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Television series
German title Supernatural
Original title Supernatural
Supernatural 2005 logo.svg
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) since 2005
length 42 minutes
Episodes 320+ in 15 seasons ( list )
genre Drama , mystery , horror
idea Eric Kripke
music Jay Gruska , Christopher Lennertz
First broadcast September 13, 2005 (USA) on The WB
first broadcast
October 23, 2006 on premiere
The leading actors Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki (2008)

Supernatural ( English for ' supernatural ', subtitle: To Hell With Evil ) is an American mystery series that is filmed in Vancouver , Canada . The series ran in the United States between 2005 and 2006 on the station The WB and since 2007, so since the second season, on its successor station The CW .

The series was originally designed for five seasons, which contain a self-contained plot. On March 22, 2019, Ackles , Padalecki and Collins announced the end of the series after 15 seasons. In August 2019, Ackles stated at a panel for the Television Critics Assoc that he was open to talks about a possible future Supernatural reunion. However, nothing is planned yet.

On March 29, 2018, The CW aired the episode "Scoobynatural", a crossover of Scooby-Doo and Supernatural, as part of its 13th season . This became possible because both series are produced by Warner Bros.


The series uses the mix of thematically independent "Monster-of-the-Week" episodes known from the X - Files and the pursuit of a common thread. The plot refers partly to well-known modern legends and myths of various religions .

The series focuses on brothers Dean and Sam Winchester, whose mother was killed by a demon when they were both very young. Their father John Winchester raises the two to hunters against everything supernatural in order to be able to take revenge on his wife's murderer. The brothers travel across the United States, hunting down all kinds of creatures and saving many lives. However, it does not stop there and they recognize their true place in the world and that not only demons , ghosts and werewolves , but also far more powerful things exist in the universe .

First season

Subtitles of the first season

Sam has renounced his old life as a hunter for a while and now lives a quiet life as a law student with his girlfriend Jessica. When Dean shows up one day and asks him for help in finding her father, who has been missing for a few weeks, he agrees to go out with his brother one more time. On Sam's return after a few days of fruitless search, he sees Jessica being killed by the same demon that has killed his mother, Mary Winchester. Seized by vengeance, Sam sets out with his brother to track down their father and with him to kill the yellow-eyed demon (demons usually have black or red eyes in the series) who killed Jessica and his mother.

Since Dean is afraid of flying, he also drives very long distances in his car, a 1967 Chevrolet Impala . Throughout the United States, they continue to hunt down and eliminate supernatural phenomena such as demons and ghosts. In defeating the evil, supernatural forces, your father's diary helps them, in which he has gathered a lot of information about their destruction. During the course of the first season, Sam discovers that he has a special ability. He can foresee the death of certain people who appear to be mysteriously connected to him.

After the brothers are finally reunited with their father, the three continue the fight against the supernatural together and finally track down the yellow-eyed demon. Like all demons, he can also take possession of almost everyone and is thus hardly recognizable. He can only be killed with a special revolver built by Samuel Colt , which Sam and Dean were able to bring into their possession beforehand.

When they have the chance to defeat the yellow-eyed demon once and for all, Sam doesn't have the heart to shoot him because the demon has taken possession of his father and Sam would kill him too. The demon manages to escape, leaving Dean and John seriously injured.

On the way to the hospital, their car is hit by a truck whose driver is possessed by a demon, and they remain unconscious and seriously injured in the car.

The names of the characters Harry Spangler and Ed Zeddmore from episode 1.17 ( Hell House / Spukhaus and later also in 3.13 Ghostfacers ) are an allusion to the two characters Dr. Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddemore from the 1984 film Ghostbusters .

Second season

Subtitles of the second season

After the serious car accident at the end of the first season, Sam, Dean and their father are taken to a hospital, where the doctors have little hope for Dean. His father therefore concludes a deal with the yellow-eyed demon he had long hunted out of revenge for his killed wife: He exchanges the Colt and his own life for the life of Dean. Sam and Dean then have to deal with the death of their father and go back on the hunt for evil to continue their father's work.

Sam discovers shortly thereafter that many other people his age also have supernatural abilities that are related to the yellow-eyed demon. He plans to set up an army of demons with the help of people with mental abilities. Some time later, Sam suddenly disappears and finds himself with other people with mental abilities in an abandoned village.

The yellow-eyed demon Azazel plays them off against each other and makes them kill each other, because he wants to give the last survivor an important task. When only Sam and Jake, an American soldier, are still alive, Dean appears. But he can no longer prevent Jake from stabbing Sam and then fleeing. Dean cannot accept the death of his brother and then makes a pact with a crossbreed demon that leaves Dean only one year of his life and takes Sam back for it. Jake is now on the instructions of the demon on the way to a cemetery, which is in the middle of a huge, built by Samuel Colt devil's trap, and there the Colt, which is also a key, in a gate to the underworld.

Jake is caught and shot by Sam and Dean. They get help from Bobby and Ellen, two hunters who are friends with the brothers. However, the gate to hell is already open and numerous demons are pouring out. In addition to the demons, the soul of John Winchester also manages to escape, with whose help Dean finally manages to shoot the yellow-eyed demon with Samuel Colt's weapon; the gate to hell will be closed again. The yellow-eyed demon is no longer alive, but his army is ready. Sam promises Dean to free him from the demon pact.

In episode 2.07 The Usual Suspects , Linda Blair , who became known from the film The Exorcist , plays a supporting role as a policewoman.

During ep.2.18 Hollywood Babylon , Sam and Dean take a tour of the film studios. Just before they get out, the tour rep can be heard mention that they are about to be passing the set of Gilmore Girls , and that if they were lucky they might even see a leading man. (Jared Padalecki starred in this series for a long time.)

Third season

Sam's endeavor is now only to free Dean from the demon pact. He is supported by the demon Ruby, who claims to be able to help him. Dean, however, has decided for himself to enjoy his last year on earth according to all the rules of the art. He is reluctant to fight his pact, as the demon had warned him that if he breaks the pact, Sam would be dead again. Meanwhile, the Army of Hell, which was released at the end of Season 2, has mingled with the humans. The seven deadly sins themselves walk freely and must be fought. The series is now focusing more and more on humor, charm and inner conflicts. Good and bad mix more and more into gray areas.

The season is approaching its emotional climax when Dean faces his demonic self in a comatose dream and admits that he is afraid of what is to come. But time is of the essence. In the meantime Bela - an extremely "charming" British thief - has stolen the Colt. So the brothers have no choice but to confront Lilith, the demon who keeps Dean's contract. But this is more cunning than anything the brothers have ever had to fight before, and knows how to play its game. When the hand jumps to 12 o'clock midnight, it is clear that it was all in vain. The hellhounds pounce on Dean and tear him apart right in front of his brother's eyes. Then Lilith turns to Sam, but her attempt to kill him fails and she takes flight.

In episode 3.05 bedtime stories , Sandra McCoy , Jared Padalecki's ex-fiancée, plays a crossroads demon.

