it as a “chemical defect”. He ignores Molly Hooper's interest in him, but often uses it to his advantage when she helps him solve a case. In A Scandal in Belgravia , he seems to be interested in the dominatrix Irene Adler . If she flirts with him, he doesn't return her interest and deduces at the end of the episode that Irene actually fell in love with him and his rare replies were only aimed at finding this out. In the further course it becomes clear that Irene Sherlock actually meant something. Later, he apparently builds up a relationship with Mary's bridesmaid Janine, whom he met at John and Mary's wedding, but here, too, it turns out a little later that he by no means wanted to develop a love relationship with her, only an investigation against Charles Augustus Magnussen whose personal assistant is Janine.

Sherlock knows London's streets, alleys and traffic by heart. He maintains various relationships, for example with a graffiti artist or the homeless network, which he says is his "eyes and ears" in London. Sherlock is very agile in combat, without ever being shown in training; for example, he overwhelms an armed man with his bare hands. He has experience in handling the pistol and, thanks to his local knowledge and perseverance, is able to follow a taxi across London on foot. As in the original stories, Sherlock is a smoker, but considers this habit impractical in modern London and is therefore limited to nicotine patches , of which he sticks up to three pieces at a time. This - in his own words - makes it easier for him to think. For the same reason he plays the violin and composes his own melodies from time to time. Initially implicitly, but later in the series, it is also discussed that Sherlock uses harder drugs in addition to nicotine , which worries even his brother Mycroft. With great boredom or the absence of cases, Sherlock has massive mood swings, to John's chagrin, and sometimes acts abstruse or childish.

Dr. John Hamish Watson

Martin Freeman as Dr. Watson in London's Chinatown

The producers attached great importance to Dr. To portray Watson not as a non- expert, but as a capable assistant who “makes this modern Holmes tangible” (“unlocks this modern Holmes”). Although Sherlock always offends him with his arrogant, snobbish manner, the modern Dr. Watson to maintain a confident and independent attitude. Holmes and Watson address each other by their first names in the TV series, but in the German dubbed version up to the third season, which seems quite appropriate and is also handled in the careful, completeness and faithful new translations of the original stories.

During their collaboration, Watson and Holmes develop a close friendship that, despite the inaccessible nature of Sherlock, is characterized by mutual trust and respect. Watson is under psychological treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder at the beginning of the television series . There he is recommended to keep a blog . However, he can't think of anything to write about. When he meets Sherlock, he writes about their adventures and cases. The blog is quickly becoming very popular, even more popular than Sherlock's own website, which Sherlock cannot understand at all. Through the blog, the two of them also get jobs that, in contrast to their work for the police, are paid for and thus secure their livelihood. However, Watson also mentions on his blog that there are cases that he is not allowed to write about for reasons of national security .

As a military doctor, Watson sustained an injury in the current Afghanistan war instead of the Second Anglo-Afghan War in the modern version . In civilian life, he tries to go back to his medical profession in addition to his assistant function at Holmes. At first Watson limps and has a slight tremor in his hands; His psychotherapist considers both to be psychosomatic symptoms of his post-traumatic stress disorder, Sherlock agrees and, shortly after their first encounter, distracts Watson to overcome both. Mycroft Holmes suspects that it was never about PTSD, but rather a kind of combat withdrawal from the start, the symptoms only disappeared because Watson found a new thrill through Sherlock.

More figures

Other significant characters from the Sherlock Holmes stories that were carried over to the television series are:

Professor Jim Moriarty is mentioned as the driving force behind the scenes in the first episode. The authors wanted to incorporate a scene "in which the two arch enemies meet each other" ("in which the two arch enemies meet each other"; season 1, episode 3). Moriarty pulls the cords of an international criminal network and is fascinated and obsessed with Sherlock's intellect and his role as his adversary. At the end of the second season, Moriarty appears to commit suicide; however, the end of the third season suggests that he is still alive. In the following Christmas special, Sherlock comes to the conclusion that Moriarty is definitely dead, but had plans for the time after his death.

Mycroft Holmes resembles his literary source in several ways: he himself always claims that his work for the British government is an insignificant position, while Sherlock often scoffs that Mycroft "is" the British government. His exact position is never explicitly stated to the viewer, but in later seasons it is clearly suggested that he holds a leading position in British intelligence. Furthermore, his intellect is even superior to that of Sherlock, whose deductions he occasionally corrects. The relationship between the two brothers seems to be marked by mutual aversion, especially at the beginning; in later episodes it is gradually revealed that Mycroft cares deeply about his younger brother. Although Mycroft has significantly better social skills than Sherlock, it is occasionally suggested that, due to his intellect, Mycroft's private life is also largely lonely.

Detective Inspector Lestrade is responsible for Sherlock's advisory work with the London police - as it turns out in season 2 without the knowledge of his superiors - and there probably the only person who does not let Sherlock's gruff manner unsettle him and trust him unconditionally. Although Sherlock regularly confuses Lestrade's first name ("Graham"), the series suggests several times that Lestrade is one of the few friends he has.

Mrs. Hudson is the landlady of Sherlock and John and lives in the apartment below the two protagonists. Although she always emphasizes that she is not their housekeeper, she is treated as such as a matter of course (and usually complies with these requests despite protests). Mrs. Hudson's backstory is occasionally broached because her late husband ran a drug cartel. Although Sherlock is often condescending to her, he is extremely annoyed when other people treat her in this way. One running gag is that Mrs. Hudson is the last recurring character Sherlock and John think are a homosexual couple.

Another figure is the coroner Molly Hooper, who is not based on any literary model. She is secretly in love with Sherlock and Sherlock uses this circumstance to his advantage, but occasionally shows unexpectedly empathetic moments towards Molly. In later seasons she tries to get over Sherlock's romantic disinterest in her, which she only succeeds to a certain extent (an interim romance looks remarkably similar to Sherlock). In season 4, she takes over John's part as Sherlock's assistant.

