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Cinefacts was a website with film information and an associated forum .

The Cinefacts community was one of the largest on the German-speaking web. The range of topics covered all aspects, including technical ones, from film and home cinema . Individual program providers (such as Eurovideo , Sunfilm ) were available to users in their own forums to answer questions about their products.


Cinefacts emerged on April 25, 2005 from the two Internet sites DVD-Inside and Movie-Inside . The reason was a dispute with the US chip manufacturer Intel .

DVD-Inside was opened on December 5th, 1998, shortly after the DVD was launched in Germany and Europe , and focused on information about new releases on DVD. These included u. a. daily news, DVD reviews, a preview of upcoming DVD releases and a DVD database.

Movie-Inside was added a few years later and supplemented with daily news about films, film reviews, cinema release dates and a film database. All cinema information was automatically used for the DVD releases as well. In addition to the cinema area and DVD area, Cinefacts had a price comparison and a large German entertainment community.

In December 2005, Cinefacts added a TV program from the most important German television stations to its online offering. With this, Cinefacts closed the film's exploitation chain from cinema to DVD to TV.

In October 2006, the new HD media Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD were integrated . In addition to the details and the dates, Cinefacts also reported on the latest new releases in this area in its news and newsletters.

On August 6, 2007, Cinefacts announced the collaboration with SevenOne Intermedia, the multimedia company of the ProSiebenSat.1 Group and provider of, and This collaboration ended in August 2009.

Since October 2009, Cinefacts has been IVW- tested for the first time and is shown as a separate page. Cinefacts topped the ranking among the offers that were first published by IVW in October 2009. According to official measurements, the site was visited more than 1.56 million times in September 2009.

In 2011, Cinefacts GmbH was completely taken over by S&L Medien Gruppe GmbH and redesigned in the following year. Since 2015, Cinefacts has been part of Ströer Entertainment Web GmbH, which took over the site from S + L.

Since January 2016, the site has been operated by the makers of (STRÖER Media Brands AG). At the end of February 2016, the decision was made at to merge the content with In the summer of 2016 only the FORUM in the old Active design and on via the menu list under "MEIN KINO.DE" is available (direct: In 2018, all moderators of the forum gave their notice. The reason given was the lack of support from the new owner. The forum was blocked in May 2018 and permanently deleted on July 12, 2018. The declining public interest is seen as the economic background. A follow-up forum was started by the former Cinefacts moderators.


In September 2004, Darius Metzner, the founder and operator of the site, was asked by Intel to refrain from using the domains and terms “DVD-Inside”, “Movie-Inside” and “get inside”. The reason was an alleged danger of confusion with the brand "Intel Inside" and the company's advertising slogan "Intel Inside". In April 2005, both sides reached an out-of-court agreement that Metzner would refrain from using the terms and switch to other domain names by the end of 2005 at the latest. Since then the site has been called Cinefacts.

In February 2006, the operator of Cinefacts received a warning from a Frankfurt law firm because members of the Cinefacts forum had made critical comments about a company. Reference was made to a judgment (Az. 324 O 721/05) of the LG Hamburg. In the opinion of the LG Hamburg, a forum operator has full legal liability for online posts made by other users. In the opinion of the LG Hamburg, positive knowledge of the illegal contributions is not required. This judgment was preceded by a dispute between Heise Verlag and Universal Boards.

In June 2006, RTL warned Cinefacts GmbH to advertise Save.TV in the TV section of Cinefacts. RTL justifies the warning with a violation of (virtual) video recorders against copyright.

All legal disputes were resolved amicably between the parties and no court hearings occurred.

legal form

From December 1998 to June 2005 the site was a sole proprietorship. On July 1, 2006, this sole proprietorship was first converted into a registered businessman and then into a GmbH. The sole managing director is Mr. Darius Metzner, the founder of the website. The GmbH was registered on July 1, 2006 at the Mainz District Court.

The trigger for the conversion from sole proprietorship to GmbH was the legal dispute with Intel in September 2004.

technical infrastructure

The Cinefacts offer was delivered by ten servers in August 2009. Two database servers, three web servers, two load balancers, a file server and two so-called workers were in use. In addition, a production-related test system and a backup server were used.

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