The strike by the writers of the Writers Guild of America from November 2007 to February 2008 also had an impact on the third season of Supernatural: The broadcasting order for episodes 3.11 and 3.12 was switched. The episode Jus in Bello / Martial Law was originally intended as the 11th episode of the 3rd season, but was broadcast as the 12th episode. The creators of the series were of the opinion that this episode would be better suited as the preliminary season finale, as it was not clear at the time of broadcast whether there would be any more episodes in season 3.

After the writers' strike ended, the 3rd season had to be shortened by 6 episodes, giving it a season length of 16 instead of the usual 22 episodes.

Fourth season

Subtitles of the fourth season

Four months later, Dean wakes up in his own grave. His body is intact, only a handprint that looks like a brand adorns his shoulder. Castiel, an angel of God, freed Dean from hell. He demands that Dean use Sam to stop Lilith, who is trying to break the 66 seals. This is to trigger the apocalypse to free Lucifer, better known as the devil, from his cage in hell.

Dean tells Sam that in Hell, after being tortured for a long time, he accepted the offer of the demon Alastair and tortured souls himself. With this, Dean broke the first of the 66 seals, since if a righteous man sheds blood in Hell, legend has it that the first seal breaks, allowing demons to break more to set Lucifer free. Lilith breaks more and more seals and the Winchester brothers and the angels can only save a few from breaking. Uriel, one of the angels (Uriel is originally an archangel), turns out to be a traitor who wants to free Lucifer from hell and therefore kills angels from his occupation. It comes to a fight between him and Castiel, in which Uriel is finally killed.

In search of further traces of Lilith, Dean and Sam discover a book series called "Supernatural", which tells of their life as hunters. You can track down the author Chuck, who later turns out to be a prophet of God who is protected by the archangels. He predicts that Lilith will have a very special plan with Sam. She offers him to give up her plans and not break any more seals if Dean and Sam sacrifice their lives for it. Sam is willing to take that risk, but is stopped when Dean steps in with Chuck. An archangel appears to protect the prophet as Chuck is threatened by Lilith.

Later in the series, the brothers are called by a boy named Adam Milligan who claims to be John Winchester's son. Dean and Sam find out that the real Adam and his mother were killed by ghouls, and that they have taken their form and their thoughts. However, they manage to kill the two. Dean insists that dead Adam be burned like a hunter since he really was her brother after all.

Dean discovers that, at Ruby's urging, Sam drank demon blood to enhance his abilities. Therefore, Bobby and Dean lock Sam in a demon-proof cell in Bobby's house. There Sam has to struggle with the withdrawal of the demon's blood, which leads to hallucinations. Bobby doubts whether Sam will survive the withdrawal, but Dean would rather see him die human than let him become what he has hunted all his life. In order to free Sam from the burden of having to kill Lilith, Dean submits to the angels. However, Sam is released by Castiel a little later and flees. Sam meets up with Ruby again and drinks blood to strengthen himself. When Dean shows up a little later and tries to kill Ruby, the brothers fight and Sam knocks Dean down.

Dean is then in the so-called "Green Room", in which he is held by angels in order not to prevent Sam from killing Lilith and thus breaking the last seal. When he finally freed himself and tries to stop Sam, Ruby stops him. He manages to kill her, but it's already too late. Lilith is dead, and a beam of white light that shines from the ground indicates the resurrection of Lucifer.

The episode 4.05 monster film is based on old films that are mentioned in this episode, completely shot in black and white. In addition, a traditional Bavarian Oktoberfest occurs in the sequence.

In the credits of ep.4.15 Death is on vacation there are two photos of the recently deceased producer and director Kim Manners .

Fifth season

Sam and Dean watch Lucifer escape from Hell, but are saved by God's intervention.

The two brothers learn that the sword of the Archangel Michael is strong enough to defeat the devil. In search of this weapon they meet the angel Zachariah, who tells them that Dean is the "sword". To do this, Dean Michael only had to give permission to take possession of him. Dean doesn't want that because a fight between Lucifer and Michael would destroy half the world.

Sam and Dean meet one of the four apocalyptic horsemen, "War". The brothers defeat him by severing his finger with the ring that gives him his power. A little later they find out that Sam is Lucifer's real shell and that it is their fate, as the earthly mirror images of Lucifer and Michael, to take possession of their bodies so that they can end the war between heaven and hell on earth.

While Sam and Dean are repeatedly urged by the angels to finally consent, they are pursuing their own plans to stop Lucifer. With Chuck's help they track down the Colt that can kill demons and try to kill Lucifer with it. This plan fails, however, as the Colt cannot harm him. With Castiel's help, the brothers manage to flee from him.

Some time later Sam and Dean meet another apocalyptic rider, "Hunger", and defeat him.

The brothers convince the Archangel Gabriel to help them kill Lucifer and thus avert the Apocalypse. When the superior Lucifer manages to kill Gabriel, Sam and Dean realize that they cannot kill Lucifer. You can lock him back in his cage, however. But for this they need the four rings of the apocalyptic horsemen. Since they already have the rings of "war" and "hunger", they still need the rings of "plague" and "death".

They manage to defeat the rider "Pest" and thwart his plan to infect the whole world with the demonic Croatoan virus. Meanwhile, Bobby pawns his soul to the demon Crowley to find out the whereabouts of the rider "Death". The latter gives up his ring voluntarily because he does not want to be under Lucifer's control.

Eventually Sam and Dean meet Lucifer in Detroit. Although he knows about the four rings and their function, Sam gives him his "yes". He fails to bring Lucifer under control and throw him in the cage so that Lucifer controls Sam's body. Dean learns from Chuck the location of the upcoming fight between Lucifer and Michael, who now uses his half-brother Adam, who has been raised from the dead, as a shell. Michael is attacked by Castiel with sacred fire, whereupon Lucifer kills Castiel and Bobby and begins to beat up Dean. However, when Sam sees the Impala , he remembers shared moments with Dean and regains control of his body. He manages to open the cage again with the help of the four rings and rushes in with Michael, who tries to stop him. Castiel appears in a strengthened angelic form, apparently resurrected by God. He in turn awakens Bobby, heals Dean and returns to heaven. Dean returns, as he previously promised Sam, to his ex-girlfriend Lisa and their son Ben.

The final scene shows Sam standing in front of Lisa's house and watching Dean's "new family" through the window.

In episode 5.05, Sam and Dean hunt down a god who can turn into famous people but kills his fans. After the latter is able to capture the two brothers in the form of Paris Hilton , Dean explains that the god cannot kill him because he is not a fan of her, he has not even seen House of Wax , whereupon Sam looks a little surprised at Dean. Ironically, Sam actor Jared Padalecki was also cast for this film.

Sixth season

Subtitles of the sixth season

Note: Even if the series creator Eric Kripke originally laid out the series for five seasons, the increasing ratings in the fourth and fifth seasons prompted a continuation of Supernatural. From now on, Kripke says he only works as a co-producer.

Dean has been living a quiet, normal life with Lisa and Ben for a year now, when Sam suddenly shows up again. He confesses to Dean that he has been back for almost a year, but had preferred to leave Dean in the dark, otherwise he might have given up his quiet life again. Sam, who cannot remember his time in Hell, continues to hunt monsters, aided by a group of hunters who were related to his and Dean's mother. To Dean's surprise, Samuel Campbell, her late grandfather, also belongs to this group. It is initially unclear how and why Sam and Samuel were resurrected.