Mary Watson , née Morstan, will be introduced in Season 3. She and John started a relationship around the time Sherlock is believed dead. Sherlock reveals himself to John that evening when he actually wanted to propose to Mary. She and John get married in the third season and later become parents (although, due to his stubborn nature, they see Sherlock as their additional child, so to speak). Mary was part of a highly specialized mercenary unit in her past, which she catches up with at the end of the third season. She dies at the beginning of the fourth season to save Sherlock's life, but still appears as the hallucination of the grieving John.

In the third season, Charles Augustus Magnussen is Sherlock's most important opponent . He is embodied by Lars Mikkelsen .

In the fourth season it turns out that behind the recorded Moriarty sequence (" miss me ") there is a completely different villain, namely Eurus Holmes , the secret Holmes sister, who is played by Sian Brooke .


History of origin

Before the authors Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss began working on Sherlock , they had already gained experience with the processing of literary works from the Victorian era in television series. Moffat produced the miniseries Jekyll in 2007 based on the novella The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde , and Gatiss had oriented the episode The Unquiet Dead of the television series Doctor Who on the works of the writer Charles Dickens . During an award ceremony in Monte-Carlo , they began planning the television series about the London detective together with Moffat's wife, producer Sue Vertue . In doing so, they did not want to repeat the mistakes of earlier films, which in their opinion were "too reverential and too slow".

Initially, Sherlock was only planned as a 60-minute film, the broadcast of which had been announced for autumn 2009. If successful, it should serve as the pilot of a three-part television series. However, the BBC expressed its doubts about its success and decided not to broadcast the £ 800,000  production. Instead, there were now three episodes, each 90 minutes in length. For the first episode, the story of the pilot film was "substantially expanded and rewritten and completely renewed in appearance, speed and tone".


Filming of the pilot, produced by Hartswood Films for BBC Wales , began in January 2009, directed by Coky Giedroyc, and took place in London and in the Welsh cities of Cardiff , Swansea and Merthyr Tydfil . In Swansea, a bar has been converted into an Italian restaurant.

North Gower Street in London was used for the exterior shots of Holmes and Watson's apartment on Baker Street

In the television series, a residential building with a sandwich bar near Euston Station served as the backdrop for Holmes' apartment at 221B Baker Street , as the original Baker Street could not be used because of the traffic noise . The real Baker Street is much wider than the street in the movie. The unusual house number was retained.

The first and third episodes were directed by Paul McGuigan , while Euros Lyn directed the second episode. The shooting did not take place in the order in which it was broadcast.

In August 2011, external filming for the second season had to be suspended for a short time due to the unrest in London .

Filming for the third season began on March 18, 2013 and ended on September 1 of the same year. Some of the material had already been shot shortly after the final episode of the second season was completed, as changes to the appearance of the location were feared.

On January 9, 2014, Steven Moffat confirmed that a fourth season would go into production. A fifth season is also being planned.

On April 4, 2016, Hartswood Films announced that filming for season 4 had started in Cardiff. The first episode of season 4 is directed by Rachel Talalay . Filming was completed on August 5, 2016. The second episode was directed by Nick Hurran and the third by Benjamin Caron . The shooting took place in London and (in the third episode only) in Wales.

Episode list

season 1
( total )
( St. )
German title Original title First broadcast in UK German language first broadcast (D) Director script Odds
1 1 A case of pink A Study in Pink July 25, 2010 July 24, 2011 Paul McGuigan Steven Moffat 8.70 million 4.42 million
Military doctor John Watson returns from the war in Afghanistan with minor gunshot wounds. While looking for an affordable apartment in London, he meets Sherlock Holmes, who is looking for a roommate. Police Inspector Lestrade is investigating the deaths of four people who are believed to have all committed suicide using poison pills. Sherlock, an unofficial advisor to the police, finds evidence of a serial murder at the scene. John Watson - whom Sherlock calls in as a medic instead of the police forensic experts whom he hated - gets to know Sherlock better. Watson begins to trust him - although policewoman Sally Donovan warns him that he is a psychopath who will one day commit crimes himself. A man who describes himself as "Sherlock's archenemy," who is Sherlock's brother Mycroft, kidnaps John and offers him money to spy on Sherlock, but John refuses. After a series of incidents, it turns out that the perpetrator forced his victims into a kind of Russian roulette : the victim had to choose between a deadly and a harmless pill and take it; the perpetrator then took the other. John succeeds in shooting the perpetrator who, shortly before his death, accuses a certain "Moriarty" of being the mastermind.
2 2 The blind banker The blind banker Aug 1, 2010 July 31, 2011 Euros Lyn Stephen Thompson 7.74 million 3.90 million
Sherlock is assigned to investigate a mysterious break-in at a bank. He is sprayed on a wall Office ciphers for an employee of the bank, which he then found dead in his apartment. The next day a journalist is killed; the same kind of ciphers are also found near it. Through some clues, Sherlock and John discover that the dead were couriers of a Chinese smuggling ring trying to retrieve a valuable antique hairpin that one of the dead had stolen. Sherlock finally decrypts the cipher, based on Suzhou digits and a book encryption , but only after John and his girlfriend have been kidnapped by the criminals. Sherlock saves the two; however, the leader of the gang escapes. In the final scene she can be seen in the video chat with her superior named "M" before she is hit by a sniper .
3 3 The big game The great game Aug 8, 2010 Aug 7, 2011 Paul McGuigan Mark Gatiss 8.66 million 3.05 million
Someone is playing a murderous game with Sherlock: On the basis of a vague hint, he is supposed to solve a case within a time limit, otherwise an uninvolved person will be killed. Sherlock and John solve four such cases; in one case, however, bystanders are killed. Apparently, Moriarty is the mastermind. Sherlock is also solving the murder case of government official West, who had access to data from a missile defense project, and securing the data. He tries to use the data as bait to set a trap, but Moriarty takes Watson hostage by tying an explosive belt around him, and when Sherlock arrives at an abandoned swimming pool, Moriarty threatens both of them with several snipers. Moriarty seems to disappear, whereupon Sherlock Watson takes off the explosives belt and pushes it away. But Moriarty returns to kill Sherlock and John after all. The episode ends with a cliffhanger : While Moriarty's snipers aim at the two again, Sherlock points his gun at the explosives belt between him and Moriarty.
season 2
( total )
( St. )
German title Original title First broadcast in UK German language first broadcast (D) Director script Odds
4th 1 A scandal in Belgravia A scandal in Belgravia Jan. 1, 2012 17th May 2012 Paul McGuigan Steven Moffat 10.66 million 2.76 million
Sherlock unintentionally becomes a media darling through his many solved cases. He puts on a cap that happens to be lying around to protect himself from the thunderstorm of flashes from the photographers. It's the famous plaid deerstalker hat that becomes the trademark of Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock and John are entrusted with a delicate case: According to government information, the dominatrix Irene Adler seems to have spicy photos of a member of the royal family . This “ femme fatale ” turns out to be a tough nut to crack for Holmes, with top-secret information.
5 2 The Baskerville dogs The Hounds of Baskerville Jan. 8, 2012 May 27, 2012 Paul McGuigan Mark Gatiss 10.27 million 2.61 million
Sherlock and John take on a 20 year old case. It is alleged that a dog-like beast is wreaking havoc near a secret military base that Sherlock has entered. There he comes across a poison gas that triggers hallucinations .
6th 3 The Reichenbach Falls The Reichenbach Fall Jan 15, 2012 May 28, 2012 Toby Haynes Stephen Thompson 9.78 million 2.95 million
Moriarty carries out a spectacular break-in: with his cell phone, he unlocks all the doors in a prison, the vault of a bank and triggers the fire alarms in the museum where the crown jewels are kept. In a sensational process, he is nevertheless acquitted.

