Entertainment Weekly

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Entertainment Weekly

description Current magazine
Area of ​​Expertise Entertainment culture
language English
First edition February 16, 1990
Frequency of publication weekly
Sold edition 1.8 million copies
editor Time Inc.
Web link http://www.ew.com/
ISSN (print)

Entertainment Weekly is a weekly US magazine . The entertainment magazine is published by the US company Time Inc. , which is part of the Time Warner group. The magazine's topics include film, television, music, Broadway theater, books, and pop culture.

With 1.8 million copies, it is by far the highest-circulation film magazine in the world. It is followed by Empire with 123,000 copies , The Hollywood Reporter with 72,000 copies and Variety with 54,000 copies .

The first issue appeared on February 16, 1990. The concept of the magazine was developed by Jeff Jarvis . It was founded by David Morris, who was also editor until 2007.


The issue of October 5, 2012 came with a simple smartphone, disassembled but functional, as the thick side of the magazine.

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