Although Dean tries to get on with his life with Lisa, Sam pulls him back into his old life, and the two are soon driving around the country together again fighting monsters, with Dean noticing that Sam has changed and become emotionally colder. The brothers find out that the demon Crowley has now risen to the king of Hell and is forcing Samuel to catch Alphas, the leaders and fathers of the respective monster species, for him, as he hopes to learn from them where purgatory is is found.

A lot has changed in heaven too: Since the archangel Raphael wants to start the apocalypse again and Castiel tries to prevent this, a civil war is taking place in heaven.

Sam's heartless and cold behavior is more and more noticeable until Dean finally asks Castiel for advice. He finds out that Sam has no soul because it is still in hell. With the help of the apocalyptic rider Death, however, they manage to bring them back. Death erects a protective wall in Sam that is supposed to protect him from memories of hell, but warns him that it is not indestructible.

Eve, the mother of all monsters, manages to escape from purgatory and she creates new types of monsters to keep Crowley from torturing her creations. Sam and Dean kill her, but first learn from her that Castiel is making common cause with Crowley because there is enough power in the souls in purgatory to win the civil war in heaven. To this end, he also resurrected Sam and Samuel. The brothers try to stop him from this plan and want to stop Crowley. This then kidnaps Ben and Lisa to use them as leverage. After the brothers have freed the two of them, Dean lets Castiel erase him from Lisa and Ben's memory, as he wants to stay away from them from now on in order to protect them.

Since Castiel still does not want to give up his plan to open purgatory, the brothers see themselves forced to kill him. To prevent this, he breaks the wall in Sam's head that should protect him from the memories of Hell.

When Crowley and Castiel have all the ingredients they need to open purgatory, Castiel betrays Crowley. He doesn't want to leave a single soul to him. Crowley then gets support from the Archangel Raphael, but it is already too late: Castiel has already absorbed the souls of purgatory. He kills Raphael with a snap of his finger, and the defeated Crowley flees. Dean now tries to get Castiel to bring the souls back, since he has achieved his goal of killing Raphael, but Castiel, overwhelmed by his newly acquired power, refuses. Meanwhile, Sam has managed to bring the troubling memories of Hell under control. He followed Dean, sneaks up to Castiel from behind and stabs him in the back with an angel blade (one of the few weapons that angels can kill). The gun can no longer harm Castiel, however, and he declares himself the new god in front of the shocked Sam and Dean.

Seventh season

Subtitles of the seventh season

Castiel, who has declared himself the new god, roams the country, works miracles and kills preachers and representatives of the faith who spread lies about God (from his point of view, about him). However, Castiel's human shell cannot withstand the enormous pressure of the souls in the long run, as he not only got them out of purgatory, but also very powerful creatures called Leviathans at the same time . These succeed more and more often in taking possession of his body and killing many innocent people in the process, until Castiel finally realizes his misconduct and with Dean and Bobby's help sends the souls back to purgatory. However, the Leviathans managed to remain in Castiel's body.

Meanwhile, Sam suffers from his memories of Hell and has hallucinations of the devil that make him doubt his sanity.

The Leviathans manage to escape from Castiel's body and they seem to kill him when his body goes down in a lake. Then they take possession of different people in the area. In this form they can hardly be stopped as they are a lot smarter, stronger and more resilient than the monsters Sam and Dean normally deal with. However, by chance, Bobby succeeds in finding out through a friend that leviathans are corroded by borax , a chemical found in cleaning products, and that while decapitating them does not permanently die, they can be effectively stopped.

During a confrontation with the leader of the Leviathans, who has taken possession of the influential businessman Dick Roman, Bobby is killed by him.

Sam's hallucinations are now becoming a serious problem as they keep him from sleeping. It goes so far that he eventually has to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital. In search of a faith healer who could help Sam, Dean is surprised to find Castiel, believed dead, who suffers from amnesia and no longer even knows that he is an angel. With Dean's help, however, he quickly gets his memories back and blames himself for his actions. Having a guilty conscience for being to blame for Sam's hallucinations, he takes on Sam's memory of Hell and the consequences of it, thereby healing Sam.

The brothers discover that after his death, Bobby did not move on and therefore became a ghost. For a while he supports her in the fight against Dick Roman and the other Leviathans, but as he continues to transform into a vengeful ghost, the brothers burn his last remains, forcing him to go into the afterlife.

Sam and Dean come into possession of a stone tablet, which is a kind of God-made "instruction manual" on how to finally kill the Leviathans. However, this can only be deciphered by the prophet Kevin Tran. The Leviathans succeed in capturing Kevin; but he manages to get the translation of the stone tablet to the Winchester beforehand. After they have managed to get hold of all the items they need to kill the Leviathans with the help of Crowley and Castiel, they set out to defeat Dick for good.

While Sam frees Kevin, Dean and Castiel actually manage to kill Dick despite multiple copies of his body and thwart his plan to turn all humans into defenseless zombies to make them easier to eat. Dick explodes - and Dean and Castiel disappear in the resulting pressure wave. Crowley shows up and kidnaps Kevin in front of the shocked Sam, who watched his brother disappear from a safe distance.

Dean wakes up in a kind of forest and looks around confused until Castiel informs him that the two are trapped in purgatory and will probably not come out alive. Shortly afterwards Castiel disappears and leaves Dean alone and apparently surrounded by monsters.

Eighth season

A year after Sam and Dean defeated Dick Roman, Dean and the vampire Benny, whom he met in purgatory, manage to escape from it. But he has to leave Castiel behind. After tracking down Sam, the two learn that the Prophet Kevin managed to escape from Crowley's clutches. Kevin announces that he knows of the existence of a spell that can close the gates of hell forever. It is on a stone tablet that contains the word of God on the subject of "demons" and which Crowley wanted him to translate.

Dean tries - to Sam's displeasure - to maintain contact with Benny, since the two were close friends in purgatory. When Benny kills a hunter in self-defense, Dean decides to give up contact with him. Castiel is freed from purgatory by the high-ranking angel Naomi, but now has to obey her orders and tell her about the activities of the Winchester.

While the brothers are waiting for Kevin to translate the stone tablet while doing smaller jobs, their grandfather Henry Winchester suddenly appears in their motel room through magic. He traveled to them on the run from a demon from 1958. The brothers learn that Henry is the last surviving member of the "Men of the Scriptures", a secret organization that collects knowledge of supernatural beings so that the hunter elite can fight them. When they defeat Abaddon - the demon who wiped out the secret society and followed Henry into the future - Henry is mortally wounded. Before he dies, however, he can give the brothers the key to the Men of the Scriptures headquarters. The brothers move in there to gain access to the accumulated knowledge of the Men of the Scriptures in the form of films, audio tapes, and vast amounts of files and books.

After a few months, Kevin finally succeeds in translating the spell that closes hell. However, it only works if the person who utters it has previously performed several tasks: killing a hellhound, freeing an innocent soul from hell and “healing” a demon. Sam succeeds in completing the first task, whereby he also has to pass the other two in order to be able to close Hell forever.