More and more overwhelming evidence against Sherlock as the perpetrator is systematically discovered. Sherlock's reputation is shattered, and even his friends doubt him. He meets Moriarty on the roof of St Bartholomew's Hospital . Moriarty explains to him how he destroyed Sherlock's reputation. He also explains to Sherlock that at this moment hired assassins target the people who mean something to Sherlock. To save her, Sherlock has to throw himself down the roof. Before Sherlock can get the abort code out of Moriarty, Moriarty commits suicide in order to triumph. So Sherlock sees no other way out than to throw himself off the roof in front of the terrified John.

Mini episode
( total )
( St. )
German title Original title First broadcast in UK German language first broadcast (-) Director script Odds
    - Many Happy Returns
Christmas Mini Episode
Dec 24, 2013 - - Steven Moffat & Mark Gatiss - -
Many Happy Returns is a seven minute short episode.

While Sherlock Holmes is still officially believed to be dead, Anderson, a former Lestrade forensic agent, is convinced that Sherlock's death was a fake. He tries to convince Lestrade of his theories and connects mysterious cases around the world with Sherlock. The crime scenes are getting closer and closer to London, which Anderson believes is a sign that Sherlock is planning to come back. However, Lestrade does not understand his theories. Meanwhile, John Watson is watching an old, uncut, birthday video message from his friend that Lestrade brought him.

season 3
( total )
( St. )
German title Original title First broadcast in UK German language first broadcast (D / A) Director script Odds
7th 1 The empty coffin The Empty Hearse Jan. 1, 2014 May 29, 2014 Jeremy Lovering Mark Gatiss 12.72 million 3.27 million
Sherlock is brought back to London by his brother Mycroft to prevent a bomb attack. Although there are conspiracy theories that Sherlock should have survived, his friends still think he is dead. Sherlock has dug Moriarty's network for the past two years and is looking forward to a meeting with John Watson. However, John is deeply affected by the fact that Sherlock let him believe that he was dead for two years and turns away from Sherlock.

John's fiancée Mary Morstan tries to persuade him to make up with Sherlock. However, John is kidnapped by strangers on the street and buried in a pile of wood for a bonfire as part of Bonfire Night . Just in time, Sherlock and Mary, guided by an encrypted SMS, are able to rescue John from the already burning pile of wood.

Sherlock and John investigate together to prevent an "underground terrorist network" from attacking. It turns out that it is a terrorist network that wants to detonate a bomb on a subway line (English. Underground ) below the Parliament building in Westminster . Sherlock and John find the bomb and can put it down.

8th 2 In the sign of the three The Sign of Three Jan. 5, 2014 June 8, 2014 Colm McCarthy Stephen Thompson , Steven Moffat & Mark Gatiss 11.38 million 2.44 million
John Watson and Mary Morstan get married. In numerous flashbacks, as part of Sherlock's speech, who appears as John's best man, various anecdotes and unsolved cases are described, including the attempted murder of a Grenadier Guard who asks Sherlock for help because he feels he is being followed by a photographer. Sherlock and John look for him, but they cannot prevent the attack and find the soldier unconscious and seriously injured in a closed shower. How the attempted murder was carried out remains unclear for the time being.

Sherlock describes another unsolved case in which a woman turns to him because she believes she had a rendezvous with a ghost. Sherlock discovers that there have been numerous similar incidents with other women and concludes that the person sought is one and the same person who impersonates the deceased for one day at a time.

During his speech, the solution to the puzzle of the unsolved cases comes to Sherlock's mind, and he concludes that at the wedding, John's former supervisor, Major James Sholto, is about to be murdered. Sherlock realizes that the major was seriously injured with a stab through his belt unnoticed by the perpetrator and that the wound is kept closed by the belt until Sholto takes it off. The attack on the Grenadier Guard was supposed to serve as a kind of "exercise". However, thanks to the intervention of Sherlock, John, and Mary, the plan fails, and Sherlock is able to convict the wedding photographer as the perpetrator. He admits that he wanted to murder Sholto in revenge for his brother who died in the war. The brother died with many others under Sholto's command.

