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Television series
German title Doctor Who
Original title Doctor Who
Doctor Who logo 1963-1967path.svg
Country of production United Kingdom
original language English
Year (s) Classic series: 1963–1989
TV film: 1996
New series: since 2005
British Broadcasting Corporation
length 1963–1984, 1986–1989: 25 minutes,
1985, 2005–2017: 45 minutes,
since 2018: 50 minutes,
specials: 50–90 minutes
Episodes Total of 861 in 38 seasons
Classic series:
26 seasons, 695 episodes,
6 episodes later released on video,
4 specials
TV film: 1 episode
New series:
12 seasons, 165+ episodes,
17 specials
( list )
genre Science fiction , drama , fantasy
Theme music Ron Grainer , Delia Derbyshire
idea Sydney Newman ,
Donald Wilson, Cecil Edwin Webber, Anthony Coburn, David Whitaker, Verity Lambert
music Classic series: i.a.
Tristram Cary (1963–1972) ,
Dudley Simpson (1964–1980) ,
Malcolm Clarke (1972–1986) ,
Paddy Kingsland (1980–1984) ,
Peter Howell (1980–1985) ,
Roger Limb (1981–1985) ,
Dominic Glynn (1986–1989) ,
Keff McCulloch (1987–1989)
TV film: inter alia.
John Debney (1996)
New series:
Murray Gold (2005-2017) ,
Segun Akinola (since 2018)
First broadcast November 23, 1963 on BBC One
first broadcast
November 22, 1989 on RTL plus

The doctor

( Performers in earlier doctoral incarnations )

( Former companions )


Doctor Who (after the eponymous question [. English]? "Doctor Who") is a British science fiction - television series by the since 1963, the BBC produced. Doctor Who is about a mysterious time traveler known only as " The Doctor ". He travels with his companions in the time-space machine TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) , whichis disguisedas an old police emergency call cell , and is involved in various adventures. The series was broadcast continuously from 1963 to 1989; In 1996 there was a television movie; since 2005 the series has been continued in a new edition with new technical possibilities. The first doctor (1963–1966) was played by William Hartnell , followed by Patrick Troughton , Jon Pertwee , Tom Baker , Peter Davison , Colin Baker , Sylvester McCoy , Paul McGann , Christopher Eccleston , David Tennant , Matt Smith , John Hurt and Peter Capaldi . Currently (since 2017) Jodie Whittaker playsthe thirteenth doctor, who represents the first female incarnation of the character.

Doctor Who has an entry in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest running and most successful science fiction television series to date . The series is an important part of British pop culture , is considered a cult television series above all in Great Britain (and increasingly in the rest of Europe, North and South America as well as Oceania and parts of East Asia) and has influenced generations of British television producers, writers and actors, who grew up with Doctor Who . Fans of the series and the fictional universe ( Whoniverse ) based on it are known as Whovians . The series has received awards from both critics and viewers, including the BAFTA Award for Best Drama Series in 2006, and has won the National Television Award for Drama five times since 2005 . From 2014 to 2017 she won the German Curt Siodmak Prize for Best Science Fiction Series four times in a row .


Main character "The Doctor"

Jodie Whittaker , current 13th doctorate since December 2017 (2018)

The Doctor is the central protagonist in Doctor Who . Since the term is used less as an academic degree than as a proper name, the spelling Der Doctor is sometimes used in German in this context.


From the beginning there are many secrets surrounding the doctor. One rarely learns personal things about him. He owns a time-space machine called the TARDIS , which is much larger on the inside and looks like an old-fashioned English police emergency booth. TARDIS stands for " T ime A nd R elative D DIMENSION (s) I n S pace", thereby clear that these machines both in the time can also travel in space - throughout the series the Doctor even traveled to parallel universes. In the German synchronization TARDIS sometimes (for example in TV movie 1996 ) for Backronym for " T rips a ue r elativer D imensionen i m S tern tent". Every TARDIS has a cloaking device, but the doctor's does not work because the “chameleon circuit” of his TARDIS is defective.

The Doctor himself belongs to a species whose time travelers call themselves Timelords and come from the planet Gallifrey. In his eighth incarnation he once claimed that he was only half a Timelord and that he was descended from a human on his mother's side. Nevertheless, he grew up on the home planet of the Timelords, Gallifrey.

The real name of the doctor is his greatest secret to this day. He always introduces himself as “The Doctor”, which is often followed by the question that gives the series its title: “Doctor who?” (English for “Doctor who?”). If he can't avoid appearing with a common name, he usually calls himself John Smith  - a name that is the combination of the (men's) first and last name most common in English.

Regarding the question of whether or in which subject area he even has a doctorate , there are various statements in the course of the series. He initially stated that he was not a doctor of medicine, but later claims to have studied with the well-known surgeons Joseph Lister and Joseph Bell , and finally specifies that he studied in Glasgow for a medical degree in the 19th century . It is also mentioned several times that he is a doctor of many things .

Like all Timelords, he has the ability to "regenerate" if he is mortally wounded. The process itself is usually extremely uncomfortable for the doctor and is often associated with temporary disturbances such as memory loss or confusion. In addition, its appearance and character change significantly. Depending on the regeneration, the doctor may, for example, have a more serious, dark or humorous impact. A change of sex is also possible.

A Timelord can regularly go through this process twelve times and thus have a total of thirteen incarnations. Since the eleventh doctor, contrary to the numbering, was already the thirteenth incarnation, the doctor's existence should actually have ended after him. However, he was granted a new cycle from a rift in the universe, which apparently represents a connection to the Timelords, which allows him another twelve regenerations.

The process of regeneration made it possible to keep the series fresh for over 50 years without any noticeable fundamental changes in the concept. These ever changing doctors were not planned from the start, but were introduced out of necessity, since the first doctor William Hartnell had to struggle with health problems.

Companions of the doctor

In order not to be too lonely, the doctor usually travels with selected companions. The first companion was his 15-year-old granddaughter Susan Foreman. Later there are different people who mostly meet the doctor by chance, go through an adventure with him and then join his travels. Over the years these have mainly been people from Earth, but also the robot dog K-9 or travelers from distant planets.