For the second task, Sam is led to Hell by a grim reaper, where he frees Bobby from his dungeon and escapes with him. Since Bobby owes his stay in Hell only to Crowley's influence, he was innocent in Hell and thus fulfills the requirement. Since Sam and Bobby get stuck in purgatory on their way back, Dean asks Benny for help. Benny is beheaded by Dean, whereby he gets into purgatory and Sam and Bobby can lead to the exit that Dean and he had also used. Although Sam offers to take him with him, Benny remains behind in purgatory. At the overworld, after a little argument between Naomi and Crowley, Naomi finally releases Bobby, and Bobby ascends into the sky.

The brothers track down Metatron - the angel who wrote the tablets on God's instructions and who has been hiding from the archangels for thousands of years, because they envy him for his knowledge. When he learns that the archangels are all dead or imprisoned, he persuades Castiel to perform tasks that allegedly allow the heavens to be temporarily closed to end the civil war there.

While Sam and Dean capture Crowley and perform a lengthy ritual designed to turn him back into a human in order to complete the final task, Naomi warns Castiel that Metatron lied to him and not the tasks he performed close the sky. Metatron then kills Naomi and rips Castiel out of his grace (which transforms him into a human being) in order to achieve his actual goal: to banish all angels from heaven with a ritual in order to take revenge on them. When Dean finds out that Sam was going to die, he closed the gates of hell, he interrupts him in completing the ritual. While Sam then collapses in pain, Dean has to watch a very large number of angels fall from heaven.

At the beginning of the season you can see Dean's time in purgatory and Sam's brief relationship with the vet Amelia in retrospect.

Ninth season

After the ritual was broken off, Sam is badly beaten and is dying. Dean tries in vain to summon Castiel, and in his desperation he finally prays to all the angels. An angel promptly appears who introduces himself as Ezekiel and offers to heal Sam. Since he can allegedly only heal Sam from inside his body, Dean helps him to take possession of Sam without Sam noticing. Meanwhile, the other angels have to come to terms with the fact that they have fallen through Metatron's spell and can no longer return to heaven. A civil war breaks out among them between two factions led by the angels Bartholomew and Malachi.

Sam, Dean and Kevin try to figure out how to reverse Metatron's spell, but eventually learn from Crowley - whom they are still imprisoned - that the spell cannot be reversed. In Crowley's absence, the demoness Abaddon tries to usurp control of Hell and recruits followers. Meanwhile, Castiel has problems getting used to life as a human being and is also wanted by the angels who blame him for their fall and want to take revenge. Eventually he is captured by Malachi. However, he manages to escape, and he steals the grace of one of Malachi's angels, making him an angel again.

Metatron makes contact with the angel who has taken possession of Sam's body. It turns out that he is in truth Gadreel, the angel who through his carelessness let the serpent join Adam and Eve in Paradise. For his deed he was incarcerated in heaven until the fall of the angels. Metatron offers Gadreel to found a new heaven together with him, which they would rule together if he first proved his loyalty to him. Gadreel takes complete control of Sam's body and, at Metatron's orders, kills Kevin. He then steals the angel tablet, which he gives to Metatron, who has previously made sure that no new prophets are activated after Kevin's death.

Dean and Castiel track down Gadreel with Crowley's help and capture him. After several unsuccessful attempts to get Sam to expel Gadreel, Dean finally allows Crowley to take possession of Sam to help him inside. With Crowley's support, Sam finally expels Gadreel, who then occupies another body. In thanks for his support, Dean lets go of Crowley, who is preparing to take back his old position of power from Abaddon.

Sam is completely the same as before, but cannot forgive Dean for not letting him die and is distant towards him.

Crowley persuades Dean to help him kill Abaddon. Since this is not an ordinary demon, but a "Knight of Hell", she can only be killed with "The First Blade". This "blade" is the jaw of an animal with which Cain killed his brother Abel. Dean and Crowley track down Cain and finally learn from him where he has hidden the blade. In addition, he transfers his mark of Cain to Dean, because otherwise he cannot use the blade.

Meanwhile, Bartholomew tries in vain to get Castiel to join his faction in the Angels Civil War. There is finally an argument between the two in which Castiel Bartholomew must finally kill.

Metatron, with Gadreel's help, gathers followers who he promises that they can return to heaven. Sam and Dean hear about it from Castiel and then take Gadreel prisoner to get information from him. At the same time, however, Castiel falls into Metatron's power, who explains his plans for the future to him: He wants Castiel to lead a rebel army against him, and thus to become a "villain" whom the "hero" Metatron must defeat in order to become the new " God ”. Castiel initially refuses to play in Metatron's game, but when he is released in exchange for Gadreel, he nevertheless begins to recruit rebels.

Crowley is captured by Abaddon, who forces him to lure Sam and Dean into a trap. However, unnoticed by Abaddon, he can warn the two of them. With the power of the blade and the Cain's Mark, Dean manages to kill Abaddon. During the fight, and also later, it is noticeable that Dean is becoming increasingly aggressive because of the Cain's mark and the blade.

Through an intrigue, Metatron manages to unite all of Castiel's supporters behind him. Disgusted by this behavior, Gadreel turns away from Metatron and offers Sam, Dean and Castiel his help. He and Castiel sneak into heaven to destroy the angel tablet - Metatron's source of power - but are discovered and captured there. By a spell Gadreels, in which he kills himself, Castiel manages to escape. Meanwhile, Metatron is walking the earth and performing miracles to present himself to the people as the new Messiah. Dean tracks down Metatron and wants to kill him. However, this fails and Dean is badly wounded by Metatron. At the same time, Castiel succeeds in destroying the angel tablet, which is why Metatron turns away from Dean and returns to heaven.

Castiel succeeds in convincing the other angels of Metatron's wickedness, whereupon he is imprisoned.

Dean succumbs to his severe wounds and dies. While Sam is still trying desperately to get him back to the living, Crowley puts the First Blade in Dean's hand, whereupon Dean awakes again in demon form.

Tenth season

After being brought back from the dead by the Mark of Cains, Dean is a demon and spends time with Crowley. However, as Dean repeatedly opposes Crowley's will, Crowley reveals Sam Dean's whereabouts so that he can capture him and transform him back into a human with the ritual that they had already tried on Crowley. But he is still in possession of the Cain's Mark, which increasingly drives him to aggressive, bloodthirsty behavior.

While Dean slowly recovers from his time as a demon, the brothers start to work again and fight supernatural beings. During one of their jobs, they meet the mighty witch Rowena, who eventually turns out to be Crowley's mother. After she has messed with demons and Crowley is brought up for punishment, he recognizes her immediately and lets her - after initial reserve - come back into his life.

Castiel thinks a lot about the man whose body he has taken possession of, Jimmy Novak. He gets a guilty conscience because he took Jimmy from his family, but since his soul has already died fighting against Lucifer and is in heaven, he cannot let Jimmy return to his family either. Instead, he wants to take care of his daughter Claire, who is now on the wrong track. Together with Sam and Dean he rescues her from the clutches of a loan shark and supports her in an attempt to save her mother from the clutches of an Evil Angel. Together they can kill the angel, but Claire's mother dies in the process. Claire is now preparing to become a monster hunter herself.

