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Online TV magazine
branch service
operator Oddsmeter GmbH
editorial staff Managing director: Fabian Riedner
Editor-in-chief: Manuel Weis
On-line 2002 (currently active)
Logo fromquotemeter.de (2013-2018)

According to its own account , quotemeter.de is an industry service and online television magazine fromquotemeter GmbH, which is financed by advertising and free of charge for the user.

A new design and logo were released on November 12, 2018. The best-known competitor is DWDL.de .


Oddsmeter.de mainly delivers news about the German and American television market. In addition, the number of viewers and market shares of the programs of the last day are evaluated and the quota history of some selected programs is presented editorially over a longer period (mostly that of a season). The offer also includes several columns , including by Rob Vegas . There is a forum on the website ofquotemeter.de for exchanging opinions . A TV podcast is published weekly . In addition, the "quotemeter.de television award "has been awarded every year since 2004. Since the end of 2019, an additional free offer has been available withquotemeter Plus, which shows manually selected popular articles from the past week in a format optimized for mobile devices.

The offer includes:

  • Quotas and market shares on the German and American market
    • Every day
      • Primetime (graphic & editorial text)
      • Daily market shares (graphic, only German market)
      • Selected odds and market shares of a day (editorial text, American market not daily)
    • Irregular
      • Course of the ratings and market shares of a season of a program / series (graphic & editorial text)
      • Monthly market shares (graphic & editorial text)
      • Comparison of the audience numbers and market shares of a station with the same month of the previous year, same quarter or last season (September to May) (graphic & editorial text)
      • Quotas and market shares on the international (e.g. British) market
  • Top 10 views of individual series on streaming services in the last week
  • Reviews (film & television)
  • Columns
  • news
    • Streaming Market (Weekly)
    • Channels & channel groups
    • Film (television & cinema)
    • Series
    • People
  • Topic series (e.g. "Focus", "10 facts about ...", "Youtube", "Radio")
  • Odds Meter Plus (weekly)
  • TV plan
  • Podcast (weekly)
  • Forum
  • Odds meter television price

Odds meter television price

Every year since 2004 the "TV Quota Meter Award" has been awarded. The "quotemeter television award "is an award of the editors and readers ofquotemeter.de . A five-person jury agrees on five nominations per category, with all German in-house productions in the period from June 1st of the previous year to May 31st. Readers vote for their favorites from the nominated people and formats in each category. The nominees with the most votes will be the winners of the respective category. The categories change occasionally.

Since 2012, the winners have been receiving a quota meter coffee cup by post .


In 2010 the range was 3.10 million page impressions and 830,000 visits per month. The site received an average of around 90,000 unique users each month . The market share 1 was 0.2 percent. About 59 percent of the users were male, 41 percent female. About 68 percent of users were between 20 and 49 years old. 44 percent of the users had at least the university entrance qualification . From November 2010 to January 2015, the IVW ran the websitequotemeter.de together with the cinema magazine Cinefacts , so that no individual reach could be specified. Since February 1, 2015, individual reach has been published again.

In 2019, the range of the entire offer was 61.8 million page impressions. The websitequotemeter.de alone received an average of 3.24 million hits per month, the forum averaged 1.3 million hits per month. This achieved a market share 1 of around 20 percent across all offers.

1 The mentioned market share is based on the own information ofquotemeter GmbH

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