Current companion

Bradley Walsh , starring in Graham O'Brien (2012)

Graham O'Brien ( Bradley Walsh ) first appears in episode 11.01, where he meets the newly regenerated thirteenth doctor. He was a bus driver in Sheffield (retired from cancer), where he lives with his wife Grace and their grandson Ryan Sinclair. His relationship with Ryan is strained because the latter does not want to accept him as his grandfather, which is quite a burden for Graham. After his wife is killed in the fight against the alien manhunter Tim Shaw, he joins the doctor on their travels with Ryan and his old school friend Yasmin Khan.

Ryan Sinclair ( Tosin Cole ) first appears in episode 11:01. Ryan lives in Sheffield with his grandmother Grace and her husband Graham O'Brien. He suffers from dyspraxia , which means that he still has problems with cycling even at a later age. When Graham tries to teach him this, he discovers an alien pod in the forest, which leads him, his grandparents and his old school friend Yasmin Khan into contact with the newly regenerated thirteenth doctor and an alien manhunter named Tim Shaw. After his grandmother dies fighting Shaw, he, Graham and Yasmin join the doctor's travels.

Mandip Gill , actress of Yasmin Khan (2018)

Yasmin "Yaz" Khan ( Mandip Gill ) had her first appearance in episode 11.01. She works for the Sheffield Police Department and meets her old school friend Ryan Sinclair after a long time on duty when he discovers an alien pod. This belongs to an alien human hunter named Tim Shaw. Through this event she meets the newly regenerated Thirteenth Doctor, whose travels she joins after Ryan's grandmother Grace is killed in the fight against Shaw. On a trip she meets her grandmother as a young woman the day before her wedding.

Other important peoples, groups and individuals

For other important races, groups and individuals from Doctor Who see: Races, Groups and Individuals in the Doctor Who Universe .

History of origin

Initial release

The first episode of Doctor Who entitled An Unearthly Child ( " The child of the stars ") was broadcast on Saturday, 23 November 1963. It was part of a four-part story. After the fatal assassination attempt on John F. Kennedy in the USA the day before dominated the media, the episode was repeated on Saturday, November 30th at the instigation of producer Verity Lambert and intervention with her boss "Drama" of the BBC Sydney Newman . The BBC traced the story of the ideas and genesis of these first episodes in 2013 in the documentary An Adventure in Space and Time in television or feature film format as a Dr. Who Special.

In the course of the next few years until 1989 a total of 700 episodes of the series were broadcast in 26 seasons. A particularly formative screenwriter of the series from 1968 to 1974 was Terrance Dicks , who was called Uncle Terrance by fans of the series. Since March 2005, new seasons have been broadcast on the BBC that build on the events of the classic series. So far, the new series has more than 155 episodes in twelve seasons (plus various specials).

Between 1989 and 2005 countless books, radio plays, some special programs and in 1996 a television film were made. With new episodes running since 2005, this series holds the record for being the longest running science fiction series in the world. The theme music for the series was written by Ron Grainer . Murray Gold was in charge of the series from 2005 to 2017 and wrote several adaptations of the classic theme song during this time. The best-known screenwriter of the new episodes is Russell T Davies , he successfully brought the series back in 2005 and was the showrunner until 2010, when Steven Moffat , who won the Hugo-winning The Empty Child / The Doctor in the Davies era , took over Dances , Girl in the Fireplace and Blink wrote some of the best scripts in 2008. After the 2017 Christmas Special, Chris Chibnall ( Broadchurch , Torchwood ) took the helm as the third showrunner in the new series. Segun Akinola is the new composer of the series.

Most of the series episodes are available on VHS, DVD and Blu-Ray in the UK, but some of the old episodes of the classic series are only available as audio tracks on CD.

Doctor Who in Germany

The ZDF had examined a purchase of Doctor Who in 1968 . However, after viewing "The Ice Warriors" (5.11-5.16), the broadcaster's series commission unanimously decided not to make a recommendation to acquire a license. In addition to decor and costumes, the books in the series were also criticized.

Before the first television broadcast by a German broadcaster, there were various episodes of Doctor Who as a children's book by Franz Schneider Verlag , published from around 1970. From this time on, Doctor Who was broadcast in Germany by the British military broadcaster BFBS and was thus in parts of northern and western Germany and to be received in Berlin at least in English.

Doctor Who was broadcast on German television for the first time on November 22, 1989. RTL plus began broadcasting with the then newest, seventh doctor. When only two weeks later the series after the last episode of Survival on December 6, 1989 in England was (for the time being) discontinued and only material from three seasons was available for broadcasting, this meant the very quick series death for Doctor Who in Germany . At later times, RTL broadcast repeats several times, sometimes only in the Saturday night hours, and then passed the rights on to the broadcaster VOX , which then acquired and synchronized the 6th in addition to the 7th doctor. Additional parts, for example, have been shown in German language The Five Doctors ( The Five Doctors ) . The television film from 1996 is available in German as VHS video and DVD.

On January 26, 2008, the new episodes of the ninth and tenth doctor began to be broadcast on ProSieben . Up until February 9, the first six episodes of the first season (or the 27th season if counting consistently) were broadcast in a shortened version every Saturday in the early afternoon and then withdrawn from the program early due to low audience ratings. From April 13, 2008, the series continued on a new slot on late Sunday afternoon. On August 31, the station broadcast the last episode of the second season. Both seasons were published in parallel on DVD and were available via the ProSiebenSat.1 Media subsidiary Maxdome and Amazon Instant Video via video-on-demand .

From December 21, 2011, new episodes ran, beginning with the fifth season and the eleventh Doctor, on the pay-TV channel FOX . After the fifth and sixth season, FOX began airing the seventh season in the winter of 2012; In addition, the rights to the previously skipped seasons 3 and 4 had been secured and these were broadcast from September 12, 2012.

TimeLash has been held since autumn 2015 , an annual convention for the series that takes place in Kassel .

Doctor Who returned to German screens in 2016 : The public broadcaster Einsfestival took seasons five to nine into its program from the end of February. Then, from April 2017, the first season with the ninth doctor began to be broadcast on the channel, which has now been renamed One , followed by seasons 2 to 4 (tenth doctor).

Other seasons of the new edition will also be shown on ONE on Tuesdays . The 10th season with Peter Capaldi as the 12th doctor was first broadcast on ONE from September 2018. The 11th season with Jodie Whittaker as the 13th doctor has been shown on ONE for the first time in Germany since September 2019. The episodes broadcast on ONE will be repeated on the internet channel of funk , there also in the original English language version.