Rowena tries to abuse Crowley for her own ends and uses him to kill enemy witches for her. After she finds out that Sam and Dean are the last descendants of the "men of the scriptures" and thus have access to many powerful spells, she wants to incite Crowley against the two brothers to get these powerful spells. But now he's had enough of her intrigues and just pulls her out of the door.

Since Dean increasingly shows the consequences of the Cain Mark in the form of extremely violent behavior, Sam tries to find a way to remove it. He and Castiel even rescue Metatron from his prison in heaven in the hopes he would have information that could help them. However, this hope is disappointed; Instead, Metatron manages to escape, even if Castiel has previously stolen his grace and he is therefore just an ordinary person. Dean has now accepted that the Cains mark cannot be removed and is now part of him.

Ultimately, Sam and Castiel find out that the Cain's Mark is just a curse that can be undone by magic. With the help of the huntress Charlie, they track down the "Book of the Damned", a collection of powerful curses and countercurses that also includes instructions on how to remove the Cain's Mark. The Styne family, direct descendants of Viktor Frankenstein , is also behind this book . They use powerful spells to increase their fortune and power and to make themselves supernaturally strong with body parts. Dean wants Sam to destroy the book so it doesn't end up in the clutches of the Stynes, but Sam defies him and keeps it secret. He makes a covenant with Rowena, who is able to perform the powerful spells found in the Book of the Damned. In return for her help, she is allowed to keep the book afterwards.

After the Styne family kills Charlie in search of the Damned Book, Dean briefly loses control and wipes out the entire family. After almost killing Castiel, he comes to and realizes that he is too much of a threat to his surroundings. He conjures up death personally so that it kills him, since he cannot be killed otherwise by the mark. He explains to him that the Cain's mark also serves as a seal for “The Darkness”, a powerful evil force that God banished before he created today's universe. As long as Dean has not passed the Cains mark on to anyone, he should not die or have the mark removed. Death instead suggests that Dean take Dean to a secluded place where he can live forever without threatening other people. But when Death prepares to kill Sam beforehand - to prevent him from bringing Dean back or removing his mark - Dean kills Death instead. Shortly thereafter, Rowena manages to carry out the curse that removes Dean's Cains Mark. Then she takes the book of the damned and enchants Castiel, who was guarding her, that he ignores her and goes after Crowley.

Shortly after the mark is removed, lightning strikes the area around Sam and Dean, and a dark cloud develops that engulfs the two brothers.

Eleventh season

While Sam and Dean are enveloped by the dark cloud, Dean has a vision of a woman who is wearing the Cains mark. She introduces herself as "the darkness" and thanks him for having freed her. After he wakes up again, Sam and Dean discover that people in the area have been turned into some kind of zombies. When they meet a survivor caring for a baby whose parents have been turned into zombies, the brothers split up. While Dean brings Jenna - the woman - and Amara - the baby - to safety, Sam tries to cure the zombies. In doing so, he becomes infected himself and slowly turns into a zombie. In desperation, he prays to God and asks for help. He then receives visions that he cannot do anything with. Finally he manages to heal himself and all other zombies with holy fire.

Meanwhile, Dean realizes that something is wrong with Amara. She wears the mark of Cain and has supernatural abilities like telekinesis. Finally, Amara sucks Jenna's soul out and turns into a little girl. While Dean is busy with the running amok, soulless Jenna, Amara escapes and ends up with Crowley, who is impressed by her power and wants to use her for his own purposes. He feeds her souls, which makes her grow up very quickly and soon has the body of a young adult. It turns out that Amara is indeed "the darkness". She and Crowley now have more and more disagreements and Crowley has increasing problems controlling Amara, the darkness.

Sam always has confusing visions, but they gradually become clearer. Convinced that God is speaking to him, he continues to pray to him and asks for help and advice. After all, he is convinced that God wants him to talk to Lucifer in his cage. Castiel tracks down Metatron, who is just an ordinary person, and gets information about the darkness from him. He learns that darkness is actually the sister of God, and just as powerful.

The Winchester brothers learn that Amara is with Crowley and try to kill her. Crowley tries to prevent this and is already in the process of killing Dean when Amara effortlessly stops him because she has taken a liking to Dean. She leaves Crowley, who has nothing more to offer her. She sets off alone and goes in search of her brother, God, on whom she wants to take revenge for locking her up at the beginning of time. Now in the form of a grown woman, she kills priests and believers to provoke a reaction from God. However, he still cannot be heard from. Finally the angels band together to stop the darkness together. After this has easily killed some of them, they attack all the angels together in a bundled attack in the form of a "smash", which however has no lasting effect.

Meanwhile, Sam decides to listen to his visions and visit Lucifer. Together with Crowley and Rowena, he enters hell, where Rowena performs a spell from the Book of the Damned, through which Sam can talk to Lucifer without having to enter his cage. He offers his help to conquer the darkness, if he would be released and Sam gives him permission to take possession of his body. When Sam refuses, Lucifer suddenly pulls him into the cage. There he explains to him that Sam's visions did not come from God, but from Lucifer himself. Dean and Castiel free Sam from the cage. Castiel lets Lucifer convince him that he is the only one who can conquer the darkness, which is why Castiel gives Lucifer permission to take possession of his body.

The Winchesters, Lucifer and Crowley track down ancient objects that have been touched by God himself and in which some of his power has remained. With the power of one of these objects, Lucifer tries to kill the darkness, but fails. Amara captures Lucifer and tortures him in the hope of finally gaining God's attention.

In fact, God then reveals himself. At first he only reveals himself to Metatron, who learns that God has lived hidden among people all these years, most recently in the form of the prophet Chuck Shurley. He explains to Metatron that he locked away the darkness with the help of his archangels because it immediately destroyed every one of his creations. She was annoyed that God would rather deal with lower beings, for whom he is overpowering, than with her, who is his equal. Now, however, God is tired of his creation and the disappointments that come with it. At Metatron's persuasion, however, he opposes the darkness, which is once again infecting people with its dark cloud, and reveals himself to the Winchester brothers.

Together they free Lucifer from Amara's clutches, but Metatron dies in the process. With the help of witches, demons, angels and Lucifer, God can overcome the darkness and is preparing to banish it again. He cannot kill them, otherwise the universe would lose its balance and be destroyed. In the meantime, however, Amara can get herself up again, cast Lucifer out of Castiel's body and mortally wound her brother.

Since God is dying, the darkness must be killed after all so that the universe does not lose its balance. The Winchester brothers want to take advantage of Amara's weakness for Dean: Filled with the energy of numerous souls, Dean should come close to Amara and blow himself up with her. However, she saw through the plan immediately. In the meantime, however, she has realized the beauty of God's creation and that she does not really want to kill her brother, however angry she may be with him. At Dean's persuasion, God heals and reconciles with him. God and darkness are now withdrawing for the time being to spend time together. Before that, Amara gives Dean a present and brings his mother back from the dead.

