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Industry service for the German media industry
operator DWDL.de GmbH
Thomas Lückerath (80 percent), Uwe Mantel (10 percent), Alexander Krei (10 percent)
editorial staff Thomas Lückerath
On-line November 20, 2001 (currently active)

DWDL.de is an Internet magazine that deals with the German media industry and sees itself as a "TV industry service". Editor-in-chief and managing director is Thomas Lückerath (born October 5, 1982). The company is based in Cologne . The meaning of the DWDL designation is not known.


In terms of content, DWDL.de focuses on the television industry, but also partially covers print, online and radio topics. In addition to the latest news, the offer includes interviews, background reports, on-site reports from industry events as well as magazine and television reviews. A special focus is the analysis of audience ratings . DWDL.de also operates an extensive job exchange for the German television industry. Since September 2012, Studio D has been producing a weekly web TV magazine with guests from the media industry.

Former content

From 2007 to 2009 DWDL.de also operated the guggr.de website, which discussed current TV relaunch. At times, the editorial offer was also rounded off by the Clap Club , an online edition of the “people magazine” Clap . Since the end of 2009 there was a web TV format in which Daniel Assmann asked around on the street, for example, how individual TV programs were received by people. Since spring 2010, Julia Goldstern was also seen in a web TV format. This is produced by Weber & Behn media production. Both web TV formats ended after two seasons.

Services that require registration

DWDL.de currently only offers the newsletter as a service that requires registration. The newsletters are sent twice every working day. There is also a newsletter on Sunday afternoon that summarizes the news from the weekend.


According to the company's own information, the range in January 2012 was 1.12 million individual visitors and 2.52 million page views . In January 2013 the numbers rose to 1.4 million and 3.1 million (plus 23-25 ​​percent). However, the site is not checked by IVW


The former DWDL logo, which was used until February 13, 2011

DWDL.de was founded in 2001 and initially operated as a student project. DWDL.de GmbH was founded in autumn 2006 and the editorial office relocated to Cologne. Editor-in-chief has been Thomas Lückerath since the beginning, who has also been managing director of DWDL.de GmbH since 2006. The shareholders of DWDL.de GmbH were initially Thomas Lückerath (20 percent) and Mistral Media AG (80 percent), which in December 2007 sold 20 percent of the DWDL shares to political advisor Michael Spreng and remained the main shareholder with the remaining 60 percent . On March 2, 2011 it was announced that Thomas Lückerath had taken over all of these shares in Mistral Media AG, retrospectively from January 1, 2011, and now holds 80 percent of the shares in DWDL.de GmbH. In October 2019, Spreng sold its shares in equal parts to the deputy editor-in-chief Uwe Mantel, who has been with DWDL.de since 2004, and to the editor Alexander Krei, who has been writing for the media magazine since 2009.


In 2007 criticism was Christoph Maria Herbst loud, in an interview with the competition magazine Quotenmeter.de been "I'm totally misquoted by this bit wet investigate media magazine whose four letters was not in the right order: criticized the methods of DWDL want to come up with. You know: I gave this gentleman a very long interview. The fact that he is not too bad and randomly pulls out sentences in order to put them in a completely wrong context reminded me of procedures that are only known from very shabby tabloids. "This statement was based on an article in the BILD- Newspaper that misrepresented quotes from the DWDL.de interview with Herbst. In October 2011, Herbst gave DWDL.de another interview.

The Golden Günter

Since 2008, DWDL.de has been awarding the negative “Golden Günter” prize annually to people, brands and companies whose achievements - based on a television review by former ARD program director Günter Struve - were “pretty ui-jui-jui”.

Prize winner 2016

"Super-Günter" reader award

Also since 2008, the readers of DWDL.de have been voting on which of the award winners is responsible for “the ultimate embarrassment of the media year”. With the "Super-Günter" have been awarded so far:

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