Since August 2017, further episodes of the classic era of the series have appeared for the first time in a German-dubbed version on DVD.

Technical details

  • From 1963 to 1969 the program was recorded and broadcast in black and white. In the first three years, the programs were even recorded using the 405-line method , which was then common in England; it was not until 1967 that the higher-resolution 625-line method was used. With the appearance of the third doctor in 1970, Doctor Who then became colored. The new 2005 series is the first to be broadcast in 16: 9 format, although the recordings are not in HDTV format. From the 31st season (5th season since the restart), Doctor Who will also be available in HD. With the 37th season (11th season since the restart), the series switched to the 2: 1 format (also called 18: 9 or Univisium ).
  • A very characteristic feature of the classic series up to the mid-1980s was the production method: outdoor recordings were made on 16 mm film, while studio scenes were recorded directly on video tape. As a result, a simple change of scene often means a major leap in quality in terms of image resolution , lighting , image frequency and color space . Since the last season of the sixth doctor (season 23), the outdoor recordings are also made on video.
  • Due to the high cost of video tapes and video editing in the early 1960s, the episodes of the first doctor were produced almost like a live broadcast: entire scenes were recorded as a take and broadcast practically uncut. As a result, you can spot a number of slip-ups and production errors in the early episodes.
  • During the entire duration of the original series (1963-1989), the show suffered from the problem of budget constraints . She never reached the high technical standards that American series such as Star Trek presented - a fate she shared with the German production Raumpatrouille (spaceship Orion). For this reason, the show was often ridiculed by non- fans ; they made fun of wobbling cardboard backdrops and rubber monsters. Followers of the show, on the other hand, praised the high-quality dialogues and creative stories. The new episodes broadcast from 2005 onwards are technically up-to-date, and for the first time the special effects also have a clearly visible high quality in the sense of a photo-realistic reproduction.
  • In contrast to most other science fiction programs such as Star Trek , the vast majority of the classic Doctor Who episodes consist of sequels. These are multi-parts with typically four to six episodes of 25 minutes each, in individual cases even up to 14 episodes. The 725 episodes of the classic series result in a total of 159 complete stories. The new episodes broadcast from 2005, on the other hand, are mostly self-contained stories of 45 minutes each; But there are also two-part films and two three-part films, the finale of season 29 (3rd season since the restart) and in the 36th season (10th season since the restart) episodes 6 to 8.

There are currently over 40 self-contained storylines on DVD. All have appeared with a multitude of extras and digitally revised images and sound. Further episodes appear at regular intervals.

Lost episodes

97 episodes from the first six seasons of Doctor Who can no longer be found today, 79 of them from seasons 3 to 5. Until the 1970s, it was customary to keep tapes only for a few years; then they were reused and dubbed. The first Dalek episode, for example, escaped destruction in 1978 by accident, which was supposed to be carried out as part of a routine BBC action. However, there were recordings of all tapes on 16 mm film, which was used as an international exchange format. These had to be passed on after broadcast, returned to the BBC or destroyed. In the 1970s, many of these films were destroyed and some were archived. A few more episodes or parts of episodes were found after a worldwide search e.g. B. found in Hong Kong; Nevertheless, many films are still missing , including for the most part the episodes from the Patrick Troughton era (some William Hartnell episodes are also considered lost, but not as many as Troughton's).

Furthermore, a number of episodes from the beginning of the Jon Pertwee era have only survived in black and white. For some of these episodes it was possible to reconstruct the color with the help of private recordings. Some of the episodes contain color information in the form of “ chroma dots ” on the black-and-white films , which can be seen as characteristic disturbances in the black-and-white image. A process was developed that allows the color to be recovered from this information. The 3rd episode of Planet of the Daleks (episode 347; 10.17) was restored using a combination of this method and classic coloring . However, there are audio recordings of all the "lost" episodes that have been released by the BBC on CD, DVD and MC. There are also multimedia CDs or DVDs that contain hundreds of still existing still images , so that it was possible to reconstruct all the episodes (unofficially) by means of additional scrolling text , short sections of existing film material and animations.

In 2006, the Doctor Who story line The Invasion (episodes 221-228; 6.11 to 6.18) was released on DVD, in which 2 (episode 221; 6.11, episode 224; 6.14) of the 8 parts are no longer available. These were from the BBC using Flash - animations restored. In December 2011 two more episodes found their way back to the BBC: the third part of the episode Galaxy 4 and the second part of the episode The Underwater Menace . In October 2013, eleven episodes from the fifth season were rediscovered on a television station in the Nigerian city ​​of Jos : the full six-part film The Enemy of the World and five of the six episodes of The Web of Fear . Nine of the eleven episodes were considered lost by then. According to Philip Morris, the finder, all episodes of The Web of Fear have been found. However, shortly before his departure, the third episode disappeared. He thinks it was stolen by private collectors.

In 2019, a remake of the episode Mission to the Unkown was released on the series' official YouTube channel . This was filmed by the University of Central Lancashire . Nicholas Briggs, the voice of the Daleks in the new series, also acted here in this role.


The series had different logos over the years, one of which is shown in this gallery:


Episode list

German publications

In the cinema

  • Dr. Who and the Daleks (1965)
  • Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 AD (1966)
  • The Day of the Doctor (Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special) (2013)
  • Deep Breath (2014)
  • Dark Water / Death in Heaven (2015)
  • The Husbands of River Song (2016)
  • Twice Upon A Time (2017)

The first two films essentially depict stories that have already been shown on television, only with greater effort and shot in color. Peter Cushing starred in the films , and the Doctor introduces himself as Doctor Who . In the film, he appears to be a human scientist who invented his time machine himself.

In The Day of the Doctor ( The day the doctor ) is about the great war between the Daleks and the Time Lords. It was shown in 3D in over 70 countries on November 23, 2013.

On August 23, 2014, the first episode of the eighth season Deep Breath was broadcast simultaneously in selected cinemas worldwide. It is the first episode with the twelfth doctor, played by Peter Capaldi .