Eventually Sherlock reveals to Mary and John Watson that he concludes from his observations that Mary is pregnant.

9 3 His last vow His last vow Jan. 12, 2014 June 9, 2014 Nick Hurran Steven Moffat 11.38 million 2.49 million
After a hearing, Lady Alicia Smallwood wants to stop the media mogul Charles Augustus Magnussen, as he exerts a great influence on the British Prime Ministers . After he blackmailed her with letters containing intimate details from her husband's life, she turns to Sherlock.

During his investigation into Magnussen's office, Sherlock finds John's wife Mary when she is about to shoot Magnussen. However, Mary hits Sherlock in the chest to get him out of the way as a witness; but then realizes that she can no longer kill Magnussen, otherwise John - who accompanied Sherlock - would be arrested as the murderer of the two. Before Mary escapes, she calls the ambulance and thus saves Sherlock's life.

When Sherlock wakes up in the hospital, Mary demands of him not to reveal anything to John. During his research, Sherlock discovers that Mary Morstan was stillborn in the 1970s and John's wife stole her identity to end her previous life as an agent .

John and Mary celebrate Christmas with the Holmes family. Sherlock has everyone present, apart from John, anesthetized in order to pass his brother's laptop to Magnussen without being noticed . Sherlock has made an agreement with him that he can visit Magnussen's headquarters in Appledore , where he keeps all of his data. Once there, Sherlock and John find out that Magnussen keeps all the data in his memory palace and that there are no written versions. Eventually, Mycroft appears with a special unit to stop Sherlock from selling the laptop to Magnussen. In a careless moment, Sherlock steals John's pistol and shoots Magnussen in the head. Shortly before he is taken away, Sherlock asks John to tell Mary that she can now live in safety.

Mycroft fears that if Sherlock is jailed there could be a riot, it is decided to send Holmes to Eastern Europe on a mission of no return. At the airport he says goodbye to the Watson couple and gets on the plane. Shortly after taking off, Moriarty's image appears on all television screens in the country. Mycroft reverses the plane with his brother on board.

Special episode
( total )
( St. )
German title Original title First broadcast in UK German language first broadcast (D / A) Director script Odds
10   The bride of horror The Abominable Bride Jan. 1, 2016 March 28, 2016 Douglas Mackinnon Steven Moffat & Mark Gatiss 8.41 million 3.01 million
The Horror Bride is a single episode that falls between seasons 3 and 4, but does not belong to either of the two.

In 1895, the unhappily married Emelia Ricoletti shot herself on her wedding day. A day later, however, she appears to her husband and kills him before escaping a constable in the fog. The press is delighted with the supernatural murder by a resurrected woman who is found to be dead in the morgue shortly afterwards .

The case remains unsolved until Sherlock takes him on. For the viewer, for the first 60 minutes or so of the episode, it seems as if the action took place in an alternative timeline - until it turns out that everything happens in Sherlock's memory palace. The detective tries to find out if you can survive being shot in the head. In order to clarify this question with regard to Moriarty, he mentally takes on the precedent of Emelia Ricoletti. Under the influence of drugs he slides deeper and deeper into his palace of thought and can no longer distinguish reality from daydream .

Finally, he can solve the Ricoletti case and comes to the conclusion that the unhappy wife had initially only faked her death with the help of friends and a fake corpse. The next day she shot her husband and then killed herself, whereupon her corpse was exchanged for the wrong person by those who knew it. In this way a phantom was created to fear violent husbands. The whole thing was planned by a radical group of the suffragette movement to which Ricoletti belonged. Since the woman was already terminally ill, she sacrificed herself for the group.

Season 4
( total )
( St. )
German title Original title First broadcast in UK German language first broadcast (D / A) Director script Odds
11 1 The six Thatchers The Six Thatchers Jan. 1, 2017 4th June 2017 Rachel Talalay Mark Gatiss 11.33 million 3.13 million
A video message casts Sherlock into doubt about Moriarty's death: Did his rival pre-record it - or actually mysteriously survive? Sherlock is waiting for the late Moriarty's next move. Meanwhile, a mysterious death concerns Scotland Yard in particular - but Sherlock solves it quickly and is more interested in a seemingly trivial detail. Why is someone destroying busts of the late Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher? Is it the act of a madman? Or is something much darker afoot, something that has its roots deep in Mary Watson's past?

Only shortly before the end does Sherlock find out who is really a danger to Mary.

12 2 The lying detective The Lying Detective Jan. 8, 2017 5th June 2017 Nick Hurran Steven Moffat 9.53 million 2.97 million
Sherlock faces the coldest enemy of his long career, the powerful and apparently unassailable Culverton Smith, a man with a very dark secret. Alienated from his best friend John Watson, Sherlock appears to have ended up in hell. Under the influence of drugs, he can no longer distinguish between reality and imagination. Not surprising that the investigator, unnoticed by him, becomes part of a production. The game is determined not only by his mysterious client and the wily Smith, but also by Mary, who turns to him with a message recorded before her death. His life is also in danger when Culverton Smith tries to suffocate him. John can save him at the last moment. When normality has returned and John goes to his new therapist, she turns out to be Eurus Holmes, the sister of Sherlock and Mycroft. She draws a gun and shoots John.
13 3 The last problem The final problem Jan 15, 2017 June 11, 2017 Ben Caron Steven Moffat & Mark Gatiss 9.06 million 2.56 million
Sherlock and John learn from Mycroft that there is another Holmes sister named Eurus , whose intelligence is far superior to that of her brothers, but who is prone to psychopathy and has therefore been held in the maximum security prison on Sherrinford Island since she was a child when she was her parents set on fire. There she identifies dangers for the government and solves crimes. Fearing that she might be free, Mycroft visits 221B Baker Street as a client, where the three narrowly escaped a drone attack. Since Sherlock wants to get to know his sister, they break into the maximum security prison, where it turns out that Eurus, with the help of her hypnotic skills, has control of the prison administration. The prison visit becomes a trap in which Sherlock is challenged to play by Eurus: A number of problems have to be solved in order to ultimately prevent an airplane accident. In doing so, Eurus questions all established moral concepts. The game brings her to the Holmes family home, where Sherlock solves the riddles from their childhood together that traumatized him, which also clears up the story of the fake plane crash: The entire action was a cry for help addressed to Sherlock because Eurus had an understanding brother needs by her side. Eurus comes back to Sherrinford, but is now regularly visited by Sherlock. Watson and Holmes move back to the restored apartment on Baker Street.