Meanwhile, Lady Toni Bevell, a woman of the British Men of the Scriptures, tries to take Sam into custody, as he and his brother have already almost initiated the end of the world several times. When Sam refuses, she shoots him.

Twelfth season

Sam, who was only shot in the leg, is kidnapped and tortured by Lady Bevell on a farm. She wants to get all the information about the American hunters from him in order to make them compliant. Dean goes on a search for Sam together with his mother Mary and Castiel. When they track down the hiding place and overpower Lady Bevell after a fight, Mick Davies, another member of the British Men of the Scriptures, shows up and lets them go with an offer of cooperation. Meanwhile, Crowley is looking for Lucifer, who leaves a trail of dead people in search of a suitable shell. Eventually, Crowley and Rowena attack Lucifer in the shell of rock star Vince Vincente to lock him back in the cage. After this fails, however, Rowena is imprisoned by Lucifer.


The first five seasons were dubbed by Blackbird Music, seasons 6 and 7 by SDI Media Germany, and the series is currently being dubbed by Berliner Synchron . Stephan Rabow, Wanja Gerick and Benjamin Wolfgarten direct the dialogue and write the dialogue books together with Sarah Riedel .

The table lists the actors, their role names, their affiliation with the main cast (●) or with the secondary and guest actors (•) per season and the German voice actors .

actor Role name 1 2 3 4th 5 6th 7th 8th 9 10 11 12 13 14th 15th Voice actor
Jensen Ackles Dean Winchester Julien Haggége
Jared Padalecki Samuel Winchester Vanya Gerick
Katie Cassidy
Genevieve Cortese
Ruby Cathlen Gawlich
Natascha Geisler
Lauren Cohan Bela Talbot Tanja Geke
Misha Collins Castiel Florian Halm
Mark Sheppard Crowley Matti Klemm
Mark Pellegrino
Jared Padalecki
Misha Collins
Rick Springfield
David Chisum
Lucifer / Nick Bernhard Völger
Wanja Gerick
Florian Halm
Torsten Michaelis
Thomas Nero Wolff
Alexander Calvert Jack Konrad Bösherz
Jim Beaver Robert "Bobby" Singer Jan Spitzer

Production and broadcast

United States

In the United States, the series was first broadcast on September 13, 2005 on The WB . The broadcast of the first season ended on May 4, 2006. The second season ran after the merger of The WB and UPN from September 28, 2006 to May 17, 2007 on the new channel The CW . The third season started on October 4, 2007 and ended on May 15, 2008. The fourth season was from September 18, 2008 to May 14, 2009 on The CW. The fifth season ran between September 10, 2009 and May 13, 2010. The sixth season started on September 24, 2010 and ended on May 20, 2011 with the 126th episode. On April 26, 2011, The CW extended Supernatural for a seventh season, which aired from September 23, 2011 to May 18, 2012.

On May 3, 2012, The CW extended Supernatural by an eighth season, which was broadcast from October 3, 2012 to May 15, 2013. In February 2013, the production of a ninth season was announced. The ninth season was broadcast from October 8, 2013 to May 20, 2014. In February 2014, the series was extended early by a tenth season, which could be seen from October 7, 2014 to May 20, 2015. Season 11 was approved by The CW on January 11, 2015 and ran from October 7, 2015 to May 25, 2016. In May 2016, the 12th season of The CW was confirmed, which ran from October 13, 2016 to May 18 In 2017. In January 2017, the 13th season was commissioned, which was broadcast from October 12, 2017 to May 17, 2018. In April 2018, the series was extended by a 14th season, which started on October 11, 2018. The extension for a 15th season was announced in January 2019.


The series has been on Pay TV since October 23, 2006 on Sky (at the time its premiere). From January 3, 2011, the station broadcast the fifth season. From January 2 to March 12, 2012, the sixth season was shown on the station. The seventh season aired from September 6 to November 15, 2012 on Sky Atlantic HD . The eighth season was broadcast from September 19 to November 28, 2013. The ninth season was shown in double episodes on Sky Atlantic HD from September 25, 2014. The tenth season followed on October 6, 2015. The eleventh season was broadcast on Sky 1 from November 3, 2016 . The German-language first broadcast of the twelfth season has been broadcast on Sky 1 since November 5, 2017.

The first season of free TV was from October 15, 2007 to March 31, 2008 on ProSieben . The second season started on October 6th and ended on December 22nd, 2008. The third season was broadcast from March 1st to June 21st, 2010 on ProSieben. The fourth season was broadcast from August 16, 2010 to March 21, 2011 on ProSieben. ProSieben aired the fifth season from September 5, 2011 until the final episode on January 30, 2012. The station showed the sixth season from July 12 to August 23, 2013 and then from August 30 to October 26, 2013 the seventh season was broadcast. The eighth season ran between September 15 and November 24, 2014 on ProSieben Maxx . The station broadcast the ninth season from October 12, 2015, one episode on Monday. The station aired its tenth season from September 12, 2016 to February 13, 2017. The eleventh season was broadcast on ProSieben Maxx from October 16, 2017 and the twelfth season from October 8, 2018.


In Austria, the first season was broadcast on ORF 1 from April 22, 2009 to January 26, 2010 . The second season aired non-stop between February 2 and July 13, 2010. Seasons three and four followed from January 3 to April 24, 2012 and from November 6, 2012 to April 23, 2013. Since December 3, 2013, the fifth season has been broadcast. The sixth season began broadcasting on February 24, 2015, and the seventh season from June 14, 2016. The eighth season has been shown since December 13, 2016.

Planned spin-offs

Supernatural: Bloodlines

In July 2013, executive producer Robert Singer announced a backdoor pilot for a possible spin-off for the series at Comic-Con . Andrew Dabb wrote the script . In late January 2014, the project was given the title Supernatural: Tribes , which was renamed Supernatural: Bloodlines two months later .

In early February 2014, the first details about the protagonist of Tribes were announced, according to which the story would revolve around an Afro-American hunter named Ennis Roth who fights against the shape-shifting and werewolf families in Chicago . Ennis was introduced to Bloodlines , the 20th episode of season 9 , which aired April 29, 2014. In May 2014, however, the project did not receive a series order at the annual Upfronts.

Supernatural: Wayward Sisters

In the tenth episode of the 13th season, a backdoor pilot for a spin-off was broadcast, which should revolve around Sheriff Mills and her charges. However, the spin-off did not materialize.