On September 15 and 16, 2015, the two-part finale of the eighth season was shown in selected cinemas worldwide before the start of the ninth season. The episodes Dark Water and Death in Heaven were shown in a 3D version, which later appeared on Blu-ray 3D. The original was shown in the cinema, with or without translated subtitles depending on the country. The theatrical performance was not shown in Great Britain and German-speaking countries.

On January 28, 2016, the 2015 Christmas Special with River Song was shown in selected cinemas.

To herald the end of the Capaldi era as the 12th doctor, the Christmas special 2017 Twice Upon A Time was broadcast in German cinemas on December 25, 2017.

Cast and dubbing

The series had been dubbed in Munich since the early 1980s; only the television film from 1996 was edited in Hamburg. The dubbing for seasons 21 to 26 took place at HW Film, and the episodes were dubbed by Hendrik Wiethase , who had also written the dialogue book . These two activities were carried out by Kai Taschner when synchronizing series 1 and 2 and carried out at Scalamedia. After switching to Fox Germany on pay TV, the decision was made to synchronize the new seasons with the Cologne-based dubbing studio Splendid Synchron . Luise Charlotte Brings has been responsible for the dialogue book and dialogue direction since season 3 , with Christian Schneider also covering these activities in seasons 3 to 7 and Klaus Terhoeven writing the dialogue book for some episodes of the seventh season.
The synchronization of new episodes from the classic era of the series is currently being done by Metz-Neun Synchron Studio- und Verlags GmbH in Offenbach, with Manuel Karakas writing the dialogue book and also being responsible for the dialogue direction.