Assignment of the television episodes to the literary templates

Sherlock episodes and their primary templates 
TV episode Novel / short story
episode title year title year
season 1
1 A case of Pink
A Study in Pink
2010 A Study in Scarlet.
A Study in Scarlet
2 The Blind Banker
The Blind Banker
2010 The
Dancing Men The Adventure of the Dancing Men
3 The Great Game
The Great Game
2010 The Bruce Partington Plans
The Bruce Partington Plans
season 2
4th A Scandal in Belgravia
A Scandal in Belgravia
2012 A Scandal in Bohemia
A Scandal in Bohemia
5 The dogs of Baskerville
The Hounds of Baskerville
2012 Hound of the Baskervilles
The Hound of the Baskervilles
6th The Reichenbachfall
The Reichenbach Fall
2012 The Final Problem.
The Final Problem
season 3
7th The empty coffin
The Empty Hearse
2014 The empty house
The Adventure of the empty House
8th Under the Sign of the Three
The Sign of Three
2014 The Sign of Four
The Sign of the Four
9 His last oath,
His Last Vow
2014 His farewell performance,
His Last Bow
Special episode
10 The bride of horror
The Abominable Bride
2016 The five orange pits
The Five Orange Pips
Season 4
11 The Six Thatchers
The Six Thatchers
2017 The Six Napoleons
The Six Napoleons
12 The detective lügende
The Lying Detective
2017 The detective on the deathbed
The Dying Detective
13 The Final Problem.
The Final Problem
2017 The Final Problem.
The Final Problem
  1. only similarities in the title, plot is fictitious
  2. only similarities in the original title;
       Elements of other stories included in plot

Most of the episodes are loosely based on stories by Doyle, and some make references in the title to the original Sherlock Holmes novels and short stories. In the table on the right, the TV episodes are assigned to the stories, whereby if there are several underlying stories, the one from which the main storyline was taken or whose name was obviously the inspiration is always mentioned.

The entry into season one, A Case of Pink, is loosely based on the first Sherlock Holmes novel, A Study in Scarlet, in which Watson recounts how he met Holmes and shared an apartment with him. The second episode adopts the basic theme of the encrypted characters from the short story The dancing men. The secret organization is similar to that from The Valley of Fear and the murders, where the murderer could only get to the victim through a window, are based on the novel The Sign of the Four . The third episode, The Big Game, is largely rewritten, but contains allusions to various adventures by Sherlock Holmes.

The first episode of the second season, A Scandal in Belgravia, is a modernized version of Doyle's third Sherlock Holmes story, A Scandal in Bohemia. The second episode, The Dogs of Baskerville, is based on the novel of almost the same name from 1902. In the third episode, The Reichenbachfall, Holmes stages his death as in The Last Problem , the title being an allusion to the Reichenbachfall , the place at which in the literary model Holmes and Moriarty supposedly fall to their death.

The beginning of the third season, The Empty Coffin, follows the alleged death of Holmes , as in the original The Empty House, and explains how he survived. The title of the second episode, In the Sign of the Three, is based on the original Holmes story In the Sign of the Four , but the plot is essentially fictitious. The third episode, His Last Oath, contains elements from the stories Charles Augustus Milverton and The Man with the Disfigured Lip . The original title of the episode, His Last Vow, is similar to the English title of the story His Last Bow.

The tenth episode of the series, The Abominable Bride, is based on a quote from the story The Musgrave Ritual , in which Holmes mentions "Ricoletti with the clubfoot and his hideous wife". The episode also contains elements from the short story The Five Orange Pits.

The first episode of the fourth season combines motifs from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's “The Six Napoleons” and the mystical story “Encounter in Samarra” about the inescapability of fate. In the second of the three new "Sherlocks", the makers very freely resort to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Dying Sherlock Holmes": In it, the hero fakes fatal poisoning in order to elicit a confession from a murderer.

Cast and dubbing

The German synchronization was for a synchronous book by Michael Schlimgen and the dialogue director of Susanna Bonaséwicz by the synchronous company TaunusFilm GmbH synchronous in Berlin .