Episode list


DVD release

Season United States Great Britain Germany Switzerland
01 0September 5, 2006 0October 2, 2006 March 14, 2008 March 14, 2008
02 September 11, 2007. October 29, 2007 November 14, 2008 December 26, 2008
03 0September 2, 2008. August 25, 2008 04th December 2009 04th December 2009
04th 0September 1, 2009 0November 2, 2009 December 10, 2010 December 10, 2010
05 0September 7, 2010 October 18, 2010 0March 9, 2012 0March 9, 2012
06th September 13, 2011 0November 7, 2011 20th September 2013 20th September 2013
07th September 18, 2012 05th November 2012 0December 6, 2013 0December 6, 2013
08th September 10, 2013 October 28, 2013 20th November 2014 20th November 2014
09 0September 9, 2014 0June 8, 2015 03rd December 2015 03rd December 2015
10 0September 8, 2015 March 21, 2016 15th December 2016 15th December 2016

Blu-ray release

Season United States Great Britain Germany Switzerland
01 June 15, 2010 August 22, 2011 June 25, 2010 June 25, 2010
02 June 14, 2011 August 22, 2011 05th November 2010 November 11, 2010
03 November 11, 2008 November 10, 2008 07th December 2017
04th 0September 1, 2009 0November 2, 2009 December 10, 2010 December 10, 2010
05 0September 7, 2010 October 18, 2010 0March 9, 2012 0March 9, 2012
06th September 13, 2011 0November 7, 2011 20th September 2013
07th September 18, 2012 05th November 2012 0December 6, 2013
08th September 10, 2013 October 28, 2013 20th November 2014
09 0September 9, 2014 0June 8, 2015 03rd December 2015 03rd December 2015
10 0September 8, 2015 March 21, 2016 15th December 2016 15th December 2016
11 0September 6, 2016 October 10, 2016 07th December 2017
12 05th September 2017 04th September 2017 0December 6, 2018
13 04th September 2018 01st October 2018 November 21, 2019

Awards and nominations

People's Choice Award

  • 2010: Favorite Sci-Fi / Fantasy Show
  • 2012:
    • Favorite Sci-Fi / Fantasy Show
    • Favorite Network TV Drama
  • 2013:
    • Favorite Sci-Fi / Fantasy TV Show
    • Favorite TV Fan Following
  • 2014: Favorite TV Bromance - Sam, Dean and Castiel
  • 2015: Favorite Sci-Fi / Fantasy TV Actor - Misha Collins
  • 2016: Favorite Sci-Fi / Fantasy TV Actor - Jensen Ackles
  • 2017: Favorite Network Sci-fi / Fantasy TV Show

Nominations (without distinction):

  • 2009: Favorite Sci-Fi / Fantasy Show
  • 2011: Favorite Sci-Fi / Fantasy Show
  • 2014:
    • Favorite Sci-Fi / Fantasy TV Actor - Jared Padalecki
    • Favorite Sci-Fi / Fantasy TV Actor - Jensen Ackles
    • Favorite Sci-Fi / Fantasy TV Show
  • 2015:
    • Favorite Network Sci-Fi / Fantasy TV Show
    • Favorite Sci-Fi / Fantasy TV Actor - Jared Padalecki
    • Favorite Sci-Fi / Fantasy TV Actor - Jensen Ackles
    • Favorite TV Duo - Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles
  • 2016:
    • Favorite Network TV Sci-Fi / Fantasy Show
    • Favorite Sci-Fi / Fantasy TV Actor - Misha Collins
  • 2017: Favorite Fantasy Sci-fi Actor - Jensen Ackles

Scream Awards

  • 2008: Best Horror Actor Jared Padalecki

Teen Choice Awards

  • 2006: TV Choice Breakout Show
  • 2006: TV Choice Breakout Star - Jensen Ackles
  • 2007: TV Choice Actor: Drama - Jared Padalecki
  • 2010: TV Choice Best Series
  • 2016: TV Choice Actor: Drama - Jared Padalecki

Tubey Award

  • 2009: Best Returning Show
  • 2009: Most Overrated Show
  • 2009: Most Underrated Show
  • 2009: Best Cast
  • 2009: Most Improved Show
  • 2009: Favorite Actor - Jensen Ackles
  • 2009: Favorite Actor - Jared Padalecki
  • 2009: Favorite Actor - Misha Collins
  • 2009: Best Performance By an Inanimate Object - Castiel's trenchcoat / Metallica / Supernatural books
  • 2009: Best Family Relationship - Sam, Dean and Bobby / Sam and Dean
  • 2009: Best Non-Romantic Friendship - Dean and Bobby / Dean and Castiel
  • 2009: Best Sidekick - Bobby Singer
  • 2009: Best Badass - Dean / Sam
  • 2009: Best Villain - Lilith / Zachariah
  • 2009: Least Villainous Villain - Ruby
  • 2009: Best On-Screen Death Scene - Ruby
  • 2009: Best Season Finale - 4x22 Lucifer Rising
  • 2009: Best Dream / Hallucination / Vision Sequence - Sam's various hallucinations in "When the Levee Breaks"
  • 2009: Best Fictional Location on a TV Show - Bobby's panic room / Heaven's green room
  • 2009: Most Welcome New Character - Anna Milton / Castiel / Chuck the Prophet
  • 2009: Best Smackdown (Non-reality Show) - Sam vs. dean
  • 2009: Best Guest Star - Rob Benedict

Amy Awards

  • 2009: Hottest Actor - Jensen Ackles

Portal Award

  • 2009: Best Series / Television
  • 2009: Best Actor / Television - Jensen Ackles
  • 2009: Best Episode / Television - The Monster at the End of this Book

Supernatural: The Animation

In June 2010, Warner Brothers announced the production of an anime - OVA series for Supernatural. This was produced by the well-known Japanese animation studio Madhouse . The 22 episodes offer both new episodes with their own plot, as well as retelling of the first two real series seasons and an implementation of a comic template.

The series was released on DVD and Blu-ray in Japan in 2011 and in Germany in 2012. A German soundtrack is missing, however. In addition to the dubbed versions in Japanese and English, it contains English and German subtitles. For the English dubbing, Sam Winchester was voiced by Jared Padalecki. Jensen Ackles only took over his role as Dean in two episodes, which was otherwise dubbed by Andrew Farrar.

Recurring and important elements of the series

1967 Chevrolet Impala

A 1967 Chevrolet Impala as driven by Dean and Sam on the series

Dean got the 1967 Chevrolet Impala from his father. The car has always been a companion of the Winchester brothers throughout the series. Until the 20th episode of the second season, the Chevrolet was registered in Sedgwick County , Kansas . Later the license plate changed from KAZ 2Y5 to CNK 80Q3 (registered in Ohio ) because the brothers were on the run from the FBI . In the trunk there is a hidden arsenal of weapons and a small bag with amulets that protect the wearer from being possessed by a demon. In the transition from season one to season two, the Impala is totaled, but Sam insists on keeping the car so Dean can fix it later.

In episode 4.03 In the Beginning ... one learns more about the history of the car. Dean is sent back in time to 1973, where he meets his parents at a young age. It turns out that John actually wanted to buy a VW bus, but Dean (who had traveled back in time) recommended the Impala. In episode 5.22 Swan Song , the prophet Chuck tells the story of the 1967 Impala. So we learn that the Impala was previously owned by Sal Moriarty, an alcoholic with two ex-wives and three clogged arteries. Sal Moriarty drove around on weekends distributing Bibles to the poor. After Sal's death, the car was owned by Rainbow Motors, a used car dealership in Lawrence, Kansas. There it was bought spontaneously by the young marine John Winchester after Dean, who had traveled back in time, advised him to do so. The car is special because Sam and his brother Dean changed various things on it, for example the plastic soldier that Sam put in the ashtray, the Lego bricks that Dean put in the vent or the scratched initials of both brothers on the dashboard , none of these things were ever removed. Even after Dean had to fix the car, he kept these particular things. In the seventh season the Winchesters are "copied" by Leviathans in order to get them out of the way. As a result, they have to go underground and also turn off the impala. For the finale of the 7th season, Meg drives the car to distract the Leviathans.