role actor Voice actor Appearance
The doctors
Previous incarnations
The doctor / Ruth Jo Martin Katharina Spiering In the frenzy of time & the timeless children (38.05 & 38.10 or 12.05 & 12.10 of the new series)
Regular chronological incarnations
The (1st) doctor William Hartnell Michael Schwarzmaier Season 1, The Five Doctors , The Name of the Doctor (33.13 and 7.13 of the new series),
The Day of the Doctor
Richard Hurndall The five doctors
David Bradley Fred Maire The doctor falls (36.12 or 10.12 of the new series) & fallen out of time
The (2nd) doctor Patrick Troughton Michael Schwarzmaier Seasons 5, 6, The Five Doctors , Androids in Seville (22.07-22.09) & The Day of the Doctor
The (3rd) doctor Jon Pertwee The Five Doctors & The Doctor's Day
The (4th) doctor Tom Baker Seasons 12, 18, The Five Doctors & The Doctor's Day
The (5th) doctor Peter Davison Seasons 19-21 & Doctor's Day
The (6th) doctor Colin Baker Seasons 21 to 23 & The Day of the Doctor
The (7th) doctor Sylvester McCoy Seasons 24-26 & Doctor's Day
Harald Pages Doctor Who - The Movie
The (8th) doctor Paul McGann Kai Henrik Möller Doctor Who - The Movie
Michael Schwarzmaier Doctor's Day
The (time war) doctor John Hurt Fred Maire The name of the doctor (33.13 or 7.13 of the new series) & The day of the doctor
The (9th) doctor Christopher Eccleston Frank Röth Season 27 (Season 1 of the new series) & Doctor's Day
The (10th) doctor David Tennant Philipp Brammer Seasons 28-30 (Seasons 2-4 of the new series) & Doctor's Day
Peter Flechtner In Search of Infinity & Dreamland: Area 51 Invasion
The (11th) doctor Matt Smith Tobias Nath Seasons 31 to 33 (Seasons 5 to 7 of the new series)
The (12th) doctor Peter Capaldi Bernd Vollbrecht Seasons 34 to 36 (Seasons 8 to 10 of the new series) & Doctor's Day
The (13th) doctor Jodie Whittaker Melanie Hinze from season 37 (from season 11 of the new series)
Companion of the doctor
Susan Foreman Carole Ann Ford Demet Fey season 1
Marion Hartmann The five doctors
Ian Chesterton William Russel Marcus Off season 1
Barbara Wright Jacqueline Hill Gundi Eberhard season 1
Steven Taylor Peter Purves Season 2–3
Dodo chaplet Jackie Lane
Polly Anneke Wills Cathlen Gawlich Fallen out of time
Lily Travers
Ben Michael Craze Moritz Lehmann Fallen out of time
Jared Garfield
Jamie McCrimmon Frazer Hines David Schulze Cybermen's Tomb (5.01–5.04), War Games (6.35–6.44)
Gerhard Acktun The five doctors
Erhard Hartmann Androids in Seville (22.07-22.09)
Victoria Waterfield Deborah Watling Jodie Blank The Cybermen's Tomb (5.01–5.04)
Zoe Heriot Wendy Padbury Josephine Schmidt War Games (6.35–6.44)
Frauke Raiser The five doctors
Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart Nicholas Courtney Klaus Kindler The five doctors
Alexander Allerson Excalibur's Legacy (26.01-26.04)
Sarah Jane Smith Elisabeth Sladen Milena Karas Season 12
Uschi Wolff The five doctors
Dagmar Dempe Class reunions (March 28 and 2.03 of the new series),
The Stolen Earth / The End of the Journey (12/30–30.13 or 12/4–4.13 of the new series)
Harry Sullivan Ian Marter Markus Haase Season 12
K-9 John Leeson Hendrik Wiethase The five doctors
Kai Taschner Class reunion (28.03 or 2.03 of the new series)
Romana Lalla Ward Fabienne Hesse Season 18
Adric Matthew Waterhouse Louis Friedemann Thiele Seasons 18 and 19
Luca Kron The Androzani Caves (21.20)
Nyssa Sarah Sutton Katrin Laksberg Season 19 to 21
Tegan Jovanka Janet Fielding Carolin Sophie Göbel Season 19 to 21
Alexandra Ludwig The five doctors
Turlough Mark Strickson Erhard Hartmann The five doctors
Gilles Karolyi Season 21
Perpugilliam "Peri" Brown Nicola Bryant Maria Boehme Season 21 to 23
Melanie "Mel" Bush Bonnie Langford Michaela Amler Season 23
Linda Joy Season 24
Ace Sophie Aldred Carin C. Tietze Season 24 to 26
Dr. Grace Holloway Daphne Ashbrook Ela Nitzsche Doctor Who - The Movie
Rose Tyler Billie Piper Maren Rainer Seasons 27, 28 & 30 (Seasons 1, 2 & 4 of the new series)
Captain Jack Harkness John Barrowman Philipp Moog Seasons 27, 29, 30 & 38 (Seasons 1, 3, 4 & 12 of the new series)
Mickey Smith Noel Clarke Johannes Raspe Seasons 27, 28 & 30 (Seasons 1, 2 & 4 of the new series)
Donna Noble Catherine Tate Elisabeth Günther Doomsday (season 28 or 2 of the new series)
Kordula Leiße Seasons 29 & 30 (Seasons 3 & 4 of the new series)
Martha Jones Freema Agyeman Jana Kilka Seasons 29 & 30 (Seasons 3 & 4 of the new series)
River Song / Melody Pond Alex Kingston Peggy Sander Seasons 30 to 33 & 35 (Seasons 4 to 7 & 9 of the new series)
Amy Pond Karen Gillan Julia digit Seasons 31 to 33 (Seasons 5 to 7 of the new series)
Rory Williams Arthur Darvill Rainer Fritzsche Seasons 31 to 33 (Seasons 5 to 7 of the new series)
Clara Oswin Oswald Jenna Louise Coleman Ilona Brokowski Season 33 (Season 7 of the new series)