Recurring characters
role consequences actor Voice actor
Sherlock Holmes 1-13 Benedict Cumberbatch Tommy Morgenstern
Dr. John Watson 1-13 Martin Freeman Sebastian Schulz
Mrs. Hudson 1-13 Una Stubbs Sonja German
Molly Hooper 1-4, 6-13 Louise Brealey Julia Kaufmann
Detective Inspector Greg Lestrade 1, 3-13 Rupert Graves Frank Röth
Mycroft Holmes 1, 3-13 Mark Gatiss Thomas Nero Wolff
Philip Anderson 1, 6-7, 9-10 Jonathan Aris Peter Flechtner
Sergeant Sally Donovan 1, 3, 6, 8 Vinette Robinson Sabine Arnhold
Anthea 1, 4, 7 Lisa McAllister Natascha Geisler
Ella 1, 6, 11 Tanya Moodie Arianne Borbach (episode 1)
Anke Reitzenstein (from episode 5)
Mike Stamford 1, 10 David Nellist Gerrit Schmidt-Foss
Sarah Sawyer 2-3 Zoe Telford Nana Spier
Detective Inspector Dimmock 2, 11 Paul Checker Florian Clyde
Jim Moriarty 3-7, 9-10, 13th Andrew Scott Marius Clarén
Irene Adler 4, 8 Lara powder Vera Teltz
Mary Morstan 7-13 Amanda Abbington Anna Carlsson
Mr. Holmes 7, 9, 13 Timothy Carlton Axel Lutter
Mrs. Holmes 7, 9, 13 Wanda Ventham Isabella Grothe
Charles Magnussen 7, 9 Lars Mikkelsen Oliver Siebeck
Janine Hawkins 8-10 Yasmine Akram Nadine Zaddam
Lady Elizabeth Smallwood 9, 11-12 Lindsay Duncan Katharina Lopinski
Sir Edwin 9, 11, 13 Simon Kunz Jörg Pintsch (episode 9)
Stefan Staudinger (from episode 11)
Bill Wiggins 9, 12 Tom Brooke Asad Black
Eurus Holmes 11-13 Sian Brooke Katrin Zimmermann
Guest roles
role episode actor Voice actor
Jeff Hope 1 Philip Davis Detlef Giess
Soo Lin Yao 2 Gemma Chan Yeeman Li
Henry Knight 5 Russell Tovey Leonhard Mahlich
Dr. Robert Frankland 5 Clive Mantle Bodo Wolf
Kitty Riley 6th Katherine Parkinson Anna Grisebach
Howard Shilcott 7th David Fynn Nico Sablik
Major James Sholto 8th Alistair Petrie Frank-Otto Schenk
Bainbridge 8th Alfred Enoch Tim Knauer
Jonathan Small 8th Jalaal Hartley Sebastian Fuchs
Emelia Ricoletti 10 Natasha O'Keeffe Susanna Bonaséwicz
Lady Carmichael 10 Catherine McCormback Sabine Falkenberg
Sir Eustace Carmichael 10 Tim McInnerny Axel Lutter
Ajay 11 Sacha Dhawan Matti Klemm
Vivian Norbury 11 Marcia Warren Kornelia buoy
Charlie Welsborough 11 Rob Callender Filipe Pirl
Emma Welsborough 11 Amanda Root Karin David
David Welsborough 11 Charles Edwards Viktor Neumann
Detective Inspector Hopkins 11 Eleanor Matsuura Victoria Storm
Culverton Smith 12 Toby Jones Stefan Krause
Faith Smith 12 Gina Bramhill Giuliana Jakobeit
Eurus as a child 13 Indica Watson Xara Eich
Girl on the plane 13 Honor Kneafsey Yamuna Kemmerling
Prison director 13 Art Malik Eberhard Haar


The BBC initially produced three 90-minute episodes of the television series, which aired between July 25 and August 8, 2010. The success of the first season, which followed more than nine million viewers in the UK , led the producers to make three more episodes based on the original stories Scandal in Bohemia , The Dog of Baskerville and The Last Problem . The BBC showed these three episodes weekly from January 1st to 15th, 2012.

Following the broadcast of Der Reichenbachfall , Moffat announced that the BBC had already ordered a third when ordering the second season. Speculation that this season would be broadcast in the same year was contradicted by the production and the start of filming was announced for 2013. The third season aired in January 2014.

In Germany , Das Erste showed the first season from July 24, 2011 to August 7, 2011 on Sunday evenings. The broadcast of the second season began on May 17, 2012 in the first and was continued on May 27 and 28, 2012. The three episodes of the third season were broadcast on May 29th and June 8th and 9th 2014. In Austria , ORF Eins broadcast the first season on Sunday evenings from April 29, 2012 to May 13, 2012. The second season continued on the following Sunday, May 20, 2012, and aired until June 3, 2012. The third season was shown simultaneously with the broadcast of the first.

The first season of the television series was sold in 180 countries by BBC Worldwide .

At Christmas 2013, the BBC put a mini-episode online - as a prequel for the third season. The BBC began airing the third season on January 1, 2014. Based on the title of the first episode, The Empty Hearse ( The empty coffin ) , drove a hearse with the announcement of the premiere date through London. In the US , the third season was shown from January 19, 2014 by the PBS group ; in Norway from January 3, in Denmark from January 5 and in Sweden from February 1, 2014.

A 90-minute special episode with the English title The Abominable Bride , some of which - like the classic Sherlock Holmes stories - takes place in the 19th century, was broadcast simultaneously on January 1, 2016 by BBC One in the UK and PBS in the USA . In Germany, the special episode entitled The Bride of Horror was shown in the first on March 28, 2016.

Season 4 first aired between January 1 and January 15, 2017 on BBC One and PBS . The German-language first broadcast was originally planned for the spring of 2017 in the first, but it was confirmed on April 25th that the 4th season will only be broadcast in June, starting with Pentecost Sunday.

DVD and Blu-ray publishing

The first season was released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc in the UK on August 30, 2010 . In addition to the three episodes, the publication contains the unaired 60-minute pilot film, a 32-minute documentary entitled Unlocking Sherlock , a making-of and audio commentary on the episodes A Study In Pink and The Great Game . The second season was released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc in the UK on January 23, 2012.

In Germany, the first season was released on August 8, 2011 on DVD and Blu-ray Disc. The bonus material on the German DVD and Blu-ray Disc is identical to the English bonus material. The second season was released on May 29, 2012 on DVD and Blu-ray Disc in Germany. The third season was released on June 10, 2014 on DVD and Blu-ray Disc. In addition, a "Special Edition" of the 3rd season was released, which contains around 220 minutes of bonus material, including the seven-minute short film Many Happy Returns . The special episode The Bride of Horror was released in Germany on March 29, 2016 on DVD and Blu-ray. On June 12, 2017, the 4th season of Polyband was released on DVD and Blu-Ray. In addition to the standard version, a limited steelbook version and other retailer-specific editions came onto the market.