The Colt

The Colt was made for a hunter by Samuel Colt in 1835. According to legend, this weapon can kill anything, including demons, who are usually immune to all weapons. 6 of the 13 bullets were shot before John Winchester got his hands on the Colt. However, John swaps his life and the Colt in the first episode of the second season for Dean's life, who almost dies in a car accident. The Colt also serves as the key to the gates of Hell in episode 2.22 The storm breaks loose (2) . With the last bullet of the Colt, the yellow-eyed demon is killed in the season finale of the second season.

In episode 3.04 Sin City , Bobby's Colt is repaired and made functional again thanks to Ruby's help. However, after a short time in the episode "Dream a Little Dream of Me", it is stolen by the thief Bela Talbot and, it seems, passed on to Lilith in order to break the pact with her that she had made ten years earlier killing their parents. In fact, Bela gave the Colt to Lilith's right-hand man, the demon Crowley. Sam and Dean get the Colt back and shoot Lucifer with it. However, this survives the attack unscathed and reveals that it is one of the five things the Colt cannot kill.

In episode 6.18 They Live with Death , Sam and Dean, who thanks to Castiel's help traveled back in time to the Wild West, use the Colt to kill a phoenix. We also learn that two of the 13 bullets were used by Samuel Colt to kill demons who tried to prevent him from building the pentagram around the gates of hell.

The Colt reappears in season 12. It was owned by the Prince of Hell Ramiel . The mother of the Winchester brothers had stolen it from Ramiel for the British Men of the Scriptures with the help of her sons, but without their knowledge. In episode 12.19, The Future , the Colt is destroyed by the demon Dagon.


The Junkyard (Singer Salvage Yard) is owned by Bobby Singer , an old friend of John Winchester. In several situations this place already gave protection to the brothers. Bobby has set up a panic room in the basement of his house on the landfill , with salt-coated walls made of pure iron, into which neither ghosts nor demons can penetrate. Bobby also took the Impala to this dump at the beginning of season two to cannibalize the trunk before anyone could discover the arsenal. However, early in Season 7, the house burns down when it is set on fire by Leviathans.


The Roadhouse appears for the first time in episode 2.02 Everyone loves clowns . It's a popular hangout for hunters and is operated by Ellen Harvelle. The roadhouse is destroyed in episode 2.22 The Storm Breaks (2) found by Dean and Bobby after it was burned down by the followers of the yellow-eyed demon. Ash, who tried to help Dean find Sam, dies there. However, Ellen survived this attack because she was not in the roadhouse at the time, but in town to go shopping.

Eric Kripke , the author of Supernatural, hated the roadhouse, so at the end of season two he destroyed it and killed Ash, the co-owner of the bar. "It just didn't fit into a series whose stories take place on the street."

Trouble with the law

Since Sam and Dean don't have any work other than hunting, they try to stay afloat by fraudulent cards and playing poker (a fact that is mentioned often, but only shown once). The main characters use fake IDs from police and other emergency services such as the FBI or the US Marshals . Furthermore, their research leads them more often into trouble with the law, for example when digging graves or breaking into other houses. Since the police are also wanted for murder and later also for a bank robbery, they use aliases and pseudonyms, preferably names of hard rock musicians, in order to remain anonymous.

Ruby's knife

Ruby has an enchanted knife with which it is possible to wound demons. In most cases, the possessed person dies with the demon. It is often used in the third and fourth seasons to kill the demons. Unlike the Colt, which is initially claimed to be able to kill anything, the knife has significant limitations in this regard. Powerful demons and angels are resistant to the knife and can not be wounded or only very slightly wounded. In the season 4 finale, Ruby is stabbed to death with her own knife by Dean (with the help of Sam).

66 seal

To hold Lucifer there are around 600 mystical seals, only 66 of which need to be broken to set him free. The first seal is broken when a “righteous man” sheds blood in hell. After Dean has to go to hell to fulfill his pact with which he has resuscitated Sam, he is tortured until he accepts the offer of the demon Alastair and tortures souls himself. With this decision, he breaks the first of these seals and enables Lilith to break further seals. Up to episode 4.12 Illusions there are already 34 seals that have been broken by the demons. The last seal is broken when "The First Demon" is killed in a church. After all, this is Lilith, who dies at Sam's hand and thus brings about Lucifer's resurrection. What no one knew until then: Lilith was the oldest female demon who served Lucifer and expected her death for his release from hell.

The rings of the four horsemen of the apocalypse

In the course of the 5th season, Sam and Dean acquire the four rings of the apocalyptic horsemen war, hunger, plague and death, with the help of which Lucifer's cage can be opened. They snatch their rings from the riders of war, hunger and plague; Death, however, is under the control of Lucifer against his will. So he gives Dean his ring voluntarily, on the one condition that Dean will do everything to lock Lucifer in the cage, even if he has to sacrifice Sam for it. In the episode Schwanenlied , Dean and Sam, who gave his "yes" to Lucifer, fight a fight. Sam manages through the flood of memories about the shared past with Dean to regain power and to throw himself into the cage with Lucifer and the Archangel Michael, who is in Adam Milligan's body.

Transmedia series narration

According to Eric Kripke , emphasis was placed on creating transmedial narrative structures for individual elements that appear in the series . One example is Dean Winchester's cell phone number, which is seen several times in the series. Viewers could dial these and then hear messages spoken by Ackles. Further examples are the website of Ghostfacers , Dean's favorite porn site, and the mention of swine flu in connection with the Croatoan virus. Unlike the novels for the series, Kripke also counts the Supernatural comics in the canon.

Books on the series



Secondary literature

  • Supernatural: The World of Sam and Dean Winchester . by Nicholas Knight and Eric Kripke, Panini, 2015, ISBN 978-3-8332-2871-1
  • The Mythology of Supernatural: The Signs and Symbols Behind the Popular TV Show . (English) by Nathan Robert Brown, Berkley, 2011, ISBN 978-0-425-24137-0
  • TV Goes to Hell: An Unofficial Road Map of Supernatural . (English) by Stacey Abbott and David Lavery, ECW Press, 2011, ISBN 978-1-77041-020-6
  • Supernatural and Philosophy: Metaphysics and Monsters ... for Idjits . (English) by Galen A. Foresman and William Irwin, John Wiley & Sons, 2013, ISBN 978-1-118-61595-9
  • Supernatural: Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting . (English) by David Reed, It Books, 2011, ISBN 978-0-06-210337-6
  • Supernatural: John Winchester's Journal . (English) by Alex Irvine, It Books, 2011, ISBN 978-0-06-207319-8
  • The Supernatural Book of Monsters, Spirits, Demons, and Ghouls . (English) by Alex Irvine, It Books, 2007, ISBN 978-0-06-136703-8

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