Luisa Wietzorek Seasons 34 & 35 (Seasons 8 & 9 of the new series) & fallen out of time
Nardole Matt Lucas Oliver Kalkofe Seasons 35 & 36 (Seasons 9 & 10 of the new series)
Bill Potts Pearl Mackie Anja Stadlober Season 36 (Season 10 of the new series)
Graham O'Brien Bradley Walsh Erich Rauker from season 37 (from season 11 of the new series)
Yasmin Khan Mandip Gill Kaya Marie Möller from season 37 (from season 11 of the new series)
Ryan Sinclair Tosin Cole Ricardo Richter from season 37 (from season 11 of the new series)
The master Roger Delgado Season 8 to 10
Peter Pratt Manuel Karakas Logopolis (18.28) (as flashback of The Deadly Assassin (14.09-14.12))
Geoffrey Beevers Peter Lehn The Guardian of Traken (18.21–18.24)
Anthony Ainley Richard van Weyden Season 18 to 21
Reinhard Glemnitz The Five Doctors , The Master's Revenge (May 22-22, 2006),
The Judgment (January 23, 2014)
Klaus Kindler Death on quiet feet (26.12-26.14)
Eric Roberts Wolfgang Jürgen Doctor Who - The Movie
Derek Jacobi Hans-Gerd Kilbinger Utopia (29.11 or 3.11 of the new series)
John Simm Michael Deffert Seasons 29, 30 & 36 (Seasons 3, 4 & 10 of the new series)
Michelle Gomez Katharina Koschny Seasons 34 to 36 (Seasons 8 to 10 of the new series)
Sacha Dhawan Ozan Unal since season 38 (since season 12 of the new series)
The Rani Kate O'Mara Heidi Treutler The Master's Revenge (May 22-22)
Gudrun Vaupel Terror on Lakertia (24.01-24.04)
Rassilon Richard Mathews Manfred Erdmann The five doctors (special; after season 20)
Timothy Dalton Lutz Riedel The End of Time, Part 1 & 2 (Special; after Season 4 of the new series)
Donald Sumpter Hans-Gerd Kilbinger In Teufels Küche (9.12 of the new series)
Davros Michael Wisher Richard van Weyden Logopolis (18.28) (as a flashback of Genesis of the Daleks (12.11-12.16))
David Gooderson Destiny of the Daleks (January 17th - April 17th)
Terry Molloy Richard van Weyden The Resurrection of the Daleks (11/21 & 12/21)
Thomas Rau Planet of the Dead (22.12-22.13)
Werner Abrolat The hand of Omega (25.01-25.04)
Julian Bleach Ekkehardt Belle The stolen earth / the end of the journey (30.12–30.13 or 4.12–4.13 of the new series),
the sorcerer's apprentice / witchcraft (35.01–35.02 or 9.01–9.02 of the new series)
Daleks Peter Hawkins Peter Lehn The Daleks (1.05–1.11)
Isaak Dentler
David Graham Peter Lehn
Isaak Dentler
Roy Skelton Peter Musäus The five doctors
Hendrik Wiethase Planet of the Dead (22.12-22.13)
Willi Roebke The hand of Omega (25.01-25.04)
Brian Miller Heiko Grauel The Resurrection of the Daleks (21.11-21.12)
Isaak Dentler
Hendrik Wiethase The hand of Omega (25.01-25.04)
Royce Mills Heiko Grauel The Resurrection of the Daleks (21.11-21.12)
Isaak Dentler
Willi Roebke The hand of Omega (25.01-25.04)
Nicholas Briggs Michael Habeck Seasons 27 & 28 (Seasons 1 & 2 of the new series)
Gregor Höppner Seasons 29 to 35 (Seasons 3 to 9 of the new series) & fallen out of time
Raimund Krone Escape through the universe (36.01 and 10.01 of the new series) & deadly find
Dalek Leader / Supreme Dalek /
Dalek Imperator / Dalek Supreme
Peter Hawkins Dirk Hardegen The Daleks (1.05–1.11)
Brian Miller Peter Lehn The Resurrection of the Daleks (11/21 & 12/21)
Nicholas Briggs Manfred Erdmann Bad Wolf and Separate Ways (27.12-27.13 and 1.12-1.13 of the new series)
Andreas Meese The stolen earth & the end of the journey (30.12–30.13 or 4.12–4.13 of the new series)
Dalek's paradigms Josef Tratnik Seasons 31 to 33 (Seasons 5 to 7 of the new series)
Cyber ​​Leader / Cyber ​​Leader /
Kyber Leader
Michael Kilgarriff Manuel Karakas The Cybermen's Tomb (5.01–5.04)
Christopher Robbie Dirk Hardegen Revenge of the Cybermen (12.17-12.20)
David Banks Quake (19:19 to 19:22)
Hendrik Wiethase The five doctors
Thomas Albus Attack of the cybermen (22.01-22.02)
Ulf J. Söhmisch Legacy of Nemesis (08/25-25/10)
Roger Lloyd Pack Joachim Höppner The era of steel (28.06 and 2.06 of the new series)
Nicholas Briggs Tobias Brecklinghaus The other doctor (30.14 or 4.14 of the new series)
Robert Steudtner The Pandorica (31.12 and 5.12 of the new series)
Daniel Käser Demons Run (32.07 and 6.07 of the new series)
Cybermen / cybermen Peter Hawkins Manuel Karakas The Cybermen's Tomb (5.01–5.04)
Melville Jones Oliver Kalkofe Revenge of the Cybermen (12.17-12.20)
Mark Hardy Herbert Weicker The five doctors
William Kenton Christoph Lindert
Michael Kilgarriff Walter von Hauff Attack of the cybermen (22.01-22.02)
Nicholas Briggs Frank Engelhardt Seasons 27 & 28 (Seasons 1 & 2 of the new series)
Lars Schmidtke The other doctor (30.14 or 4.14 of the new series)
Robert Steudtner Time to go (12/32 and 12/6 of the new series)
Daniel Johannes Death in Heaven (34.12 and 8.12 of the new series)
Terileptil Leader Michael Melia Harald Effenberg The Visitation (19.14-19.16)
The Valeyard Michael Jayston Fred Maire The judgment (23.01-23.14)