Christian Junklewitz from rates Sherlock as compulsory: “Elaborate figures freed from the ballast of the props that have meanwhile congealed into clichés [...], a clever game with the audience's expectations, grandiose dialogues (which even in the German translation lack sharpness and Losing puns) and - in terms of the interplay of camera, editing and music - a thrilling staging make 'Sherlock' an absolute must-see TV. "

At Spiegel Online, Hannah Pilarczyk emphasizes the advantages of the British television series over the crime scene : “Suspense? Or character drawing of the investigators? What usually gets in the way of 'crime scenes' comes together here to form compact stories. It is precisely from the constant jumping between levels and locations that 'Sherlock' gains its speed and creates a narrative pull from the start. "

Dominik Drozdowski praises the successful transfer to the modern age at Focus Online : "The two authors masterfully manage to combine the old and the new without relegating the detective to the present day becoming an obsession."

Daniel Haas answers the question in the FAZ whether you still want to watch a Victorian Holmes these days : “Yes, if he is a postmodern dandy with all the waters of digital know-how and a bon mot talent in the format of Oscar Wilde blessed, then already. [He] is the radical update of the master detective. ”He also likes the speed of the complex plot:“ No time for long discussions or reading, the viewer has to practice multitasking like the hero. ”

In the world , Iris Alanyali compares this Sherlock Holmes with his literary model, whereby “this Sherlock actually lags behind his Victorian predecessor, because while every patrol officer nowadays has an iPhone, the powders and devices with which the original Holmes were his cases solved the latest craze in the investigative industry at the time ”. Rather, his character and approach are fascinating: “This ignorance is the key to Sherlock's success. It makes him a television icon of the early 21st century, to be lined up with Jack Bauer from 24 and Dr. House . Super brains with the arrogance of ignorance. Admired and envied by the common audience. [...] Sherlock & Co. have no relationships, they have good-natured sidekicks (Dr. Watson or Dr. Wilson) who have to act as a kind of simultaneous interpreter for the environment, because the masters don't care about conventions and manners. "

Katharina Riehl describes Sherlock in the SZ as an integral part of pop culture that has finally arrived in the modern age, “staged [...] in an aesthetic that is reminiscent of Minority Report and other Tom Cruise blockbusters. […] Above all, the authors Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, who already wrote the TV series Doctor Who for the BBC , have also modernized the narrative structure. ”In the program between the crime repetitions of the public broadcasters “ it's almost lucid. ”

The second season also received positive reviews from Christian Junklewitz. The first episode surpassed the expectations placed on it, which Lara Pulver also played a special role in with her portrayal of Irene Adler . The second episode, the new edition about the "Hounds of Baskerville", offers excellent entertainment, but does not come close to the "crime festival of the previous week". “The Reichenbach Fall” at the end of the season shows “perfect entertainment at a level that leaves pretty much everything behind that can be seen on television or in the cinema”. Overall, according to Junklewitz, the second season is “nothing less and nothing more than a testament to the breathtakingly high level of British series production,” “which not only makes most German, but even some US productions look like awkward amateur work”.

Francesco Tornabene describes the episodes of the second season for Funkhaus Europa as "visually sophisticated and staged stories" which, due to the fast pace and the intelligent narrative structure, definitely challenge the viewer. In particular, he describes the last episode, The Reichenbach Falls , as particularly worth seeing.

Also, The Empty Hearse receives as first episode of season three positive reviews: Axel Schmitt of states: "The long wait was worth it." He saw in the first episode already the intention of the authors' more humor, more quirkiness, more eccentric. "After the third season was fully broadcast, Schmitt continues to write that the season shows a" breathless narrative pace that accommodates several unexpected twists and turns in just one episode. " But Schmitt also writes: “This is all“ event television ”in its purest form, it is a concession by the series creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss to the huge hype that they triggered with The Reichenbach Fall two years ago. Even His Last Vow is TV entertainment, even in its purest and best form when the episode - is likely to meet Sherlock purists on the head - like the entire season. In order to satisfy these keenest observers, a more substantial focus would have been required. "

Awards (selection)

  • 2011: 7 nominations, 3 awards for season 1
    • Best Drama Series - Won
    • Best Supporting Actor - Martin Freeman - won
    • Best Editing - Fiction / Entertainment - Charlie Philipps (for A Fall of Pink ) - won
    • Best Actor - Benedict Cumberbatch - nominated
  • 2012: 7 nominations, 4 awards for season 2
    • Best Actor - Benedict Cumberbatch - nominated
    • Best Supporting Actor - Andrew Scott - won
    • Best Supporting Actor - Martin Freeman - nominated
    • Best Sound - Fiction (for A Scandal In Belgravia ) - won
    • Best Writer - Steven Moffat (for A Scandal in Belgravia ) - won
    • Best Editing Fiction Charlie Phillips (for A Scandal In Belgravia ) - Won
    • Audience Award - nominated
BAFTA Cymru Award
  • 2011: 5 awards
    • Best TV Drama - Won
    • Best Director - Fiction - Euros Lyn - won
    • Best DoP Fiction - Steve Lawes - won
    • Best Set Design - Arwel Wyn Jones - won
    • Best Mask ( Make Up & Hair ) - Claire Pritchard-Jones - won
BAFTA Craft Award
  • Best Editing - Fiction - Charlie Phillips - Won
Arqiva Award - Edinburgh International Television Festival
Prix ​​Europe
  • 2011: Best Episode of a Fictional Television Series or Miniseries (for A Fall of Pink ) - Won
Golden Globe
  • 2013: Best Performance by an Actor in a Miniseries or TV Movie - Benedict Cumberbatch - nominated
  • 2011: 4 nominations for the episode A Fall of Pink (Season 1):
    • Outstanding script - mini series / feature film / series special - nominated
    • Outstanding editing of a one-camera production - mini-series / feature film - nominated
    • Outstanding special effects - mini series / feature film / series special - nominated
    • Outstanding film music composition - mini series / feature film / series special - nominated
  • 2012: 13 nominations for A Scandal In Belgravia (Season 2), including
    • Best miniseries
    • Outstanding Lead Actor - Miniseries / Feature Film
    • Outstanding Supporting Actor - Miniseries / Feature Film
  • 2014: 11 nominations, 7 awards for His Last Oath (Season 3):
    • Outstanding Lead Actor - Miniseries / Feature Film - Benedict Cumberbatch - Won
    • Outstanding Supporting Actor - Miniseries / Feature Film - Martin Freeman - won
    • Outstanding Screenplay - Miniseries / Feature Film / Series Special - Steven Moffat - won
    • Outstanding film music composition - mini series / feature film / series special - David Arnold and Michael Price - won
    • Outstanding editing of a one-camera production - miniseries / feature film - Yan Miles - won
    • Outstanding sound editing - mini series / feature film / series special - won
  • 2016: Outstanding TV film (for special episode The Bride of Horror ) - won
YouTube Audience Award
  • 2011: nominated
British Fantasy Award
  • 2011: Best TV Production - Won


The soundtrack for the four seasons that have been released so far was composed by David Arnold and Michael Price .

In the United Kingdom, the soundtrack for the first season was released on January 30, 2012, in Germany on February 10, 2012.

Title list of the soundtrack of the first season
No. title Length
(in min.)
1 Opening titles 0:40
2 The Game Is On 3:40
3 Was 3:19
4th pink 3:47
5 Security cameras 3:02
6th Pursuit 1:49
7th Which Bottle? 2:11
8th Targets 2:26
9 Library Books 3:19
10 Number Systems 3:01
11 Light - Fingered 3:41
12 Elegy 3:13
13 Crates Of Books 3:03
14th Sandbag 4:42
15th On the move 2:43
16 Back to work 3:50
17th Woman on the slab 2:51
18th A man who can 3:13
19th Final Act 3:08
Overall length: 57:38

In the United Kingdom, the soundtrack for the second season was released on February 27, 2012, in Germany on March 2, 2012.

Title list of the soundtrack of the second season
No. title Length
(in min.)
1 Irene's theme 0:42
2 Potential clients 1:57
3 Status Symbols 2:33
4th The Woman 2:31
5 Dark Times 2:16
6th Smoke alarm 3:01
7th Sherlocked 3:44
8th Pursued by a hound 1:46
9 The Village 2:30
10 Double room 2:21
11 Deeper into Baskerville 2:44
12 To Dartmoor 3:11
13 The Lab 3:40
14th Mind Palace and Solution 2:05
15th Grimm Fairy Tales 3:12
16 Deduction and Deception 2:45
17th Prepared to do anything 4:18
18th Blood on the Pavement 2:07
19th One More Miracle 2:08
Overall length: 49:31

The soundtrack for the third season was released for download on January 27, 2014.

Title list of the soundtrack of the third season
No. title Length
(in min: s)
1 How It Was Done 2:44
2 God Rest His Soul 1:44
3 Floating dust 3:29
4th #Sherlocklives 2:49
5 Back to work 2:57
6th Vanishing underground 2:29
7th John is Quite a Guy 4:06
8th Lazarus 3:36
9 Lestrade - The Movie 3:07
10 To battle 4:02
11 Stag night 2:16
12 Mayfly Man 4:18
13 Major Sholto 2:59
14th Waltz for John and Mary 1:07
15th Magnussen 3:33
16 Forwards or backwards 4:42
17th Redbeard 2:11
18th The Lie in Leinster Gardens 3:15
19th Addicted to a certain lifestyle 3:50
20th The Problems of Your Future 5:33
21st Appledore 3:38
22nd The East Wind 4:01
23 Titles (45 Second Version) 0:50
Total length (h: min: s): 1:14:16

The soundtrack for the fourth season was released for download on January 27, 2017

Title list of the fourth season soundtrack
No. title Length
(in min.)
1 The Stranger 2:38
2 59 missed calls 1:53
3 Murder This Time 4:01
4th AGRA 4:44
5 Absolute trust 2:04
6th Running away 4:04
7th Cheating 3:31
8th Sharks 3:31
9 Never a field agent 2:19
10 Gunshot 3:57
11 Get your attention 1:33
12 Stopped lying down 3:36
13 Too heavy 2:24
14th Window deduction 2:20
15th Anyone 3:49
16 Favorite room 3:13
17th You look different 4:23
18th No charges 2:31
19th Who I Want To Be 2:42
20th In The Tower 2:50
21st She Was Different 3:49
22nd Doing a good thing 2:16
23 3 suspects 2:11
24 Pick up 5:15
25th Brother mine 2:22
26th Bones 3:03
27 The Hall 3:19
28 I had no one 2:15
29 Open your eyes 3:47
30th Always The Grown Up 1:14
31 Who You Really Are 2:35
Overall length: 1:34:25

In addition to the series soundtrack, four pieces by other artists are used in the second season: Staying Alive by the Bee Gees , the overture to Rossini's La gazza ladra , Sinner Man by Nina Simone and the Sonata I in G minor, BWV 1001 by Bach .

The third season uses the pieces Donde Estas Yolanda by Pink Martini and December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night) by The Four Seasons .

In the last episode of the fourth season, the songs The Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden and I Want to Break Free by Queen are used.


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Web links

Commons : Sherlock (TV series)  - Collection of images, videos and audio files

In addition, there were four fictional blogs by the protagonists as part of the viral marketing , which are now offline or will not be continued:

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