Importance in pop culture

The series - and especially the Doctor  - has a long tradition in Great Britain and is an important part of popular culture there. A big evening show will be held at prime time to announce the next doctoral actor. As a comparison for the importance that Doctor Who has in the English-speaking world, one can use the popularity of the television crime series Tatort in this country .


The statements to be found here are better placed elsewhere in the article if they are adequately documented (see also the explanations in the film format , the recommendations for the structure of an article and the reluctance to use lists ).
  • Douglas Adams , author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy , wrote some scripts and templates. He reused some motifs as the basis for his novel The Electric Monk , the first volume in his Dirk Gently series. The third volume of his pickup series, Life, the Universe and Everything , based on a rejected by the BBC Doctor Who script names Dr. Who and the Krikkitmen .
  • In The Simpsons , there is a figure showing the doctor as he was played by Tom Baker (episode 7:09 Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming , he appears as "Estimated representative" of television on). Tom Baker was the doctorate for many Americans as his adventures were the first to air after being imported into the United States. In episode 10.10 the doctor hands out autographs at a science fiction fair.
  • In Family Guy in the episode Blue Harvest , which is a parody of the first Star Wars film , an excerpt from the Doctor Who intro from 1974 to 1979 can be seen with the fourth doctor as "hyperspace" as the protagonists enter hyperspace for the first time on their ship Millennium Falcon .
  • In the English humor series Dead Ringers , Jon Culshaw often used the figure of the fourth doctor. Sometimes he calls someone, sometimes he walks around shopping. Among other things, he calls his "predecessors" as the fourth doctor (Tom Baker) and also Tom Baker himself in the person of the doctor. This led to classic quotes like Tom Baker's surprised " NO, I am the Doctor!" Or New Year's Eve McCoy's "Tom, have you been in the pub?"
  • In the backdrops of the Rome series , a major fire in the Cinecittà studios caused considerable damage. As a result, the second foreign filming for a Doctor Who episode that should use the same scenery had to be postponed.
  • Doctor Who is now - like the radio play series The Archers, which has been running since 1950, or the Lindenstrasse role models Coronation Street and EastEnders - so much part of British cultural heritage that references to the series repeatedly appear in contemporary British literature that are often not understandable for German readers.
  • In the 1988 episode Remembrance of the Daleks, the Doctor travels to Earth in 1963 to prevent the Daleks from finding Omega's hand . In one take, Ace (the seventh doctor's companion) leaves a room in a house with a television on. The camera pans back to the television and a spokesman for the BBC announces the first episode of a new science fiction series: Doctor ...
  • In Eragon - The Wisdom of Fire by Christopher Paolini there is a comment about a "Lonely God". At the end of the book, Paolini admits that he meant the doctor and that he was also a fan. In Eragon - The Legacy of Power , the text “Vortices of light revolving in caves deep underground; Men who are getting younger; talking stones and creeping shadows; Rooms that were bigger from the inside than from the outside ”( Christopher Paolini : Eragon - The Legacy of Power ) made an allusion to seasons 2 to 4.
  • In the Star Trek universe, there are some references to Doctor Who .
    • In Star Trek: Enterprise 2.16 (The Future) , a time travel ship was bigger inside than outside.
    • In Star Trek: The Next Generation 1.26 (The Neutral Zone) , a family tree was shown on a display, the members of which bore the names of the first 6 doctoral actors.
  • In 2012, Assimilation² was a crossover between Star Trek and Doctor Who .
  • The NASA has a prototype named a new Mars probe to the robot dog K-9th
  • In the game Fallout 2 you can win a robot dog named K-9 as a companion. In the predecessor Fallout , it is also possible to come across the TARDIS as a rare chance encounter.
  • In Supernatural episode 2.12 (The Mandroid) you see - in a conversation between Sam, Dean and Ron - a cyberman briefly on the cover of a magazine, and Ron has a theory about "mandroids" who want to take over the world, and in episode 7.03 ("The nice girl next door") is Sam's old friend Amy Pond.
  • In South Park ep.10.13 (God is Dead Part 2) Eric Cartman has a robot dog named K-10 in allusion to K-9.
  • Also in South Park , episode 15.02 (Funnybot), a Dalek-like robot appears as a comedy star and also uses the exclamation “Exterminate!”.
  • In Eureka - The Secret City episode 3.04 (The Time Loop) Sheriff Jack Carter's sister, who is trapped in a temporal loop, found her "Doctor Who" in a conversation. The scene repeats itself several times through the time loop. In episode 4.07, when he hacks into the Ministry of Defense's computer, Zane asks Donovan whether the protagonists need anything else, like TARDIS blueprints. In episode 4.12, Zane Donovan asks Jo Lupo if her house, like the TARDIS, is bigger on the inside than it seems on the outside.
  • In The Big Bang Theory , the main character is Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper wakes up every Saturday morning at 6:15 a.m. to make himself a bowl of cereal with a quart of milk, sit in his seat, and then watch Doctor Who . In season 5, episode 14, Sheldon, Amy, Penny and Leonard sit in front of the TV and watch Doctor Who . When Amy says that the Doctor clearly seems to have a penchant for today's London while having a machine that could travel anywhere, Sheldon warns her that such statements could result in someone not attending this year's WhoCon ( Based on ComicCon). When Penny Leonard points out that even Doctor Who is not interesting enough to be able to define television as a "date", Sheldon withdraws her invitation to WhoCon immediately. In addition, the series or elements from it are often mentioned. Howard sings for his Bernadette about the fact that he would be without her like Doctor Who without his TARDIS. He was also the owner of a life-size replica of the TARDIS, which he later had to give to Amy.
  • In Better Off Ted , episode 2.05, the two scientists Lamb and Phil go to a laboratory where old robots are being decommissioned. There is a Dalek right next to the door.
  • In the episode Her Best Friend's Bottom of the BBC series Coupling (season 2, episode 3) Steve gives a talk to his friends about the need for pillows on sofas and explains that sofas also protect against Daleks. The Daleks have been omitted from the German translation. The term “behind the sofa” became a British pop culture phrase that describes the fearful response of hiding behind the sofa to protect yourself from terrifying parts of a television broadcast.
  • In Leverage ep.1.05, Hardison says that it took him half an hour to download the new episode of Doctor Who because of the poor internet connection . In episode 1.08, Nathan and Sophie have ID cards that are issued to Peter Davison, Sylvester McCoy, and Tom and "Sarah Jane" Baker.
  • In 1992, WMS Industries released a pinball machine with a Doctor Who theme . 7552 devices were sold.
  • In Re-Logic's Terraria is both a statue (a Weeping Angels English angel weeping supposed to represent), to find and the clothing of the eleventh Doctor.
  • A common e-mail client for the mobile operating system Android from Google named K-9 Mail and has a robot dog as a logo.
  • In Futurama episode 6.23 (Dead Presidents) you can see the doctor jumping off a bus into the Tardis.
  • Karen Gillan , who plays from the fifth season of the new series, the Amy Pond, made his first appearance in the second episode of the fourth season (4:02 The fire of Pompeii ) as a fortune teller (soothsayer) on. However, it is difficult to recognize due to the face paint and clothing of the priestesses. Peter Capaldi , who was introduced as the 12th doctor in 2013, also appeared in a major supporting role in the same episode, and played the marble dealer Ceacillius. This was explained in the 5th episode of the 9th season of the new series.
  • In the Community series , Troy and Abed's favorite series is Inspector Spacetime from season two . This inspector has all the character traits of the doctor, but does not travel with a Tardis, but with a red telephone box.
  • On the Life on Mars series , Sam Tyler (John Simm) claims he got pills from Doctor Who . In addition, Sam Tyler is named after the Companion Rose Tyler and Simm later embodied the doctor's archenemy, the Master.
  • The robot model "883" from the computer game Paradroid and the free successors Freedroid and Freedroid RPG looks like a Dalek . The description of the robot mentions that it causes fear in humans for unknown reasons.
  • At the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games in London, the sound of the TARDIS materializing could be heard during Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody .
  • In Criminal Minds episode 8.23 (Zugzwang) Garcia says after she has found new information about a suspect: "I've got something crazier than a time-traveling police emergency call cell [...]". In addition, Garcia places several Doctor Who action figures on Spencer's bedside table in the hospital in episode 9.24 (Endgame). Kate replied that Doctor Who always makes Spencer laugh.
  • For the 50th anniversary, Google published its own Doodle .
  • In the series Marvel's Agents of SHIELD episode 1.19, Agent Jemma Simmons answers the question “You are stranded on a deserted island and there is a package on the beach during a psychoanalysis test. What's in this package? ”- The Tardis
  • In the live concert of Pink Floyd, Earls Court London, on October 20, 1994, David Gilmour played the Doctor Who theme on his electric guitar in the piece One of these days from 2:20 am . This track can also be found on the Pink Floyd CD Meddle , Track 1. Here, too, the theme of Doctor Who is recognizable from around 2:30.
  • On Google Maps there is an EasterEgg in Earl's Court Street in London with Doctor Who's TARDIS (inside and outside)
  • In the series Arrow ep.3.18, Felicity Smoke tells her mother that Ray Palmer knows all the Doctor Who episodes and their actions.
  • In the action adventure Assassin's Creed Origins (2017) the player can discover a sunken Tardis made of stone in the Nile.
  • In the computer game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (2015) there is a cemetery with statues of angels. If the player turns his back on them, they change their position and follow the character, just like the "Weeping Angels" from the series.
  • In the song Why Are not Doing laser Cool Sh * t on the album Cry Yourself a River of The Axis of Awesome is heard in the last 5 seconds, the sound of the TARDIS.
  • The time machine from the science fiction comedy Bill & Ted's Crazy Journey through Time from 1989 is, like the TARDIS, a telephone booth.
  • In the computer animation film The LEGO Batman Movie (2017), the Daleks are among the worst villains in the Phantom Zone .


  • The Doctor Who Confidential series aired from 2005 to 2011 . The documentary series shows, among other things, what happens behind the scenes at Doctor Who . Doctor Who Confidential has been discontinued due to austerity measures by the BBC Three . The series consisted of 83 episodes and 13 specials.
  • From 2006 to 2007, Totally Doctor Who was shown on CBBC, a children's series that deals with making-ofs , interviews with the cast and competitions.
  • From 2008 to 2010 the radio documentary series Doctor Who: The Commentaries was broadcast on the radio station BBC Seven. In the documentary series, the cast and crew members discussed the series and the work behind the scenes.
  • Since 2014, the making-of series Doctor Who Extra can be viewed following the regular Doctor Who episode via BBC iPlayer. In this documentary series, Peter Capaldi is accompanied while shooting his first Doctor Who series.
  • Other documentary programs include: Whose Doctor Who (1977), Doctor Who: Thirty Years in the TARDIS (1993), Dalekmania (1995) and The Science of Doctor Who (2013).
  • In 2013, the BBC film An Adventure in Space and Time , which shows the genesis of the series, was released.


In addition to film and television, there are for example novels, short stories, comics, plays and radio plays. The novels are partly written by well-known authors such as Michael Moorcock , who wrote the volume The Coming of The Terraphiles in 2010 .

On stage, on the radio and as a radio play

There have been several theatrical productions, the best known of which was Doctor Who: The Ultimate Adventure . The main roles were played by TV doctors Colin Baker and Jon Pertwee, among others.

The British company Big Finish has the official license of the BBC to produce radio plays about Doctor Who up to and including the eighth Doctor. The over one hundred episodes published on CD to date are professionally produced radio plays with the original actors (especially Doctors 5 to 8 and their respective companions) in the style of the classic series. Some of the episodes were also broadcast on the BBC-7 digital radio station. It is controversial among fans whether these episodes are officially part of the Doctor Who series or not.

In addition to Big Finish, the BBC itself also produced a number of Doctor Who radio plays with the third doctor.

On November 19, 2006, a concert called Doctor Who: A Celebration was performed in Cardiff . The proceeds were intended to support the BBC charity Children in Need .

In London in 2008, 2010 and 2013 Doctor Who concerts were performed as part of the BBC Proms concert series and broadcast on BBC Two and BBC Three .

Offshoot of the series

  • K-9 and Company , broadcast in 1981 with Elisabeth Sladen in her role as companion Sarah Jane Smith and John Leeson as the voice of the dog robot " K-9 ".
  • The shipment Dimensions in Time was produced in 1993 for charity. The last 5 doctors and a number of their companions appear in two ten-minute episodes. The show was broadcast in pseudo-3D ( Pulfrich effect ) and was primarily a comedy show .
  • In 1999 an extra episode entitled Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death was broadcast. The doctor meets the Master and the Daleks again here , reveals in the course of the story that he wants to marry his female companion, but this plan then fails at the end of the special. In the course of the story, the Doctor has to regenerate four times, which in addition to the non-canon ninth Doctor Rowan Atkinson led to four other leading actors: Richard E. Grant , Jim Broadbent , Hugh Grant and Joanna Lumley ( with umbrella, charm and bowler hat ) . The production served the " Red Nose Day ".
  • Since 1999 the British radio play company Big Finish has been producing radio plays in which new stories are told with the doctors of the original and new series. The doctors and their companions are usually spoken of by the actors who have already embodied them in the television series. Seven of the Doctors currently have radio plays distributed by Big Finish (Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, David Tennant and John Hurt). Big Finish also produces offshoots of the television series, which also play in the Doctor Who universe. These include, for example, Torchwood , The Diary of River Song , Dalek Empire , Gallifrey , Jago & Litefoot or I, Davros .
  • In October 2006, Torchwood started a new offshoot series on BBC Three . The link between the two programs is the character of Captain Jack Harkness, played by John Barrowman . ("Torchwood" is an anagram from "Doctor Who".)
  • In January 2007, the pilot for The Sarah Jane Adventures ran , another attempt, this time successful, to bring a series around the former companion Sarah Jane Smith (played by Elisabeth Sladen ) on the market. While Torchwood is aimed more at an adult audience, The Sarah Jane Adventures is aimed at younger audiences.
  • In Australia, designed also for younger viewers series was K-9 on the robot dog K-9 produced. The pilot ran in late October 2009, the first season started in early April 2010. Except for K-9, the series had no direct connection to the doctor. Since K-9 was playing in the late 21st century, K-9 could continue to appear in The Sarah Jane Adventures ; he continued to be spoken by John Leeson. K-9 was produced by Network Ten and Jetix Europe. Co-creator was Bob Baker .
  • With Downtime (Sarah Jane Smith, Victoria Waterfield, Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, Kate Stewart, Professor Travers, Große Intellektiven, Yetis, UNIT) its continuation Dæmos Rising (Kate Stewart, UNIT, Daemons), as well as Wartime (John Benton, UNIT) , Mindgame (Sontarans, Draconians, humans), and Shakedown: Return of the Sontarans (Sontarans, Rutans) Reeltime Pictures released further films with Doctor Who characters and actors. In addition, the six-episode drama White Witch of Devils End was released in November 2017 . It's on The Daemons of Devil's End DVD . In White Witch of Devils End , Damaris Hayman re- stars as Miss Hawthorne from the Doctor Who TV episode The Dæmons .
  • Even Bill & Ben Video (short BBV) published videos with Doctor Who -Figuren, including zygon: When Being You Just Is not Enough (Zygonen), the Auton Trilogy (Nestene awareness Auton, UNIT) and PROBE (Liz Shaw) . In addition, several radio plays with Doctor Who figures and actors were released.
  • In 2016, the Doctor Who spin-off class was shown on BBC Three .

Music about the doctor

  • Doctorin 'the Tardis , the first number one hit in Great Britain by Bill Drummond & Jimmy Cauty ( The KLF ), published in 1988 under the name The Timelords , uses motifs from the theme song from Doctor Who . Doctorin 'the Tardis, in turn, is featured in Dean Gray's album American Edit in the 2nd track Dr. Who sampled on Holiday .
  • Bullamakanka : Doctor Who is gonna fix it , 1983.
  • The techno band Orbital released a remix of the title melody by Doctor Who in 2001 .
  • The British band Chameleon Circuit only plays songs about Doctor Who .
  • Adam Savage , one of the two main presenters of the Mythbusters series , danced in a Faraday cage at the Maker Faire 2011 at the end of his lecture while the title melody of Doctor Who was played with Tesla coils .
  • The German music project Rotersand brought out a single CD in 2005 with the title "Exterminate Annihilate Destroy", with which the Daleks are quoted and the series is presented.
  • The Swedish musician duo Dada Life released a remix of the theme song in 2009 under the name "The Timelords & KLF - Doctorin'The Tardis (Dada Life Guerilla Fart)"
  • Mitch Benn wrote and covered several Doctor Who-based songs, including "Call me during Doctor Who and I'll kill you".
  • As part of the Star One project in 2002, Arjen Lucassen released the song Set Your Controls on the album Space Metal , which is about the Doctor and his travels.
  • Voltaire released the Doctor Who-inspired song, It's Bigger on the Inside, on his ninth studio album, BiTrektual.
  • John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness), whose career is rooted in musical theater, rewrote his song "The Wizard and I" to "The Doctor and I" for his second concert tour (2009) with Wicked composer Stephen Schwartz , and she told the story Story was related to the relationship between the doctor and the captain. Due to popular demand, Barrowman later released a studio recording of his version as a bonus title for his sixth solo album, John Barrowman (2010).


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